#MondayMotivation How to UNLearn

If I asked what you learnt recently, you would probably have a million responses.

What if I switched it up and asked what you UNlearnt recently?
There you may hesitate and look at me like I was mad.

I do believe though that life is about 
- Learning
- Unlearning, and 
- Relearning.

Let me explain.

The average person will learn something new everyday, either while on our daily commute, while watching or reading the news, or from something online.
I recently learnt that President Macron of France will be visiting Ghana, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast while covering the news for Kwesefied. (I then wondered, 'what happened to Naija na?!')

French President, Emmanuel Macron

But i digress.
Learning is easy, especially if we open ourselves to it.

ReLearning is also easy. There are things we have learnt before that we either take for granted or do not use and so must relearn them. I for example, had to relearn how to move my arm after I fractured it and wore a cast for weeks. The first day the cast was taken off, the doctor and nurse said, "Move your arm" and I thought I was doing it but guess what? My arm was NOT moving.
I then had to undergo a series of physiotherapy sessions to RElearn how to move my arm.
That was not fun I can tell you.

What may be fun or not fun depending on our attitude to it is UNlearning.
Imagine you grow up thinking something and 'knowing it for sure', then growing up and finding out you were wrong!
There are people who still argue the earth is flat while most say it is round.

If you do not open yourself up to letting go of wrong or false information you have, you may find yourself stuck in the mud and not growing. Learning, Unlearning and Relearning are all essential aspects of growth.

Can you s.h.a.r.e one thing you recently Learnt, Unlearnt or Relearnt, with me?


Hi guys! Happy new week, it’s the last week in November and I’m super excited the year is coming to an end.  Today, we are crushing on someone who has made a name for himself in the Nigerian Entertainment industry with superb acts in movies like Surul'ere, Gidi Up, Ojukokoro and Africa Magic’s  'Hustle' among others. He's an actor, voice over talent and MC, our Man Crush is the talented Seun Ajayi. Enjoy ;-)

Hi Seun!

1)      You’re an actor, why did you choose acting and how did you know this was what you really wanted to do? 
SEUN: I would honestly put it differently, that acting chose me. You see in my late teens I was in a bit of a struggle to find my identity and what my passion was. I had at many different times been a performer in church and other smaller platforms but I never thought of it professionally. One day while I watched the making of Spielberg's Minority Report, I was enthralled by the world behind creating such magic. That day, I just knew it was movies for me. Took a while to make the transition to professional levels but eventually that happened.

2)     Your role in ‘Surulere’ gained quite a lot of traction, how did you prepare for it?
SEUN: Arinze in Surulere was quite the experience, it was very refreshing working with the Director; Mildred Okwo, who I have to thank for guiding me along the lines of bringing that character alive. Weeks before we  hit production she would have long conversations with me about the character and the film. She did her directorial work way before the camera was powered on. This helped me to create a robust persona off the pages of the script.

3)     What do you love most about your career?
SEUN: What I like most about my career is the privilege of influence that it gives me.  How people are awestruck by the fact that I play a character they can relate with. To me I'm just doing my job but to them it's like magic. I love that about my work.

4)     Tell us one valuable lesson you’ve learnt from acting and how it relates to real life.

SEUN: There is a depth of concentration that is required for me to hit those emotional  notes in a performance. Whether it's a deeply emotional scene or one where I make an absolute fool of myself. There has to be a mental commitment to seeing it through, else I won't believe the performance and if I don't... nobody else will. The lesson here is, If you don't believe in your dreams and have the unwavering focus required... then no one else can buy into the vision.

5)     What’s one(or more)  Hollywood  movie(s) you wish you could co-star in?
SEUN: 1.  300 (If they ever make another instalment)
          2. Anything Ridley Scott directs
          3. I'd like to voice one of Disney's animated features, maybe play a villain.

6)    What are three things that make you happy?
1.Faith in God & presence of Family
2.Living at full potential
3. Conquering things that scare me

7)     What’s one piece of advice that you hold dearly.

SEUN: When you are presented with two choices, take the path that secures your tomorrow, not the one that gives pleasure only for now.

8)     Please tell us one thing you would like to change in the Nigerian film industry?
SEUN: The thing that consumes my heart daily is the lack of financial stability among many professionals within the industry, on the scene and behind the scenes. I think it's a state of emergency and we need to talk about it and start fashioning ways to end the cycle of lack.

9)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
SEUN: This Monday I am thinking a lot about just being better; being a better husband and family member, a better actor, a better friend, a better citizen of the country and the world. I am sent to these different sects of life and I am poised to do right by them all, so you see my point.

Stay Inspired!

PS: If you have anyone you’d like for me to interview, please let me know in the comments section.


Does Red Lipstick make you look Older?

I loved my mum's bag when I was growing up because I swear she had everything in it.
I should do a series on that. Lol.

One of her favourite items in her bag was her red lipstick which I would watch her apply. My mum can skip anything- brows, blush, powder, but never her lipstick.
Years later, she still swears by red.

I on the other hand have had a love hate relationship with red lipstick- I love to hate it. I think it ages me and never use it directly. My Make Up artists love to use it on me though and I try not to protest too much.

Truth is from your hair to your skin to the colours you wear, there are things that can make you look older or younger depending on what you are looking for. Purple for example tends to sympolise royalty or age while pinks and florals are more girly girl.

You can get away with red though if
- it is the perfect shade for you
- it is applied and lined properly.
- it is not red. Loooooool

What do you think?
Does red lipstick age?



Hi everyone, so very quickly allow me to tell you guys about this series I just discovered and am currently obsessed with. It's a series that touches on the lives of a newly wedded young couple and it basically portrays their joys, challenges, and how they overcome. Boy this series takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions! You'll legit be crying at something very emotional that has just happened and in that same minute something funny happens that reminds you it's not that deep.  The series is called -THIS IS IT and I was honestly very amazed by it, I just had to find the writer- Coincidentally, she's also the writer of my best short movie- BRAVE. You can imagine my joy when she agreed to do this short interview-Today is a powerful Wednesday and we have a powerful woman to beautifully complement the day, Our woman crush is the talented Dolapo Adeleke AKA Lowladee. Enoy ;-)

Hi Lowladee!

1)      You started your media house, Doreen media Africa, soon after your graduation from the university, did you get any professional training before then ?
Lowladee: I didn't get a professional training. Haha I know right! but see there's information around us.  I consumed a lot of materials; reading on Google and watching videos on Youtube to be honest and then I practised a lot with short films.I really wanted to go to film school but it was way too expensive Jeezes! That way I knew where my strengths were and developed on it.

2)      What experience would you describe as life changing in your CAREER so far?
Lowladee: Wow, it has to be THIS IS IT series. It's been the most challenging, the most stretching, and the most rewarding.

3)      ‘Taxify’ is a major sponsor for the second season of your hit series ‘This is it’ how did that happen and how easy/hectic is it getting funds for a movie project?
Lowladee: Haha,  We (I and some Execs) used our funds to film season 2. Taxify only came on board a week to us releasing it online. They supported with us some money, and also lots of Taxify units for the Execs. They aren't a major sponsor that's why on our artworks it's 'Supported by' not 'Sponsored by'. It's really hard as an independent to get money from the big corporate. I mean, we even sealed one but their timing didn't work with mine and so I turned it down.

4)      What keeps you going when things aren’t moving as well as you’ve planned?
Lowladee: GOD. Literally. I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

5)      What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Lowladee: I'm a home buddy but being snuggled under my duvet seeing a movie and traveling!

6)      What do you think about the most when you’re in your car?
Lowladee: Recently? You don't even want to know. Whispering* In recent times, some male specie. Other than that, I'm looking forward to my vacation in January. Haven't had one since I started working. Ever. But If you mean generally, I usually just think about random stuff. Its one of the moments I get to think about other normal things in life asides work.

7)      Tell us 3 (material) things you can’t live without?
Lowladee: My laptop, headphones and Wifi.

8)      What advice would you give to your 20 year old and 40 year old self?

9)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
Lowladee: I have just wrapped up THIS IS IT show, and it feels great, I feel stretched and free, I can now play so yea you guessed right, my vacation in January. Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed that?
Stay Inspired!



Hi all! Happy Monday. It was a very busy weekend for me and today hasn't quite settled in as a Monday. (Work from home problems LOL) In anyway, the joy today's interview gives me knows no bounds and that's because our MCM is the main character in my best Nigerian movie of 2017 -Picture Perfect. Our Man Crush is Bolanle Ninaowo AKA Nino. I mean, his character in the movie was the perfect edge that the movie needed. I am very happy to have chatted with him and he easily revealed so much. I hope this enlightens, entertains and inspires you. Enjoy :)

Hi Bolanle!

1)     Why exactly did you choose to be an actor and not something else?
NINO: Truth is I always wanted to do something that was driven by my passion. I had done other things before acting but I never found fulfillment. I was once an accountant and later a banker for a few years. At some point I had to summon the courage to embark on a new journey of self discovery which for me was the prerequisite to self fulfillment. ‎Entertainment was a key place of interest since most of my life inspiration came from there. I loved success stories; to see people go from nothing or being no one to become something the world appreciates was one of the biggest admiration. That to me was the definition of passion and to find your passion, you need to try many things so I decided to give acting a try. I immediately found love for it and the next thing was how to turn my new found love into a craft and eventually a career. With all my past lessons, experiences and hard work coupled with God's grace, wisdom and favor, I took a small step everyday, remained focused on my goals and today I am seeing dreams come to reality. I have chosen to be an actor because that's where I found my passion. Something I would do under any given circumstance whether for free or to be paid. It is something I can and have invested myself in. It is my dream turn reality.

2)     Your role as ‘Jobe’ in the movie ‘Picture Perfect’ gained so much traction, how does that make you feel and what made you confident enough to take the role?

NINO: I thank God for Grace. I feel extremely grateful to God. As I mentioned earlier, passion is what drives my life. I found love for a craft where you have to constantly challenge yourself to gain or achieve any substance. My ‎goals and self expectation are my core reasons for taking the role. I realized early in life that if I want the benefit of anything, then I must also be 100% open to the costs of it. I must be willing and able to give everything for what I want. Thank God for the opportunity and the wisdom to make the right decisions. I went into solitude for the "Jobe" character. I did all I could with the limited resources I had which were to self coach on his accent, I went to motor parks to study the mannerisms he needed, I was a bus driver and also took turn as the bus conductor at the popular Ojuelegba for two weeks as part of my main study. I surrounded myself and liaised with people of his caliber throughout the period and when the time for filming came, I went in with God and did my part. Today I have seen that God was indeed with me as a result of Jobe's acceptance. I am overwhelmed and extremely thankful to God and all who came together to make the film a reality. Jobe was a big risk I took which could have made or broken my career. I give all the glory to God for his grace has made the result a favourable one.

3)     What has been the proudest moment you’ve ever had since the beginning of your career? 
NINO: My proudest moment was at the private screening of the picture perfect movie.‎ It was my first cinema appearance in a movie with no famous guest appearance so I didn't know what to expect. My experience from start to the finish at the event was overwhelming. It has to be my proudest.

4)       Do you sometimes get scared of the future and how do you deal with the feeling if it comes? 
NINO: Yes I do but I have been able to control my fears over time by building and utilizing daily rituals which becomes a norm over time. I create mantras to guide myself by sharing them with friends. I inspire myself by inspiring others. I tell others what I want to hear to help me move forward. First I commit all to God and then I make use of the things I have control of in the best positive manner I can. I realized that my fears are feelings and not facts and every step I have conquered today was at the death of a fear. I remain counting my blessings, then I find myself counting many more. I keep the bible which I call my manual of life close to me for reference in the time of fear or confusion.‎ The only fear I have today is the fear of God taking his grace from me. I have almost become proficient at fighting and overcoming any others.

5)     Tell us one valuable lesson you’ve learnt from acting that actually applies to real life? 
NINO:  It's that"Time and Chance happens to all"

6)     If you could be in a movie/series you like, which would it be?
NINO: It would be Xmen. I would love to be Wolverine.

7)     Please give us an insight into the various stages of preparation you (personally) go through when there’s a movie shoot ahead?
NINO: First I read my script, then I read a second time with focus on the character I am playing. I do the necessary research on key facts concerning the character in cases where I get to play people from various professions. I pray, and then I go on set‎ and give my best.

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
NINO: Thank God for Grace. Lets go and prosper

Stay Inspired guys!


Pictures and Fun Facts from Serena Williams' wedding to Alexis Ohanian

I tweeted earlier today that if you read the story of how Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams first met, you would definitely thank fate and fairy-tales.
If you have never read it, read it here.
To summarise, she went down for breakfast at a hotel but when breakfast had closed so she sat by the pool with her team. Alexis had also come downstairs and decided to go to the pool as well. When he sat close to them, her friends tried to get rid of him by telling him there was a rat on the table. On the day they met, she had not known of Reddit, a company he co-founded, and he was not a fan of Tennis.

Imagine that.

Anyways, this beautiful couple got married on Thursday the 17th of November and there begins our fun facts from their day.

- They chose the date, November 17th because that is the date Alexis' mum passed on.

- Serena wore 3 dresses. The first one was by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and the other two were by Versace.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

- NIKE customised a pair of sneakers for her to wear which she did after the vows and first wedding dance.

- Guests at the star-studded ceremony include Ciara, Kelly Rowland and her husband, Beyonce, Jay Z and Beyonce's mum, Tina Knowles, Lala Anthony and Eva Longoria and her husband.

- The decor was done by Preston Bailey. ('Funner' fact- My sister adores Preston Bailey)

- The couple did a choreography for their first dance (they danced to 'Tale as Old as Time') and also surprised guests when they danced with the band New Edition.

- Alexis had one last surprise for Serena- a carousel. She reportedly squealed in joy when she saw it.

What is one fun fact you love about the wedding?



Hi guys! Its another Wednesday. Hope you all are doing well? Today, we are crushing on the CEO of Fiber Rose- Ibukun Awosika- people  always think she's related to  the renowned First bank Chairman, Ibukun Awosika but she's not.I spoke to her about her about her style, motivation and of course, her  fashion company called Fiber Rose- Enjoy ;)

Hi Ibukun!

1)      When and how did you get the idea for Fiber Rose? 
IA: I was 17 in my second year of uni. I had run a make up sales business in my first year and a friend suggested it to me. I was opposed to it but eventually came around and I'm glad I did

2)      What would you say has been your proudest moment since the Fiber rose journey began?
IA: I really don't know if I have a proudest moment but it's been a combination of many things. This year I started out with a goal to release two Ready to Wear collections but I've surpassed          that and that makes me so happy. I was nominated for an award and I thought that was cool too.

3)      One thing that makes you/will make you fulfilled.
IA: What makes me fulfilled is actually impacting others. Either from making them feel special in my clothes or by sharing my knowledge. I'm obsessed with sharing my knowledge! The                   moment I learn something, I want someone else to know. Lol

4)      What motivates you even when things are not going right?
IA: I think it will be kind of looking back on how far I've come. When the future seems overwhelming I take a moment to look at my journey and the things I'm grateful for.

5)      Best Fashion related advice you’ve ever heard/given?
IA: Best Fashion advice I've gotten is that style isn't about the clothes you wear but about you. I'm still finding what my style is and owning it. Best I've given I think would be that when you             buy clothes, it's an asset because you're investing in your look and other people's perception of you! I mean after hearing that don't you just want to shop Fiber Rose!

6)      3 people you’d really love to see wearing  ‘Fiber Rose’.
    1. Mrs Ibukun Awosika
    2. Tara Durotoye
    3. A First Lady/President

7)      One unpopular belief that you have?
IA:  That animals are not to be trusted because I think they're about to attack at any given time. But I'm getting a puppy soon though! Lol

8)      What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
IA: My YouTube! I started learning Video Editing this year and I LOVE EET!!! And combining that with being able to share my knowledge is gold. So subscribe to my Youtube - TheHotstuffTV *wink*

9)     What's it like being a namesake of Ibukun Awosika (chairman, First bank)?
IA:  I never feel intimidated by it. I feel very inspired really. Something cool you might want to know is we both spoke at an event once. And they had to keep referring to us as either
 Ibukun Awosika Snr or Ibukun Awosika Jnr. I thought that was funny lol.  I've always wanted to keep my name when I get married but I decided that if she could marry into a family and               make it hers then my goal is make a great name out of mine. I definitely have high standards to live up to but it definitely inspires me to do more

10)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday? (Anything you want to say)
IA:  My secondary school had this quote up, 'Character is who you are in the dark'. Thinking about this, I would say, don't do things ecause people are watching but because it's the right thing          to do but the truth is someone is always watching so make sure they're inspired by you.

Stay Inspired guys!



Hola mi Familia! Hows everyone doing? Today we have an amazing photographer who is one of the three founders of 'Ordinary and Art', a creative  establishment that aims at uniting fashion and photography. *Drumroll* Our man crush is the one and only James Emmanuel.

Oh by the way the first three words in this post mean 'Hello my family' but you probably figured that out already. Enjoy :)

Hi James!

1)      Why did you choose photography as a career path and is there any other career path you wish to follow in future?
JE: I choose photography because it feels good to capture moments and tell stories with your photographs and getting paid to do what you love is just a cruise. For the future, i plan on delving into full media, from photography to videography.

2)      Tell us about one of the most inspiring moments you've ever had (what happened and why it inspired you?)
JE: One of my most inspiring moment was when one of my mentors commended my works and told me his story of where he started from, what he had to do to get to where he is. It made me realise that there is a process and you have to endure through the process to attain the height you have set for yourself.

3)      If you could remove one thing from the photography (creative) industry, what would it be?
JE: What I would remove is the lack of diversity. This has affected a lot of creatives; they have mentors and they want their works to look exactly like them. Now everyone has their own style so every creative should strive to achieve his/her particular style to make them stand out.

4)      What's one thing you hope to have done in the next five years?
JE: In the next 5 years, I hope to have completed my masters degree in photography and would have began my media agency. oh and yeah gotten married *winks

5)      Roughly, how many hours do you work for daily?
JE: It depends on the workload, some days I have jobs that take the whole day, sometimes I have a truckload of pictures to edit, and some days I am just chilling *smiles

6)      Tell us a  very important lesson you’ve learnt from photography that actually applies to real life.

JE: One lesson I have learnt in photography is valuing yourself. No one would value you as much as you value yourself. If you have a strong value system, you tend to be more respected.

7)      One quality you admire about yourself? 
JE: One thing I admire about myself is being able to meet people and make them feel good about themselves. I hear people say I have a sanguine personality.

 8) A typical fun day for you   would be made up of what? 
JE: A typical fun day would be having an open studio session with friends, playing videos games and eating pizza and icecream.

9)     What's on your mind this Monday?

JE: Whats on my mind? planning to make this new week very productive.

Stay Inspired!

(Is there anyone you'll like me to interview? Comment below and you can be sure I'll be working on it soon.)

A FEW PHOTOS BY Ordinary &Art



Hi guys, It's a bright and awesome Wednesday here on the blog hehe. Today's interview will be of great importance to anyone trying to make it in the media industry as our woman crush  is someone who has made it in that industry and also at a relatively young age.
I'm glad I could have a chat with her and even happier that she opened up so warmly. You guys will get to know more about her story, her motivation and even funny camera moments she's had.
Our WCW is the delectable Idia Aisien!!! (I'm too excited) 

1) You are a TV presenter and a model, how did you know that this was a career path you wanted to take? 

IA: I have a lot of experience in the corporate sector, but everything I've done has always brought me back to TV and fashion--that's how I know it was meant to be. I dreamed about walking on the runway since I was 15 years old, but I didn’t think it was possible, because immediately after being signed to Beth Models I moved to the US to start uni. One day, I was at a job interview in Brooklyn, New York, when a friend called and asked me to come straight to Jovani Headquarters in Midtown. This friend had told a buyer –who was one of Jovani’s biggest retailers in Nigeria—that a girl she knows wants to model more than anything in the world, and the buyer asked her to invite me. When I met the buyer, she asked me to try on a red dress, and I hesitated, but she insisted. A talent scout also objected, because I was not a professional model. When I walked out of the changing room with that dress on, I was hired on the spot. And the rest is history. I went on to model with them for over a year, and the amount of exposure I got allowed me to book a lot of other fashion jobs concurrently.
As for television, I eventually started working for an investment bank in NYC for over a year before deciding to make a short trip to Lagos with my job. Within two weeks of being here, a TV producer approached me with an idea for a show, called You Got Issues – which caters to working through people’s career, love and relationship issues—and within a month, I was asked to start hosting Style 101. Everything was surreal to me until I got back from the Investment Bank one day (six months later) and I saw You Got Issues airing-I knew that it was destiny and I was meant to work on television. Everything.


2) What has the media journey been like so far for you?
IA: My journey has been such a blessed one, and I didn't think I'd come this far in such a short time. I don't go on roller coasters, but I imagine this is what it feels like! 

3) Please tell us about one of the lowest points in your life and how
you dealt with it?
IA: When I started out in the media two years ago, I was very open, but quickly had to realize that in this industry there are very few friends, and being in the media makes me more accessible for criticism. I've simply dealt with that by being more withdrawn from the "fluff" and by pouring my heart into my work.

4) What one motto/Philosophy do you live by?
IA: Never wait for people to help you become successful, because when you are successful everyone will want to help you.

5) Tell us some of the funniest things that have happened to you on set?
IA: I had made a blooper once and my team thought it was funny to create a meme and Krackstv-type video on it. I never recovered and I make fewer grammatical errors while presenting now (LOL)

6) What’s the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
IA: I know a girl called Nonye who literally prays for me, checks on me all the time, posts so many uplifting things about me. Sometimes I have no strength and she doesn't realize that her kindness carries me-- she is the sweetest and most selfless person I have ever met.

7) What moment would you describe as that breakthrough moment in your career?
IA: There have been too many! My Genevieve editorial that went viral, My exclusive with India Arie, my odd but interesting fashion moments.

8) What advice will you give to someone out there trying to pursue a
career in media?
IA: Just go for it, head on!! But it's always good to have a solid plan and substance, because that's the only way to stay relevant.

9) What’s on your mind this Wednesday.
IA: well, I just heard a motivational speaker say that you must "Always shift your focus from pain to purpose." Good vibes only! Anything is possible!!

You can reach Idia here:

That's it guys!
Stay inspired.


How I Went Back to School on Friday courtesy the British Council

What is school without a face beat? Face beat by Makeup By Mogizzie

On Friday the 3rd of November, I went back to school, all thanks to the British Council.

I eagerly applied for the Media Workshop organised by the British Council when I found out about it and was happy to have been accepted. It was a Capacity Building Workshop that held at Radisson Blu between 9a.m and 4pm. We started on time... that was impressive. And not only that but the facilitators ensured each course was covered within the time frame allotted to it. It meant we were able to wrap at 4pm as planned.

The workshop covered various courses including Conflict Sensitive Journalism (Lauratu Umar Abdusalami), Collaborations in the Media Space, (Peter Okwoche), Online Content Optimisation for Journalists (Abasiama Idaresit), and my personal favourite- Personal Branding for Journalists.
The course on personal branding was taken by Lampe Omoyele from 141 Worldwide and Lucent Consulting Company and touched on what a brand was, why it is important to brand yourself, and things to consider when doing so. I asked a question about how to brand yourself when you have different interests and he advised me on that directly.

With Lampe Omoyele

During the full workshop session, we also took a test and worked the room asking people questions like, "Do you sing in the shower?" and "Have you ever stroked a lion?"
(Yes and No for me in case you are wondering). Harry Itie of TVC and Emeka Okocha of NothingToDoInLagos were also at the event and we caught up on what we had been up to.

After tea-breaks, classes, networking, lunch, questions, answers and pictures, we received our certificates.

It was a great learning experience with the opportunity to learn something new (especially for Child Protection and Coverage in the media), and also to re-learn things I knew before (like effective use of Social Media as a Journalist).


#MondayMotivation Even if NEPA takes light, a Fridge should not become your Wardrobe

There is a common joke in Nigeria about how when the power situation gets so bad, the fridges and freezers lose their initial use and get turned into wardrobes. That is what I thought of the second I stumbled upon this quote by Benjamin Franklin for my Instagram Quote of the Day "Hide not your talents, they for use were made; what's a sundial in the shade?" 

Of course Benjamin Franklin is old and not an African so we probably do not use nor know much about sundials but we still understand it for what he means- things (and talents) should be used as they were intended and not buried away.

What are the top 3 things that keep us from letting our light shine?
From what I know, it usually has to do with Fear (of failure or rejection), Laziness (and its cousin, Procrastination), and Lack of Confidence (How dare I do something this big).

If you are troubled by one or all of the above, then think about this
- It does not matter how old, big or strong you get, fear rears its head. What you must do is let fear drive and not stop you. As Omilola Oshikoya says, do it AFRAID!

- There are simple tips and tricks that can help get your laziness and procrastination under control if that is your handicap. Once you acknowledge your flaws, you can then work around them. Do not let a negative flaw you have hold you back ever.

- What can we achieve by refusing to dream big or aim high? As they say, dreams are free so why not just dream big?

I hope this helps you? Just remember that you have your talent for a reason. Let your light shine. I cannot say this enough.
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Hi guys! Happy Wednesday and Happy new month! It's funny how 2017 ends next month and I'm still working on my NEW year resolutions. Sigh. Anyway, I'm just glad because our MCM/WCW interviews on this blog always inspire me to do more and I imagine how far back I would be without them.
Have you ever heard about SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals)? If you haven't then you're definitely sleeping through life, no offence ;) but Sustainabile development goals are key in order to ensure we live in a balanced and safe environment . In light of that, let's meet our Woman Crush today -Jennifer Uchendu, founder of Susty Vibes, an online platform for all Sustainability News and trends  across Africa. Enjoy and be enlightened ;)

1)     You are into a career path that is quite rare among youths, how did you discover your passion for sustainability  development and why is it important for people to be aware of what your company, SustyVibes  is doing?

JENNIFER:I got caught up in Sustainability/Environmental protection during my undergraduate years in Covenant University. I started learning about how much damage humans had caused (and are still causing) to the planet and I wanted to be part of the people working to reduce this damage.

Sustainability is about doing the right thing, we live in a world where wrong things seem normal for everyone, from environmental pollution to corruption and unethical business practices to even human rights violation. At every turn, people and the Environment suffer from our insatiable want for money and disregard for life support systems. I believe we need to start rethinking the status quo and doing things right, the Climate for one is changing and for us in Nigeria, we don’t even have anywhere to run to. The work we do at SustyVibes to increase awareness on sustainability issues is critical to the times we live in because no economy can thrive in a decaying Environment.

2)   What’s it like running a business at such a young age?

JENNIFER:I am 25, I don't think I'm that young, though in an environment like Nigeria - entrepreneurship is tough and even way older people face the similar challenges, It has been a journey of learning and unlearning especially in a sector as peculiar as Sustainability. I have been fortunate to have good mentors and colleagues who are truly passionate about Sustainable Development - they help solve complex problems and inspire me to put in my best.

3)     You recently won the SME100  25 under 25 award for energy and sustainability , how did that make you feel and what does it signify for the brand you're trying to build?

JENNIFER:Though I'm not very big on awards as I don’t think they are yardsticks for measuring success , the SME 100 platform was very significant for me, I had no idea I was nominated until few days to the announcements and I still got to win. It showed me that SustyVibes is making an impact and that people are observing and getting inspiration to live responsibly. Which is why I started SustyVibes in the first place,  to see that the objective is being achieved makes me so proud.

4) What keeps you moving when things aren’t going so well?

JENNIFER:Being a spiritual person, I draw strength by reading God's word and promises over my life. I also get encouraged by our volunteers; SustyVibers - seeing the work they do without supervision is just inspiring, SustyVibes was created to be a platform and when people start taking advantage of the platform to do big things for the Environment, I can't help but get really excited and motivated to do more.

5)     Asides work, what’ s your favorite thing to do for fun?   

JENNIFER: Recently, I enjoy posing in front of cameras, I have been famzing photographers a lot these days. Its so beautiful, the images they create after.

6)     One thing many people don’t know about you.

JENNIFER: A lot of people are not aware that I wanted to be a Gynaecologist before now, stemming from a passion for women development and inclusion - I was so obsessed with the specialization, I had several books on medicine and women's reproductive health. This informed my passion for ecofeminism and I’m glad I get to work with women through our just launched Foundation - Her Dreams Are Valid.

7)     Share with us any UNPOPULAR belief that you have.

  JENNIFER:Jesus is a feminist. I wrote about it here -

8)     Please tell us one thing you’ll love to have achieved before the age of 40?

JENNIFER:Ah, I have a lot planned, but on a personal level - I want to be a counselor; I really love listening to people's problems and finding solutions. If I'm able to  find time to do this voluntarily  I'll be really proud,

9)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

I am thinking of what Seafood lovers like me would do by 2050 if we do not globally take steps to combat pollution. Research says we'll have more plastic than Fish in our oceans by 2050. I'm very worried about this.

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