#ThrowbackStyleThursday My Little Black Judging Dress

It is #ThrowbackThursday and a perfect opportunity for a style throwback.

I remember i had two versions of the dress in this picture. One was more of a peach colour but i loved the black one because it was simple but then has that pizzazz brought on by the glittery top half. If you know me and my mantra, you know that is what describes my style- simple but dramatic.

I took this picture on the red carpet for the talent show, 'God's Children Great Talent' where i was a regional judge. It was fun to see kids of between 3 and 18 dancing, drawing, singing and more.

Judging is never easy but i always try to be firm and fair.


#LaitandAbout Iyanya's Road To The EP

What was i up to this weekend? work, sleep, food and Iyanya's private listening party! which was super cool and fun.

It's been a while that i've been out and about so on saturday, March 18, at Slay lounge in lekki phase 1, Iyanya and his management team - The Temple Management company, brought together radio OAPs, DJs, and Bloggers for a first listen to songs from his SignatureEP that will be realeased on March 28th.

The private listening party was hosted by EbonyLife's Bolanle Olukanni and yes, she looked dashing in her print pant and top. Also at the event were, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Big Tak and Shedy K of Urban96, Sensei Uche, Moet, Label mates; D'Prince, Baby Fresh and many more.


About the songs on the SignatureEP... well, we got to listen to 12 tracks; One, i'll tell you shows the R rated side of Iyanya which is my favourite, and there's only one feature from Iyanya's label mate, Tiwa Savage.

All songs listened to at the Signature EP private listening were produced by Don Jazzy and Baby Fresh of Mavin so let's just say it's all a Mavin thing Right?... Right! meanwhile, Iyanya's single Hold On off the SignatureEP is up for download on your favourite music portals.

Wrapping things up, (ladies), here are newly released photos of Iyanya below while you anticipate his first collection work with Mavin.


#ManCrushMonday We chat with Banky W on his birthday

Today, Monday March 27th, is singer, writer and ladies man, Banky W's birthday so of course we had to make him our first Man Crush for this new segment on the blog.

We kept it short and simple, finding out how he stays in shape, what influences his fashion choices, and hey, if, him being all passionate and all, he would ever run for office!

Grab a snack and enjoy!

Tosyn's Blog: What is your philosophy when it comes to health and fitness in terms of keeping fit;
Are there particular routines you follow to help you keep fit?

BANKY W: My philosophy is that I believe in total wellness, if that's what it's called. I believe in working to improve yourself in all areas... career wise, spiritually, mentally, personally and of course physically. That's where the fitness comes in. It's all about making decisions diet-and-exercise-wise that will help to ensure you live a long, healthy life. I work out with my fitness coach, Uzi of #UziBurnOut, 3 times a week. I also play football twice a week with my friends in Empire Football Club, and once in a blue moon, I try to swim. 

TB. What is your process when narrowing down your fashion choices for casual and events fashion choices; Would you rather have an outfit designed or shop already made designs?

BW: I tend to just wear what I feel comfortable in AND what best expresses my mood at that particular time. In terms of ready-made or tailored, I do a bit of both. All my suits are made by Mai Atafo. All my traditional wear is made by either Deco or Magnum Stitches. Everything else, I buy in any random mall. 

TB. Would you ever consider going into politics;
Is there any particular public office you would like to occupy in the future?

BW: I used to say I'd never go into politics because I saw myself more as one of the people who are meant to influence the policy makers and the generations of people, as opposed to BEING a policy maker myself. However, I've since come to understand and believe the saying "the punishment for not being involved in politics is to be governed by fools". So these days, I'll say that I can never say never. I don't have plans to be in politics at the moment, but who knows what the future will hold? 


#SkincareSaturday Working on a Routine that works!

It does not matter when you start a skincare regimen, sooner or later you will have to find some kind of routine based on all the products out there and also your skin needs.

As i have mentioned before, i have dry skin (and i'm learning how to deal with it daily. Read this to see how!). What works for me might be counter productive for someone with oily skin and vice versa. Also, what i need in the morning or day time, varies from my night time needs and i of course tend to have more time in the evenings and weekends for my skin, than in the mornings.

What helps me is a skincare routine. Having a routine helps simplify your life, and gets the best out of your products. Your skin will thank you. I kicked off my routine based on my thoughts above and here are some quick tips that might help you in creating your own routine.

DETERMINE your time and schedule.
When do you have more time? What is the number of minutes or hours you can dedicate to skin care daily, weekly, weekends and generally?

SEPARATE products into day time and night time.
Most products have these written on them. Some are twice a day, others morning and a few night only.
Once you have determined which is which, arrange these products on the dresser (and where possible, in the order of use).

DECIDE what is so important it must be daily, and which ones can be done once in a while.

I hope you find these steps helpful, and i will be happy to s.h.a.r.e my own routine with you.


#shopTosyn How to style blue

Blue goes well with... Well. Blue.
The key is to vary shades.

When I planned this look,  I started with the top. I knew I wanted to wear this shirt and as you can see, it has blues and white on it.

I immediately thought of my ripped jeans which are a lighter shade so I thought I'd 'monochrome it' by accessorising it with pale blue (so pale it looks white) flats and white jewellery plus this big blue 'ish' bag.

#FoodieNews Try some #French cuisine next week!

Fancy some bleu cheese, olives, loads of French wine and some amazing cuisine? Read on!
On  21  March,  over  2000  restaurants  in  150  countries  will  participate  in  the  Goût de/Good France event to celebrate French gastronomy.
This event, orchestrated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and chef Alain Ducasse,  is  inspired  by  Auguste  Escoffier,  who  launched  the  “Dîners  d’Épicure” (Epicurean Dinners) initiative in 1912: the same menu,  on the same day, in several world cities, for as many guests as possible. 
Chefs  from  all  over  the  world  will  cook a  dinner  to  pay  tribute  to  the  excellence of French  cuisine  while showcasing the French lifestyle.
#FunFact- A third of tourists have in fact said they visit France to enjoy its cuisine!
This  third  edition  will  also  spotlight  culinary  training  schools  and  hotel  business schools. Schools  and apprentices worldwide will participate in the event to concoct “French-style” dinners on the evening of 21 March and several French chefs will swap restaurants with foreign chefs for an evening in a spirit of sharing and conviviality.  
Goût de/Good France benefits from an international promotional campaign enabling all participating chefs to showcase their cuisine and expertise with the active support of French  embassies,  Atout  France  and  media  partners,  France  Médias  Monde,  TV5 Monde and JCDecaux. 
Find out more!!!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: hashtag #GoodFrance. 

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...