Hi guys!
Happy monday. Our MCM is someone I respect and whose work i greatly admire. He spit some major truths in this interview that legit made me woke. You'll get what I'm saying as you continue.
(PS: This isn't me trying to be gangster or something lol) Enjoy my chat with filmmaker, Theophilus King,

  1) You’re the founder of Lost Dreams AFRICA, how has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

THEO: Lost Dreams Africa, It's been so crazy and we've not even started yet. Being an entrepreneur is dangerous & risky but somebody 'gotta do it. The good thing is you get to skip many levels and make your own rules so it's all you & God walking hand in hand, It's been so great, wouldn't do it any other way.

2)      What’s the best and worst feedback you’ve ever received from your works and how did they make you feel?
THEO:  Best feedback: when friends call me when my content is on TV and we scream together, no better feeling
Worst feedback: my communication sucks, need to fix that

{Oh yea, it took almost a month to get this interview done ;( }
3)      Tell us one thing you have in mind before directing any video?
The Viewer. Always the viewer not even the Artist, i just wanna give the viewer such a good time. It’s like planning for a guest coming over & from the type of content or music you can measure the kind of guests.

4)      What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in?
I feel like every embarrassing situation is a time to Shine, so I barely feel embarrassed from situations I put myself in & if I do, I correct it immediately.

5)      What do you love most about film making?
Storytelling, Telling my story. Film making & Art in general. It frees me to create something out of nothing, or a lot of somethings..  It’s a gift. Love it

6)       Tell us one thing you really want to do, but haven’t done yet?
I wanna make a feature film, a movie, a Love story that can make everybody cry. Love is my genre

Don't you just love creatives?
Stay inspired!


#OOTD Monochrome Magic for Day 1 of #YoutubeNG

When i got the first set of emails about the Youtube Creator sessions, i saw Day 1 was scheduled to be a long day- 9am to 7pm.
I didn't focus on what they would be teaching for that long, just on the most comfortable thing to wear for it.

Truth is, when it comes to clothing and styling, different things dictate what we wear. For me, i like to be comfortable, and if it is going to be a long day, i like to wear things that won't look great at 9am but be rumpled and dirty by 7pm.

Obviously white would be a no no, no? Not if it is a comfy white shirt that looks good crisp or slightly weathered. Watch on youtube

Top: Sisley
Shorts: Random Buy
Shoes: Tash


That 2 Day YoutubeNG training i really needed!

My body aches! And i do not even know how that happens from a two day training but wait, yes i do know.

It happens because first i had this big bag with me that in itself can be seen as weights, then i did a lot of networking, filming, taking stairs (day 2) and DANCING (day 1).

DISCLAIMER: Any videos of me dancing to Small Doctor's "penalty" have been doctored. That is my story and i am sticking to it. Thanks.

No not like a complete goodbye. I meant, goodbye on that point. Now let us talk about why we are really here- the Youtube training i TOTALLY NEEDED!

I first opened a Youtube account back in 2012 but hardly used it. For me, it was just a need to open an account on any platform i could for the future. Since then, i have had starts and stops and while i knew i wanted to be better at youtubing, i didn't always know how.

Cue me starting this year off praying for specific things and then lines starting to fall in pleasant places. While my Youtube figures were not impressive, my other Google and Social Media figures were so it was just a case of finding the what and sticking with it.
That is why practically a week of Google events, and especially the first two days this week which were intensive youtube training sessions were obviously God-sent.

What did i learn?
1. Everyone has a story, they have a right to s.h.a.r.e.
2. Consistency as with a lot of other things, is one of the keys to success on youtube.
3. Keep it Simple Stupid
4. And that applies to everything- your thoughts, your ideas, everything.

I will do a video explaining a bit more so watch out for that.
In the meantime, i have a question for you- what kind of youtube content would you like to do?



Hello everyone! If you're like me, you're probably wondering where the weekend went? I mean, it was just Friday yesterday. Anyway, another Monday is upon us and I come bearing good news ;) We are flipping the script a little today with our MCM who is a brand strategist and a tech reviewer. His name is Fisayo Fosudo. I'd describe my interview with him as brilliant and interesting! (It's ironic how he asked me at the end if he wasn't too boring LOL) Enjoy!

Fisayo Fosudo

1)      You have a YouTube channel where you talk about tech inclined topics; why that niche?

FISAYO: Tech is a very fast evolving niche and it's surely going to shape our future in many ways. I started developing passion for this since I started out as a graphic designer and a lot of design/art work has moved beyond pencils and sketch books to tablets and styli. I'm focused on tech (consumer tech specifically) because it's the closest/most accessible base to everyone and I really look forward to influencing a larger percentage of consumer tech purchase decisions in Africa and beyond.

2)  What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt from having a YouTube channel? 

FISAYO: Quality matters! Here's my not so short explanation for this: before I started uploading YouTube videos, I watched a ton of videos. I'm the kind of buyer that watches like 20 video reviews and read 100 blog posts about a product before I spend my money. 9/10 times a quality review video helps me make my decision. It was this reason I decided to invest almost $6,000 from my savings in production gear to create quality and thoughtful content. I'm still just starting out so I have a long way to go.

3) What's your typical day like?

FISAYO:  Lol, I don't have a typical day. Everyday is a different creation of it's own. However, every day starts with a prayer and then listening to a lot of House/EDM music while creating graphic design concepts or reading a book.

4) Tell us one thing you'll really like to do but haven't done yet?

FISAYO: I'll really like to create beautiful Cinematic travel videos (or memories) like Jordan Taylor Wright and Sam Kolder. These guys really inspire me a lot and I look forward to perfecting my skills to this point and beyond. As a side project, I also enjoy tinkering with creating EDM music too with FL Studio. 

5)  It's Monday, tell us some people you currently look up to and why? 

FISAYO: Apart from the aforementioned, I really look up to Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). He's also a tech reviewer and is the best at what he does.

I hope I wasn't too boring 😂

Stay Inspired.


#WinWednesday Don't complain... Champion!

I am sitting here enjoying this delicious plate of firewood jollof rice and just having a good productive day so far. I am however on a 'please subscribe to my youtube channel' spree at the moment as i need to hit 1000 subscribers to be able to make a particular target of mine so two things from that.

1. Can you do me a quick favour and head on over to my channel to subscribe?
2. Lesson learnt! Because of the way youtube is, we tend to promote our videos but not really push for that subscription but subscription is very important.
3. It did give me a great opportunity to check out my videos and i thought to s.h.a.r.e this one with you.


Hi everyone! What's up?
It's another beautiful Wednesday. I was unavoidably off for a week ;( so I'm making it up to you with our WCW today :)
She's a doctor and an entrepreneur ( short form- Doctorpreneur!) She runs four businesses - Hair by Dedun, Deduns cakes, Dedun cooks and belle artistry by Dedun. She is also a motivational speaker; how amazing! So without further ado,it's Dr. Dedun Oluwo.

1) What has helped you the most in balancing all your businesses?
Valuing my time and effort. I place maximum value on everything I do so I can get the best result. This showed in my businesses and in turn pushed me to make sure I focus and eventually the balance found it's way.

2) Tell us something that makes you happy and something that pisses you off?
Being appreciated makes me happy and being taken for granted pisses me off.

3)  If you could give everyone in the world something, what would it be?
My time and me sowing a seed in their lives one way or the other.

4) What inspires you?
My goals inspire me. With them in sight, I have no excuse than to push on and achieve them. 

5) One thing you are currently enjoying about your life?
Being free from school.

6) It’s Wednesday, Please tell us some women you look up to and why?

Number one has to be my mum, she's everything I aspire to be and more.

Mo Abudu, Love her. I remember her from her beginning days on Moments with Mo and she has built an empire for herself now. I want to do that, build from where I am at the moment.

If you'd like to know more about her visit her website

Stay inspired!


#ProductLaunch That Limited Edition Camon CX phone that got me googling Manchester City...

The sun is out! Hope you are enjoying some sunshine where you are?
After last weekend's rain in Lagos that got people swimming, had cars submerged, one guy kayaking, and even allegedly, crocodiles popping by, i bet we love the sun now and never want it gone!

Doing a giveaway today via Instagram and Twitter courtesy Tecno Mobile NG and i wanted to s.h.a.r.e the news with you.

So on Thursday, i was invited for the launch of the new Tecno phone, Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition.

It is one of the series of TECNO Camon series; best known for their premium camera upgrades and pocket friendly price tag. This one, the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition features the City blue color and includes the official crest on the reverse.

Other features include the dual cameras hosting 4-in-1 light denoising technology (makes the signal-to-noise (SNR) capacity 1.7 times better than the average smartphone) and an incredible capacity to shoot beautiful, stunning photography in low-light. Then there is the state-of-the-art technology resulting in selfies that are thirty percent brighter than selfies from average smartphones.

There are also perks outside the phone as customers who unbox the new phone will enjoy customized gift packs including a city branded selfie stick, water bottle and speakers.

Only 200 units will be available in Nigeria, and only at Slot because of the exclusive sales agreement with SLOT outlets where only SLOT will distribute the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition phones nationwide.

BUT i asked if we could give special gifts and some phones away and they said yes so YASS!

You could win this!

Find out how to win now on Twitter and Instagram


#PinkFootball I can't believe we have to say goodbye to Rooney!

Okay ladies, that time has come. The time to say hello, goodbye and either 'phew you are still here' or 'grrr you are still here???".

For me, this has been pretty okay with my only indignation coming earlier on when i heard Zlatan would leave United.. That made me sad because i feel his season at Manchester United showed him to be a leader.

Then i got hopeful when i thought Antoine Griezmann was coming over. He is so cute. And yes, that is why i wanted him to come. I love football for footballing reasons but please, i love football for beautiful people reasons. And Antoine is beautiful.

Anyhoo, it seemed the transfer season would go without my shedding tears but no such luck. Wayne Rooney, went back home.

It is weird for me to think of Rooney's home as anywhere other than Manchester United but before the laurels and the medals, Rooney was an Everton kid. And now he has gone back. The club and the fans are so happy, and on paper, it makes sense for all parties concerned. He gets a place where he can shine as he plays out his retirement, Manchester United lets go of a legend who may not have got any more playing time if he had stayed, and Everton gets a player of his calibre with all the prestige, respect and experience he brings

The only one losing is us the fans who love Rooney. I can't take seeing him in blue, and yet i am not mad at anyone. Just sad.

But bye bye Rooney, thanks for the memories, and much love and respect always.

When one door closes (or one player leaves), another opens (a new player comes in).

Hey Lukaku, what's good?!



Hi everyone. Happy new week. I SMELL FINE BOYS THIS MORNING. LOL. Oh we have one as our MCM today. He's an actor, vlogger and presenter. It's Akah Nnani. My interview with him- I'd say it was a breath of fresh air. Enjoy

Hi Akah!

1)      Describe your life in three words
 God. Good friends. Loyalty.

2)      Your YouTube Channel has received so much traction over time, what would you say has helped you in particular, to grow on Youtube?
I think the singular factor has been consistency and also honesty. I can be brutally honest as I share my opinions on Akah Bants. Also, Akah Bants makes people happy. People enjoy it.

3)      You’ve acted in several films including EL’s ‘On the Real.’ Why acting? And what do you like most about it?
I was an actor before even being a vlogger. Acting for me is just the beat way of stretching myself and my art. It gives me the opportunity to tell stories with my body and my mind. It takes me and my audience to a different world; the thrill of it all and the challenge I face most times in getting it right is oh so addictive.

4)      Do you have any weird fetishes?
Lmao! Nope. My fetish is absolutely not weird, and it is definitely not for public knowledge.

5)      What advice will you give your child about life?
Search God and Find yourself.

Thank you.

Stay inspired!


#Beauty Glad i finally got to use my purple LMC lipstick!

Ever had something that you like but never know how to use?

For me, it was the purple lipstick i got from LMC Cosmetics.

The owner had come on my show to give out some quick make up tips (getting ready in a jiffy) and she was sweet enough to give two lipsticks and two lipstains from the collection for my personal use.

Well i had used the others (till i finished one), the purple one i had always been too shy to use.

Now i am in no way a make up guru and i leave face beating to the professionals so when i do my own make up, i play safe. Pink, brown, that's my safe place.

So how lucky was i that after getting styled for hosting duties for Women in Journalism 2017, Modupe of Makeupby Mogizzie looked at my lipstick collection (i have a cold sore so we chose not to use any of hers), and without being prompted, chose the purple!

Here it is, complete look!. Do you like?



Hi Peeps! Another Wednesday is upon us.I'm very excited (haters will say I'm always excited) about our WCW today. Nah for real.It was love at first sight for me. Once I started watching the famous Ndani TV Series, Skinny Girl In Transit, I couldn't help but wonder about the lead actor and how original her act was. You can imagine how impressed I was to find out this was her first acting experience. wawu  Of course, it's the one and only Abimbola Craig AKA Tiwa. To describe my interview with her, I'd say brief but Loaded. Enjoy. ;)

Abimbola Craig

Hi Abimbola!

1) 'Skinny girl in transit' was your first professional acting experience; do you think it has affected your life in anyway, and how?
ABIMBOLA: Yes it was; the exposure has been crazy, it’s really hard to go somewhere without being known, it's humbling. Aside from that though, still the same Bimbo.

2)      What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you in life?
ABIMBOLA: Waking up everyday, it’s a blessing.

3)      Which  actor(s) would you love to work with but haven’t yet ?
ABIMBOLA: Too many people, would love to work with Mercy Johnson, Nse ikpe Etim and Kunle Afolayan to name a few.

4)      Do you sometimes get scared of the future and how do you deal with the feeling when it comes?
ABIMBOLA: I do, the uncertainty of not doing enough and not fulfilling one’s purpose is scary, I just PRAY, Knowing that He that put me on this earth did so for a purpose and that in His own time he shall perfect all that concerns me. I just try to be a better version of myself each day.

5)      If you were to play another character in SGIT, Who would it be?
ABIMBOLA: LOL, Mummy for SURE!!!

6)      It’s Wednesday, Please inspire us with a word of advice that you hold dearly.

ABIMBOLA: In all things always stay true to thy self.

Thanks for reading ;)
Stay inspired! 


#PinkFootball Would you wear black to a wedding like Shakira did to Messi's wedding?

By now, you probably have seen all the pictures from Lionel Messi's wedding to his childhood sweetheart, Antonella Roccuzzo , on Friday in Argentina.

However, for us PinkFootball lovers, we are all about who wore what (and why?).

First off, how gorgeous is the bride? Her train is to die for. She looks beautiful, regal and happy, like every bride should on their big day.

I am fascinated by Shakira's choice though. She wore a black Yolanda Chris dress and looked every inch a diva!

Would you wear black to a wedding? We seem divided over here at the factory with some thinking it sets off a bad vibe. These days, no one still holds on to that black is bad notion do they?

The dress code for Messi and Roccuzzo's wedding was black tie so it appears Shakira was just keeping to the theme. She paired her sheer black dress with some nice stilettos, a clutch, simple hair do and a gorgeous smile!
We think she looks fab but take the poll.
Would you wear black to a wedding?


#OAP101 Let me tell you about the auditions I did NOT get!

After i saw a direct message sent to The OAP 101 on instagram from someone who was a bit frustrated about having gone for auditions but not getting the gig, i reached out to them and we chatted further.

I had a whatsapp chat with them and laughed when i found out the 'auditions' were TWO previous auditions. Only.
I say this because we hear of only success stories usually, and because of that, we do not realise how many times that person got told NO before a life changing 'yes'.

Pull a chair! Let ME tell you about going for auditions; waking up early, queuing for hours, praying and giving it my best. And then getting rejected. Not once, not twice, not even three times. I have heard it all. From, the 'thank yous' that mean you won't be called back, to the, 'we really like you' buts, to the 'don't stop doing this' to the one i love the most- 'you are a bit short'.
I have had callbacks, try-agains, and 'we will call you' that never called.

And i am not alone. Think of every successful person you admire. They have gone through this too before.

So why do we not get selected for auditions?
Sometimes it is because we still need to work on our talent, skill or craft some more. No one knows it all and there is always something new to learn so if you ever get told no, don't get bitter. Get better.
You can check out some tips on acing your audition in my podcast at the end of the post below.

Other times, it has nothing to do with you. Some the 'no' may be because of the internal policies, politics or specific needs.
You do not know what the potential client is looking for. They might be looking for someone who is tall, someone who is blonde (i know), someone who is well-known, someone who is 'fresh', someone who is 'different'...
It is like going for an audition to play a role in a movie. The casting director has their guidelines. They do not have to s.h.a.r.e this with you. You may be too tall, or not tall enough. Too young, or too old.

Instead of spending precious time worrying about what went wrong, spend more time on being better like i said, and going on to the next one.
Remember that not all jobs or opportunities come from auditions. But you need to lay that ground work so that by the time these opportunities arise, you are selected.

This means while you wait to get on radio or television, prepare!
Get yourself out there. Create. Think. Plan.
Be ready.

#ShopTosyn The blue playsuit that works for night and day!

I bought this blue playsuit on a whim from Mango and i liked it so much, i wore it again. And again.
As you can see, it works well at night, and also for television as the blue pops! I have worn it both times with heels, but i have two more styling options.
I plan to wear it one more time with a jacket or a skirt and heels, and then one more time with sneakers!

What do you think?
How would YOU wear this blue playsuit?


It's a super chilled Monday. I know we all wish we could be in bed but *sigh. Hope everyone is doing okay? I'm excited about our man crush today because he's someone I know personally. It's great to see friends doing great things, isn't it? 
Our MCM today is a young, talented songwriter and alternative R&B/Soul singer . He's a contestant on the Voice Nigeria 2017. Do I need to say more? It's CHRIS RIO.
Enjoy my interesting chat with him!

Hi Chris!
1. You have a such an amazing voice, if you could do a duet with any singer in the world, who would it be?
Thank you. I would love to make music with Emeli Sande. I've connected with her since I heard "Breaking The Law". She's a phenomenal artist. That's goals right there.

2. Do you have any pre STAGE rituals to calm your nerves?
Before I get on stage, I talk to myself. I usually pray and then start talking to myself, with all the motivational quotes in the book haha. It's tough because you can't not feel those nerves, and every stage is different so I try to make them work in my favour. Self talk helps a lot - "You got this Chris, you're a star, you're the man, go get 'em". Works for me.

3. You also do spoken word poetry, what inspires you to write?
Spoken word for me is like a release type of thing. I think every person has one of those, something you vent into. Whenever I'm pent up with an emotion or a feeling or an idea, something that I feel very strongly about, it usually comes out in form of spoken word poetry. Consequently I don't write a lot of pieces, but I try to do good with the few I write. "I Am Me" is two years old and it's on top my list right now.

4. You’re a contestant on the voice, how EXACTLY did it feel when Yemi Alade turned for you?
I'm not sure I have words for that feeling. After singing for the first minute plus and getting no turns, I thought it was over. So when I saw her chair rotating, it was the biggest relief I've ever felt in my life. There are few things as nerve wracking as a blind audition, so you understand why I knelt afterwards. God bless her for real mehn! Bless the day she was born. Thank God for my Mama, Yemi Alade.

5. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from anyone?
Best gift I've received. A friend of mine once got me a box filled with these short notes expressing love and gratitude to me on my birthday. It was the sweetest thing.

6. If you were a song, you’d be…?
 I literally have no idea. There are many sides to me, I doubt there's any one all encompassing song. I've searched my heart for an answer and I can't find one, maybe I need to expand my music library :(

7. Tell us three things you're grateful for this Monday.

 I'm grateful to God for the immense gift of life. I'm grateful for family and for the beautiful people that surround me and support me everyday. I'm also grateful for this interview, it's a beautiful way to start my week so thank you.

Awww! Thank you too. That's all for this week.
Stay inspired!

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...