#PinkFootball I can't believe we have to say goodbye to Rooney!

Okay ladies, that time has come. The time to say hello, goodbye and either 'phew you are still here' or 'grrr you are still here???".

For me, this has been pretty okay with my only indignation coming earlier on when i heard Zlatan would leave United.. That made me sad because i feel his season at Manchester United showed him to be a leader.

Then i got hopeful when i thought Antoine Griezmann was coming over. He is so cute. And yes, that is why i wanted him to come. I love football for footballing reasons but please, i love football for beautiful people reasons. And Antoine is beautiful.

Anyhoo, it seemed the transfer season would go without my shedding tears but no such luck. Wayne Rooney, went back home.

It is weird for me to think of Rooney's home as anywhere other than Manchester United but before the laurels and the medals, Rooney was an Everton kid. And now he has gone back. The club and the fans are so happy, and on paper, it makes sense for all parties concerned. He gets a place where he can shine as he plays out his retirement, Manchester United lets go of a legend who may not have got any more playing time if he had stayed, and Everton gets a player of his calibre with all the prestige, respect and experience he brings

The only one losing is us the fans who love Rooney. I can't take seeing him in blue, and yet i am not mad at anyone. Just sad.

But bye bye Rooney, thanks for the memories, and much love and respect always.

When one door closes (or one player leaves), another opens (a new player comes in).

Hey Lukaku, what's good?!

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