#TBDaily CONVERSATIONS with my SISTER: Them that think and Them that do!

I worked on a project with my sister yesterday and was reminded of the universal difference between both of us.

The thing is, Funke and I are similar in a lot of ways. We love to dance, we are bubbly, we talk (a lot) and are friendly.
Then there are the differences. I'm timid to her confident and I'm an introvert while she is very extroverted.

But perhaps the one difference that sticks out most for me is this- she does while I think.

You know how they say the grave has the best ideas? I think those must be people who thought and processed and internalised then went to bed.
We have grand ideas, big plans, strategies and postulations. 

Doers on the hand, do. 

I think to make progress in life, one needs a healthy dose of both.

Imagine if we only did but never thought? Then bridges would not connect and phones would not work. But what if all we did was think? Then what planes would we actually fly in if they were only thoughts in our head?

My secret is to take regular doses of  Funkemycin and remind myself to do!
If you are a thinker, i urge you to either force yourself to do, or at least DO hire someone who can do what you think, and if you are a  Doer, then same!

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