#OAP101 Neutral and Detached or Passionate and Opinionated?

Welcome to another #OAP101 class.

Today I would like to talk about something I have seen debated fiercely.
Most radio trainings (and indeed, broad journalism trainings) insist that one be IMPARTIAL and NOT HAVE AN OPINION.
For example, you read the news? Keep it neutral and just present the news. Don't react, and read news you agree with in much the same manner as you would news you disagree with.

The truth is, after all is said and done, people still look to the 'experts' (in this case, news anchors, journalists et al) to be credible and unbiased.
Having said that, radio and 'talk' has changed a little with more emphasis now being put on PERSONALITY of the hosts. For example, you have a Wendy Williams, an Ellen, a Steve Harvey... These 3 have clear and distinct personalities and never leave us in doubt as to where they stand.

So what is the conclusion then?

I think good radio depends on knowing who you are exactly on the show.
As a news reader, or a moderator, you must stick to those guidelines of being fair and impartial. When it comes to radio or television hosts though, I do not know that people knowing where you stand on an issue is a problem AS LONG AS you can still be impartial or at least, fair.
Let me give you an example with sports presenters.
The best sports presenters have a team they support but still give professional analysis of games, stats and results.

What do you think about this question?
Should a Radio Host be completely neutral or can they have opinions and express them?

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