#ThrowbackThursday Lunch in Heels and skin from Ebony and Indigo

Last weekend was a good one for me inspite of my battling the final days of malaria treatment.
Having taken two days off work, I resumed on Friday and right after that had a lunch which turned into dinner of some sorts.

It was put together by @Ifueko_Ify (do you also name people by their social media handles?) and was at the 'Heels in the Kitchen' place with Chef Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen cooking up a storm, not just for us, but for a dinner party she had later that day.

Creative people are some of the best multi-taskers you will ever meet.

It was one of those networking (but with food and alcohol) type meets and I finally got to meet @SocialPrefect (I'm doing it again) in person.

Altogether a lovely lunch (mashed potatoes, couscous, fish AND chicken with toast like I had never had it before for dessert), great company (I don't think I stopped laughing at any point), and interesting connections.

Saturday was equally uplifting for me as I got introduced to a brand I had only heard about and browsed from afar- 'Ebony and Indigo'.

Simply put, 'Ebony and Indigo' is a boutique for Natural Skincare products.
I had browsed the site beforehand and coveted a few things and you can too- ( Ebony and Indigo ) so was actually happy to be able to get some of those things finally!

The beautiful thing is there is so much to find and try. I got some day and night cream, as well as hand and foot creams (because you know my battle with dry skin and how the hands and feet suffer it the most). I also got soap, masks and silk towel (all natural, very soft and to-die-for!

Now I would love to stay and chat but it's time for me to put some mud (well more like a mud mask) on my face!


Review: An 'Empire' of 'Lethal Weapon' television

If you stayed up to watch the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, please do tell me who you thought won.

But I'm focusing on fiction even though non fiction is sometimes the best.

Last weekend I was able to catch the first episodes of Empire (returning for Season 3) and Lethal Weapon (season premiere).

So what did I think?


Jamal is so sexy... (Great way to start. Lol).

We find out who died from last season's cliffhanger, got a lot of drama (Jamal suffering from PTSD, new baby and Hakeem needs to find his ginger) and of course it ended with an exciting climax.
I'm trying not to give spoilers which is why I am being cryptic but overall, i thought the music was grown and sexy, the acting was really good and the season will progress really well.

(Hakeem stays a brat though. Bleh.)

'Lethal Weapon'

If you have seen the original movie, you may be one of those who hates reboots. But if you haven't seen it, then good news for you, you have nothing to compare it to.

'Lethal Weapon' tells the story of a crazy younger cop (Clayne Crawford) paired with an older more careful one (Damon Wayans). Crazy cop just lost his wife so really wants to die but can't kill himself so of course he chooses to be reckless on the job instead. Older cop on the other hand has a wife, two teenagers and a new baby so he's not trying to die anytime soon.

The mismatched pairing is a cliche (one created in part by the original movie by the same name) so 'Lethal Weapon' can't depend on that natural humour and has to stand out in a sea of really good cop shows like 'Blue Bloods' and 'Chicago PD'.

Will it last? I don't know. BUT! Whatever happens, bringing Clayne Crawford to a bigger audience is its biggest blessing. He was the star of the episode and I loooooove him.

Should you watch it?
Of course!


#MondayMotivation The thing about Successful pioneers...

One set of people I am fascinated with? Pioneers.

Pioneers are people who are among the first to explore or settle in a new country or area OR, develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).

For me, I think of pioneers as either the first to do it (like first man to walk on the moon), or the first to do it differently (like Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines). And of course, just as there are pioneers, there are SUCCESSFUL pioneers, because, let's face it- not everyone who was the first to do it was the first to do it well.

While successful pioneers suffer a lot at the start (they don't have someone to follow, they get mocked, taunted, discouraged and sometimes even have people try to stop them), they have an extra advantage- they will always be remembered.

When people mention the competition, they reference them. When people talk about the place, idea or industry, their name comes up. In summary, they become the S.I unit for that conversation.

We won't all be pioneers. Sometimes we will be followers or first followers. BUT, if you do want to go for it and be the first to do something successfully, know that even though it comes with its headaches, your name will be in the history books forever.


#TravelThursday: Learning a new language

Travelling to a country where they speak a totally different language from yours can be terrifying but you probably only do that when you have a friend that speaks the language or someone there you know.

There is nothing wrong however with learning the basics and here some great ways of doing that.


You can download audio files of the language and listen while you go about your daily business. Before you know it, you will be saying "bonjour" and "ekaro" like... well, you.


A language dictionary which compares the language you want to learn and that which you already know is handy before and during yyour trip.
Just know noone looks cool whipping out a book on a busy street to ask questions.


Tv shows and programs in the language you want to learn are also indispensable at this point, so binge on them. Watch, watch, watch and listen. You will be pleasantly surprised how much of it you actually pick up.


If you prefer to read, literary fiction and language texts. One of my favourites is the "Teach Yourself..." series. I once taught myself Germanbut because i had noone to speak it with i forgot all of it. Which is why the last tip is crucial.


If you don't practise you will forget. Speak the language daily either to someone in person or via skype.


#MondayMotivation Refine your Elevator Pitch

I remember when I heard the story of two nigerian artistes who had a few minutes to convince a big star to sign them.

They quickly played him music and he liked what he heard. That got them a second meeting.

I remarked to a friend once that if that was me, I wouldn't have known what song to play, or what to say. I probably would have frozen up.

Successful people are busy, which means if you have never honed your elevator pitch, you need to start now.

Simply put, an elevator pitch is what you would say to someone who could change your life during the time it takes for an elevator to reach its' next stop.

After the conversation with my friend, I resolved to work on mine and thought I had aced it, until my sister got me a phone chat with her friend who also happens to be a business manager. After a few minutes, she said, "Tosyn, I don't think you know what you want and I think that's the first thing you have to figure out". 
I think because I was her friend's younger sister though, she was still willing to still meet with me so thankfully, I did not lose out on that opportunity.

Since then, I don't joke about it again!

I think, decide and plan how I would describe myself, and ask for what I want, from anyone.

Being assertive and confident starts with knowing what you want. A better job? Pay rise? Partnership?
Whatever it is, know it. Then learn to show, say and act it.

Whatever it is you are aiming for, my challenge for you is to think about what you would say exactly if you met someone who could change your life forever, in an elevator.

Want to try here? What's your elevator pitch?

#PressRelease: Tillaman announces tour + new label

Tillaman who is fresh off his contract with his former record label, Aquila Records, has announced a tentative deal between his own label that he is floating, and a renowned UK-based international outfit.

The musician is now re-branding, going down a more cultural path, as shown in his latest photoshoot, where he favors local fabrics and designs over foreign ones.

To show his fans this new Tillaman, he has arranged a nationwide tour with other musicians. They will be touring different venues across the country in a tour tagged: 'Tillaman and Friends'.

The tour will include musicians like: Lil Kesh, Mayorkun, Adekunle Gold, Mr. 2Kay, Orezi, Lax, Solidstar, May D, Burna Boy, Oritsefemi and Seyi Shay.

More details will be announced at a later time.

Below are more photos from his recent photo shoot:

And some more:

#TravelThursday Creative ways to save money on your next trip

So the recession is in, but people still have to travel, right? Of course. Like the popular saying goes: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

Image result for save money while travelling
So how to save money in this recession while still traveling? Sign me up! Well, it does involve a little bit of effort, but the amount in savings? Totally worth it!

Let's take the tips step by step shall we?


Best travel deals
Always look out for sweet travel deals, depending on where you are going and when. There are likely to be travel or tourism agencies offering packages that could help you save a chunk of money. Be on the look out.

Best time to travel
Naturally, peak perods mean more expensive everything- flights, accommodation etc. Be a rebel and take trips during off peak periods instead. Added advantage is you also avoid the crowds.

Pro bono and Group tours

Some trips come with your hotel package and you can take advantage of that. Another thing to take advantage of is group tours as this automatically brings the price down. A lot of tour companies in Dubai for example, offer the Desert Safari and similar guided tours. 

In some places, week day tours are cheaper than weekend tours so check for that.

Travel like a local
If you are in a group, you can travel like a locale. This means using the public transportation system and eating at some of the local bars.

Put safety and health first though!

The Joy of Duty Free
I like to save some money for shopping at the airport when coming back home. It's duty free and you can get some great deals.

Got any other tips you would like to share?


#FashionFriday One Jacket styled Three ways

You know how there are must-have items? Jackets are a must have.

Jackets, be they denim, leather, blazers or any of the million types out there, come in handy sometimes for purely aesthetic (fashion) reasons, and other times for practical reasons.
Jackets help to hide a multitude of sins (like love handles, flabby arms, et al), turn your look from simple to chic or official and help you layer like a pro.

It's cool to have the different kinds of jackets but even the most basic one can be versatile.
Check out how I rocked one jacket in three totally different ways.

This look is good for those who work in less formal environments, or for dress down at work days. It's also great for school, and higher institutions.

Brown Pants: Mango
Shoes: Bata
Hair and Make Up: Nikes Canvas

I'm a tshirt and shorts type of girl and if you are too, have fun with it. But turn your saturday-at-the-beach look to an everyday look by throwing a jacket on!

Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Tash

A dress is just a dress. But a dress with a jacket? Now that's a look.
Perfect for church and events. I wore this particular style for the 'Palmwine and Other Local Drinks' exhibition

Shoes: Tash
Make Up: Mogizzie

#TravelThursday Surviving Long Trips

Long trips are the worst! You just want to get to your village, your honeymoon destination, your friend's birthday getaway or camp site but first you have to sit for hours.

I remember long trips to my granny's house in Ijebu when I was in school, and being with my sister and cousins made it bearable. I've also learnt some tricks for long flights and thanks to my cousin, long journeys via sea as well.

Check out some below!


Dress Comfortably
Avoid tight clothing, heels and other things that might seem like a good idea when you leave home but will leave you slightly ill and very uncomfortable hours later.
My go to is usually a pair of jeans and a top, with a jacket incase it gets cold, and usually flats and socks.
If you are flying, you don't want shoes that you need to lace up, relace, then spend minutes wearing again as you go through scanners!

Watch what you eat and drink
It is advisable to have some water so as to be hydrated but watch what you eat and drink so you are not nauseous during the trip, and so your bathroom breaks are cut to a minimum.
Imagine a long bumpy bus ride?

Check the car
For road trips, please do check all the things you need. Tyre pressure, fuel in the tank, engine oil level etc. Also ensure you have proper documentation for all the stops along the way. This is not the time to ride with someone who does not have a license.


Get your Entertainment on!
Long trips are a great excuse for catching up on movies you've bheen wanting to see, music you have been wanting to listen to and all those novels you have not had time for.
And hey, if it is really long, get adventurous and see a movie you would usually never go to the cinema for or listen to a random album.

Get Creative!
Budding writer? Write. Artist? Draw? Songwriter? You know what to do.
Long trips are the perfect opportunities for discovering your creative side and letting it shine.

Take Breaks
If you are on a road trip, stop once in a while to just relax a little, especially for the driver.
On a plane, ensure you walk up and down the cabin once in a while as it is recommended by doctors. Do the same for sea travels as well.

Stay Fresh
I know a lot of us worry about staying clean during long flights and trips.
One thing to do is pack small siye versions of hygiene products like your toothbrush and paste, roll on or some kind of eau de toilette, baby wipes etc.
That way, you can freshen up during the trip and once you get to your destination.


#EventWednesday A Week of Weddings, Jidenna and Fooooood

Last week was a full week for me. It was a mix of weddings, premieres, red carpets and foooooooooooooooooooood.

The week technically started Kunbi's wedding since I was there till Monday morning anyways.
Kunbi of April by Kunbi had a fairytale wedding and it was fun dancing all night.

The dancing continued on my radio show with old and new music. Imagine playing all those songs you danced to five, ten, fifteen years ago!

Kel (yes, Kelioooooo) also came on the show to exclusively premiere her brand new song, "Act like you Do", a 90s inspired song. Kel made a promise to me (on video) that she is back, and isn't going quiet again. Okay o!

Vera of, a blogger, content creator, mother and speaker, was my other guest this week, bringing us tips on blogging and niche blogging in particular for my Tip Thursday show. I learnt a lot, including having fun with things you love, even if it's niche you do.

On Thursday, it was 'Jidenna' live with Aurelien, and our friends, Benita and Jonathan. I enjoyed my goofy red carpet interviews with Bolinto for 'On the Carpet' (remixed 'Classic Man'), TraceNaija and Chuey of Pulse Nigeria (danced for him). Jidenna was funnnnn! The full set was enjoyable, even if 'Classic Man' still got the most buzz.

Buzz Friday was too much fun, with Makida and I doing the most; including a 'not Teyana Taylor' video via snapchat. (Don't look. Okay look. No don't).

I'm eating doughnuts right now so I guess I can't ever hope to be like Teyana!

I can make music though, which I did, with a date with Sess.

And speaking of dates, I had a lovely dinner date with some (powerful) women in media, including Arit Okpo, Toke Makinwa, Lamide Akintobi, Olorisupergal and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi. Dinner was with Mich ( Google ) and Teju ( Google Nigeria).

See? Full week right?

4 of my favorite looks to the Beyonce's Soul Train-themed party

Yesterday, September 5th, Beyonce set out to celebrate her 35th birthday in groovy style. And she chose one of the best themes ever: Soul Train. And when you think of Soul Train, what comes to mind? That's right Afros, bare midriffs, boot cut trousers, Soul music and all of that 70s goodness. While Blue Ivy stole the show, when she shouted: "Happy Birthday, Mummy" and then stole a bite of the birthday cake, the star studded party had some great looks that are worth looking at again. Here are 5 of my favorite looks, based on who kept to the theme and looked like a star doing it!

 1. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beat giving us couple style goals as they got the theme to the T! Alicia's boot cut jeans paired perfected with this blouse that screams 70s might just bring 70s back! And o, the bandanna just completes the look nicely!

2. Kelly Rowland

 O okay Kelly; we see you all 70s glam and sexy you! Kelly Rowland came as a Disco girl in a shimmering gold jumpsuit with a neckline that plunged to her midriff and a gold chain belt. Don't try this at home kids, especially if your work out game is not on point! 4. Michelle Williams Speaking of work out game...

3. Michelle Williams everyone!

Michelle looks ready to par-tay in a silver and white attire that does wonders for her glowing complexion. You go girl!

 4. Usher

 Usher went all out. Looked a little like a Aladdin, Yet, the Arabian prince look was good on him. Plus the jade green turban and necklace is a testament to his good taste. Now what was your favorite look?


#TBReview et #Giveaway Mara Cruiz Organic Haircare

A few weeks ago, I got some hair products from Mara Cruiz Organics. We even did a giveaway and there's another to come today!
I wanted to however do a quick show and tell of each product in the package I got (and will be giving out).

I have left my hair as is for quite a bit now and love using products best for it. My usual routine is for busy days, some hair cream and brushing the edges. When I have a little more time, I mosturise more thoroughly.
At the weekends, I tend to shampoo (not every weekend as you should never wash your hair more than it needs), condition, cream and mosturise.

Here is where Mara Cruiz comes in handy. The range of products is so varied that there is something for every time frame. Five minutes? Use the hair cream. Bit of time? Use the hair mayonnaise (or growth oil) and hair cream. And of course on a 'spoil your hair day', use them all.

The products come in mainly see-through clear plastic bottles (apart from the cream and mayonnaise). I'd have preferred neater packaging with a different font and branding to make it more attractive.

Mosturising Natural Shampoo
This has a really good smell, probably because of the black soap, and I love it. It also contains olive oil which is a plus for me.

Nourishing Rinse-Out Conditioner
Easy to apply and contains coconut oil (another plus!).

Mosturizing Leave-In Conditioner
Another one that is easy to apply and as suggests, quicker to use since it is leave in.

Hair Mayonnaise
I haven't really used this one, first because I tend to forget, and secondly because having to leave in for twenty minutes before rinsing out needs more scheduling than I can handle.
It will however be great for those of you with really tough hair.

Hair Growth Stimulator Oil
This is my favourite. First because oils are generally my favourite, be they for hair or body, but also because anything that stimulates growth gets a pass!
It can be sprayed unto your hand or directly into the hair which also makes it convenient and easy to apply, and is infused with loads of great herbs like Rosemary and Sage. Lastly, it's easy to carry which means it will be easy to pack!

Mosturising Hair Cream
Thick and easy to apply, it may however be too powerful for some noses.

In conclusion, the Mara Cruiz Organics range is broad and therefore provides something for everyone and every schedule. My favourite is still the oil but I would recommend each item for different needs.

If you would like to win some #MaraCruiz products, head on over to My Instagram Page and mention your name, location  and preferred product.


#MondayMotivation There came a king which knew not Joseph

The story of Joseph in the Bible is a well known story.

A boy, hated by his brothers, is eventually sold into slavery and then thrown into jail. But he grows up to become Pharoah's trusted servant.

Joseph's story in itself is full of lessons but if you read a little further, you get to the part of the Bible where it says, "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph".
So picture this. This great man had saved a nation and his family from starvation and was the stuff of legends for a while. But eventually, like it or not, there came a king which knew not Joseph.
This teaches me a few things.

Tell your story
While the name 'Joseph' would have been well known for a generation or two, after a while, it seemed to have faded from main history.
Imagine if we didn't have the story of David and Goliath in the Bible? Imagine if noone ever wrote about the Titanic? Imagine if there was no Elvis museum?
What this tells me is it is not enough to do great things, you must also tell these stories...

Again and Again
Don't just tell it once- tell it again. Say it on radio, say it on television, put it in a book. I am not talking about you yourself getting on these platforms (but if you can why not), I am talking about having a pr and branding strategy that works.
Sometimes your work will speak for itself for years (I mean, see Thor!) but other times, you have to ensure people don't forget you and what you do!

Don't rely on past glory
This is a big DON'T!
Ever met someone who is only about "I did this" and "I did that" and YES, the things you DID are great for bragging rights (like you know if you DID come up with Facebook or the tag line, "Just Do It") but the danger is resting on that.
What you did is only relevant to us if it relates to what you are DOing as well.
Your past is great and we all pray for an awesome future but our present is exactly that. Present.

Guess what? No matter how good or unique you are, there'll always be someone else who does what you do. Thought of a great business idea? Awesome. But o look, so have ten other people.
The point is, there will always be space for you, and always someone out there who does not know you.
So what should you do?

Conquer new territories
One thing that amuses me about radio is- there's a new listener every day. Every week I get at least three people who tuned in to my show for the first time, or who are meeting me for the first time.
I see every one who does not know me as a chance to get them to know me. It's like new markets, it's a chance to get them to know you and that way, you channel new things to your show / business.
Imagine this- your favourite cola brand has to remind old customers why they drink x cola, but they have to tell younger ones why they should drink x cola!

You can think of it as scary, but I choose to see it as exciting.

There's a whole new world out there for us to conquer.

Remember, for every new king that knew not (insert your name / brand / business), it's an opportunity to get them to not only know you, but to win them over to your corner!

Go out there and be awesome


VMAs 2016: My 5 favorite looks of the Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2016, held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, August 28 2016, and as expected it was star studded, everyone was there.

As usual, non music stuff almost upstaged music, with Drake all in his feelings, Blue ivy giving us meme worthy attitude for days and Alicia Keys clean clear skin!

The red carpet was interesting this year and these are my five favourite looks.

1. Chance the Rapper 

 Image result for chance the rapper Vma 2016
I just loooooove this! Beige dungarees? This look might have looked dodgy on someone else but Chance the Rapper is eccentric and i love it!

2. Blue Ivy Carter

Well duh!
Not only does Blue have the cutest facial expressions, but she turned up in an 11000 dollar dress that was adorbs. Infact, she looked like Disney princess, who had just come to see her peasant subjects.

3. Nicki Minaj
Nicki brought more than Meek Mill to this year's VMAs; she also brought her curves, in all their glory. All her curves fit snugly into this dark blue dress that is tame by Nicki's standards. She reminds me of a Mortal Kombat female fighter.

4. Rihanna
When Rihanna was not holding the audience spellbound with her performance, or getting loved up by Drake, she was slaying in this gold gown that is the stuff of dreams. Slit in front to her mid thigh, it probably made Drake fall in love again.

5. Hailee Steinfield

Hailee Stenfield looked beautiful in this colorful knit, Balmain dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Perfect length, perfect fit, she brought some much needed color to the awards.

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...