#MondayMotivation Pressure will take you from Coal to Diamond... Welcome It

My #MondayMotivation quote is by Henry Kissinger- "A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure".

I like it because it is one of those posts you see all the time so that it is when it comes true that you know how true it is. I know, I used 'true' twice. 

Until the test comes, we stay doing, thinking and saying the same thing, and that is why, no matter how uncomfortable change may be, it is welcome.

I have a friend who like many of us, thrives on deadlines. She won't study, work or do her stuff till the very last hour or week and she once told me that anytime she finishes her work before a deadline, it feels like the work isn't as good. 

Is that ideal? Probably not. It is an example though of how we need something major to squeeze the best out of us and actually show just how much we can take. Like with working out? 
People will tell you that every time you build your tolerance to a point where say, a 30 second plank, no longer stresses you, then you increase it.

Is pressure fun? No. 
Next time you are faced with pressure though, whenever you can, smile... It is just making sure you come through like Rihanna sang- 'shining bright like a diamond'.

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