Blogging at the Digital Media Talk with Elsie Isy

Yesterday, Thursday the 27th of September, Elsie Isy held the 'MEETS MEDIA PRESENTS Digital Media Talk'.

With Elsie Isy, brain behind 'Digital Media Talk'

I was on a panel moderated by Princess Uvbi with Sally Dadzie and Laila Ijeoma, on 'Blogging as a Tool for Social Change'.

Apart from how and why I started, and giving tips on time management in response to a question from the audience, I was able to my thoughts on how blogging can be used to positively influence society.

I remember being taught, 'Instead of putting energy behind what you dislike, put your energy into creating what you do like'.

It is what I have tried to do with radio and yes, definitely also with blogs and social media. 'Alternative Music Naija' for example, is something I created to showcase the kind of music I love. I do football as told by women via Pink Football, run OAP 101 for media personalities and 'ShopTosyn' to s.h.a.r.e style inspiration.

If you're reading this and you want to start something, remember that what you do can have an impact on one or more lives so go into it with passion, and purpose.

It wasn't just panel business though. I finally met some people I have always admired, and also saw my favs like Olorisupergal and Demola Expoze.

With Tosin Ajibade of 'Olorisupergal'

See more pictures below.

Dress by Makioba. 

When I realised there was no Jollof Rice


#TBDaily Hidden Motives

I have a song titled Hidden Motives and you should listen to it here.

I wrote it because I had a crush on my friend's brother so I would call her, praying and hoping HE would pick up the phone not her. I was thinking about this and thought of how there are so many hidden motives behind seemingly simple things we do.
Ever fully asked yourself why you're making a certain move? Altruistic or no?

Why should we even bother with motives? Can't we just live?

Amen to that because I could definitely turn that energy I use to analyse into something more fun but even if we forget about the motives of others, what about OUR motives?

If you lie to people, that's bad, but if you lie to yourself, that is tragic. With a capital 'T'.
Be honest with yourself about your motives and acknowledge your imperfections. This honesty helps you in several ways including
- helping you know which battles are worth fighting
- helping you work on a flaw you have

And just like in my song, I will ask...
"...Who knows all the reasons we do the things we do
Who knows all the million hidden motives that we use"

#TBDaily Monday High... but does it go downhill from there?

Sunday evenings when I was younger meant a bit of mixed feelings. While what was on television was great, sundays meant I would have to go to school the next day.
I hated school.

When I started a job I loved however, Sundays came with a promise. I was usually rearing to go; like let us do this! 8 years later, still the same.
I love Mondays. On Mondays, I can fly, I feel productive, I tick most of my to-do list FOR THE WEEK.

Sadly, it starts to go downhill from there.

Sometimes Tuesdays are so anticlimactic that I wish they would end just as they begun. My Tuesday shows can be below par in my estimation; like I gave my all on Monday and I am now just handing out scraps.

It picks up on Wednesdays but yeah, by Friday, I am on another high- last day of the week, bring the weekend on type of high. Then I start it all over again on Sunday.

Is it like this for you or you're pretty much the same all week?
Let me know


#OAP101 Neutral and Detached or Passionate and Opinionated?

Welcome to another #OAP101 class.

Today I would like to talk about something I have seen debated fiercely.
Most radio trainings (and indeed, broad journalism trainings) insist that one be IMPARTIAL and NOT HAVE AN OPINION.
For example, you read the news? Keep it neutral and just present the news. Don't react, and read news you agree with in much the same manner as you would news you disagree with.

The truth is, after all is said and done, people still look to the 'experts' (in this case, news anchors, journalists et al) to be credible and unbiased.
Having said that, radio and 'talk' has changed a little with more emphasis now being put on PERSONALITY of the hosts. For example, you have a Wendy Williams, an Ellen, a Steve Harvey... These 3 have clear and distinct personalities and never leave us in doubt as to where they stand.

So what is the conclusion then?

I think good radio depends on knowing who you are exactly on the show.
As a news reader, or a moderator, you must stick to those guidelines of being fair and impartial. When it comes to radio or television hosts though, I do not know that people knowing where you stand on an issue is a problem AS LONG AS you can still be impartial or at least, fair.
Let me give you an example with sports presenters.
The best sports presenters have a team they support but still give professional analysis of games, stats and results.

What do you think about this question?
Should a Radio Host be completely neutral or can they have opinions and express them?


#TBDaily Hey Monday... Bring on the 1st Monday in September

I am going to have to start wishing people a Merry Christmas because while January and February seemed to be slow, the rest of the year has gone by pretty fast.

I have had a different kind of ginger lately, thank God.
Thing with me is, when I feel it, I do it. The trick is to also be able to do it even when I do not feel it. May God help me o!

This week, I am looking forward to work, meetings, a dope feed on Instagram (yes, it is a thing), and being on top of my tasks. 

This weekend was a busy one. I bet you guys were kept busy with red carpet pictures and beautiful people. I loved it! It was also Ajebo D Comedian's comedy event and Inspiration FM partnered so we were there to support.
In between all of that, I was working, thinking, and believe it or not, writing and completing short films.. in my head. 

So, what is your prayer for the week?

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...