Hello everyone-Boys and girls, Ladies and gents. Hope everyone is doing well? If this is your first time reading an interview from our 'MCM' segment, you're welcome. On Mondays, we try to bring unique interviews that are sure to inspire, entertain and sometimes, educate you. If you're a regular reader, you probably know that already! Okay enough of that, its time to introduce you to our man crush today. His Instagram page @akinfaminu is to die for (I'm serious) ;One of the most interesting pages ive ever come across. His style makes fashion look as simple as ABC (But we all know it's hardwork though)- It's AKIN FAMINU
I was able to get some interesting facts about him, I hope you'll Enjoy! 

Hi Akin!

1) It's interesting that you're in the medical and fashion fields at the same time. Are there times when you've had to choose one over the other and how do you balance it out? 

 AKIN: It's more of balance and time management actually, and of course you have to prioritize, so everything has it's place.

3) The blogging sphere is quite saturated, what will you say has helped you to distinguish yourself over time?
 AKIN: Personal style, Identity and Consistency

4) What keeps you going when things are not moving quite as well as you will like them to? 
 AKIN: God and passion for everything I do

5) One food you can't do without?
 AKIN: like every other Nigerian, Rice ūüėā

6) Who's your favorite style blogger?
 AKIN:I don't have a favorite actually, I respect different people for their uniqueness.

7) One popular fashion trend that you actually don't like?
 AKIN: It's a personal opinion, but jumpsuits for men, nah.

8) One thing you want to do but haven't done yet?
 AKIN: Grow my brand bigger than it is now.

You can get to know more about Akin by checking out his website-


Monday is here again. *whoop whoop* It's always an amazing time getting to pick the brains of people doing great stuff and an even more amazing time sharing the content with you guys.
Today's MCM is a person who is usually heard before seen. In fact, I think I can bet that if you're reading this, you've probably heard his voice before. He has voiced countless commercial jingles and is currently the main voice behind Ebonylife TV's montages. 
Our MCM today is Mazi'no Appeal Ofoh,  a voice over artist, TV personality, writer and he combines all this with a corporate job.How interesting!

Hi MaZi'no!

1) You are a voice over artist and TV Host; has this always been a dream AND how does it feel being on this path?

MAZI'NO: Well it feels great! But by that I mean the Voice over artist bit. I’ve never really come to terms with being on TV. I still get reminded from time to time like “Hey, aren’t you that guy on TV?” TV for me was really not part of the journey I set out to take. I had run away from it for so long. But, I think I enjoy that too, by virtue of the people I work with. What I really miss is the privacy that comes with being on Radio. That seems like such a long time ago now.

2) If you were to have a perfect day, tell us 3 things that must happen on that day?

MAZI'NO: Ha ha! A good laugh, Long open road trips on my bike and the thought that I have a family that loves me. That last bit is what keeps the sanity.

3) Is there something in your industry that you wish or want to change?

MAZI'NO: You’d have to be specific what industry though… I do have a corporate job you know. But if you are referring to the voice over industry, I wish we could get the respect and pay our international counterparts get. It is beginning to happen, but we need more.

4) What inspires you?

MAZI'NO: Life; That there is so much out there yet undone. And ability; that I can do it. 
And then there is the FEAR of failure. I dread that.

5)If you could voice any popular animated character, which would be top on your list?

MAZI'NO: (Laughs) Groot! I don’t have to say much, and then I get paid!

6) Please inspire us this Monday; what's one advice/mantra that you hold very dearly?

MAZI'NO: Escape. Be more you. Do more you. Never be pressured by people. Love life within the limits of it; It was meant to be enjoyed.

7) What’s on your mind today?

MAZI'NO: A road trip with my wife; Reignite the passion we have for each other. I just set the dates. Wanna come? On second thoughts, No! Three is a crowd.

LOL. Interesting interview right? Catch up with Mazino here :

Stay Inspired!


O Come on! I'm with Rachel! Why did Peter go on The Bachelorette if he was NOT going to propose?

The more i watch 'The Bachelorette', the angrier i become.
Not at Rachel ( and i will tell you why i think a lot of people are mad at Rachel later), but at Peter.

Peter, o my....
From like the 2nd episode in, you were my guy. I was #TeamPeter.
Not only are you hot (Mr A please don't read this), but you are just like a great guy it seems. I mean, we can only know so much from a tv show but that's how you came across.
So i was #TeamPeter and i kept wanting you to get another solo date.

It was obvious to a lot of people that Rachel liked Bryan. Obvious. Not only did he get the first impression rose, but he also got so many solo dates, and one of the best ones (like when he got the watch).

I thought it was Bryan's show to lose, but that i wanted it to be you so badly.

Until you started saying you were not ready to propose.
For me, i was like, do you know what show this is?
It is called, 'The Bachelorette'.
A woman comes on the show and meets a lot of men and then picks one that she wants. He proposes (hopefully), and they ride off into the sunset.

You do know that right?
So why would you come on, keep saying you were not sure, but then stay on, and then act like you were the hurt one?

I know you were probably hurt. But Peter, Rachel was on the show to find a husband.
She said it from Day 1. She was clear and not in anyway ambigious. I mean, she had been on 'The Bachelor' so this was someone who knew what she wanted.
And this is why i think some people are mad at Rachel.

People are angry that a 32 year old woman, knows what she wants and goes for what she wants. Women are supposed to be irrational or emotional right? Not clinical? You guys want a romantic novel where the girl picks 'love'.
So why do we think it is not love because it did not hurt? Have we been conditioned to accept that the only time love is worth it is when it first makes us cry? Why can't it be as simple as someone who knows what she wants, chooses someone who knows what he wants, has been clear about it from Day 1, and did not make her cry?

Rachel Lindsay, you did good. Don't let them tell you otherwise!


#ShopTosyn 3 cool ways to get away with rocking Shorts, to Work!

Hi all,
Did you have a good weekend? I did, mostly.

While i was looking through pictures for what to post on instagram earlier this morning, i went past a couple of my 'shorts' pictures. I do love shorts and i wear them to work, for meetings and conferences, when i travel, to hang outs... Now i work in Media and Entertainment so it is fine in my case but not everyone can get away with wearing shorts to work, or school.

I wore this to host my Tosyns Buzz Live show at Pulse

Or can you?

Check out three things to note if you do want to rock shorts to work!

This has been one of my favourite pairings. This was for work at the radio station and then off to host TBL

1. Know your office culture
Some offices allow you wear anything any day, while others are more relaxed on Fridays only. Whatever it is, find out so that when you do rock those shorts, you are not also rocking your way into a suspension!

2. The length, colour and fabric choice matter
The truth with most clothes is, it is not just what they are called, but also how they are presented.
For the office or a more formal environment, look for longer shorts or culottes (a little above knee length), go for neutrals and darker colours like black and grey, and stay away from fabric like lycra!

This is re-rock chic right here, taking the shirt from one look and pairing with shorts from another for the #YoutubeNG training

But what is a Tosyn without her hat?

3. Pair them right!
What you wear WITH the shorts is just as important as the shorts too. Aim for a dressy top, white shirt, and jackets which are always great at turning anything including leggings, into office wear so a cute jacket would also work.
For shoes, if you go for flats, make it the less casual type, so a pair of brogues or loafers, and if you like heels, remember not too high.
Style your hair properly and use minimal accessories and you are good to go!

When the patterns clash but clash so well!

These are more short cullotes and i love how versatile they are

This is actually a play suit underneath the jacket but same effect. This was more for a night event though

Which of my 'shorts to work' look do you like the most?
A, B, C, D, E, F or G?
Vote below!









#REVIEW Casper and Gambinis' delivery service is my best experience so far!

Do you have a favourite place to order take aways from?

Sometimes i feel like ordering food is a 'my order is in Your Hands o Lord' type of gamble in Lagos because these are some of the experiences i have had (and don't like).
- Ordering at 2pm. Then at 4pm being told what i ordered was not available.
- Ordering from a restaurant i had eaten at before, only to find out their delivery food somehow lost taste and presentation in transit
- Getting my food (and the big bill), but no cutlery...

This is why, first time i ordered from Caspers & Gambini , i kept saying, "o my i should have done this sooner".

What i look for in a good delivery is
- the ease of ordering ( i ordered via HelloFood)
- politeness and punctuality
- well packaged meals
- food that looks AND tastes good

That is where Casper & Gambini shines.

My chicken wings and salad arrived in SEPARATE branded packaging. The order came with utensils, salt and napkins.

How did the food taste?
It was delicious! It was so delicious that i finished the salad at one sitting, and once i tasted one chicken wing, there was no saving anything for later.

I am going to order from them again for sure. By the way, while researching them, i saw that SisiYemmie had eaten at the restaurant twice before and she had done a  review


Do you know you can watch the NBA Team Africa .v. Team World game live courtesy Kwesé FREE Sports app

Africa’s most loved and only Free Sports channel, Kwes√© Free Sports, now has an app and you can stream Kwes√© Free Sports channel on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy tonight's NBA Africa Game in 2 simple steps!

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See? Easy and Simple.
If you do need some help, you can contact them on Facebook:
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Hashtags to use are  #NBAafrica #NBAAfricaGame #KweseNBA.

Team World .v. Team Africa game will be played at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Earlier this year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) had announced Kwesé Sports, as official partner of the NBA Africa Game 2017.

Other partners include, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, Castle Lite, General Electric, Solektra International, Marriott International and 947. The partner roster represents the most ever for the NBA in Africa.

Some of the NBA players to watch out for include Bismack Biyombo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Emmanuel Mudiay (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and CJ McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers).

By the way, do you know Thierry Henry is currently in South Africa for the game?

 Anyway, don't be left out; download and log into the new Kwes√© App and watch Live NBA action for free at the click of a button.

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ShopTosyn ReRock (ing) those blue shorts i bought randomly

When i first saw this pair of blue shorts at the store, i thought they looked odd. And yet i tried them on. And once i did, i couldn't take them off; practically left the store in them!
I had gone into the store to look for a dress by the way, so impulse buying anyone?

I am glad i bought them though because it has become a staple of my wardrobe and one of my most versatile buys.

The reason i love the shorts are because 1, they are blue which somehow helps it to pop other colours off, 2, they are very comfortable, and 3, they are shorts. I love shorts. They are the best fashion item after a good pair of jeans and shoes. Lol.

I have worn them a couple of times since i first got them- to work, for a casual dinner with friends, to the #YoutubeNG training and more but i will only show you 4 ways to style them here.

I wore this to host my weekly show on Pulse Nigeria, 'Tosyns Buzz Live'. 
This was about being comfy, and fun.

Here i kept a monochrome theme of blue and maroon.

You can see i love pairing this with white! For the #YoutubeNG training, i did a white shirt, and also a pair of white Tash shoes and my earrings.

Blue and Brown? Why not?!


Wednesdays are very special to me and I'm not sure why, maybe it's because I was born on Wednesday; But then again my heart isn't satisfied with that explanation so I'll just say I don't know why! I love Wednesdays and our WCW today has just has me ecstatic. So much knowledge and enthusiasm in one person. Folu Storms is an actor, host and and explorer. Enjoy!

1)      You’re an OAP and TV Presenter; is media/communication something you’ve always been passionate about?

FOLU: I guess I've always been passionate about communicating and being an advocate. I didn't know media was were I would end up as I'm a barrister and practiced the law for a short time before making the transition. I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and one day I realised media could help me do that in a way the law could not.

2)      How did you get the 'Storms' in your name?

FOLU: The "Storms" pseudonym was born out of a love for water and a fascination with Yoruba Mythology. The understanding that God is in nature and the power of the waters even through storms held a special attraction for me. I chose a name specifically for media that reflected that.

3)      What’s the weirdest/most unusual type of music you listen to?

FOLU: Haha I think people are surprised by my eclectic taste in music. I don't consider any music weird but it's surprising to some that I enjoy a bit of heavy metal, classical music (Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky are my personal favourites) I'm a big fan of cinematic type of music ( Think Josh Groban and Nigerian artists like Lindsey Abudei and Some Bemyoda). I love blues, and I can get down with country music too. Lol nothing is off limits...except maybe trance music... I'm not sure I'm really on that train yet.

4)      Tell us one thing about you that people aren’t usually quick to believe.

FOLU: I am afraid of heights and scared of flying. That one usually throws people off considering my lifestyle choices :-)

5)      What's one thing you hope to have achieved by the time you're 50?
FOLU: To have nurtured and raised my own loving and supportive family while attaining my career goals.

6)      What inspires you?

FOLU: Life. It sounds cheesy but I am inspired by life everyday, the surprises it brings. I don't have any two days that are the same and each day is an opportunity to learn from people around me and the successes and failures of that moment. I am most inspired by the many small moments which woven together form the gorgeous tapestry of our lives and I am committed to living out each moment with joy and gratitude so help me God.

7)      Anything on your mind this Wednesday?

FOLU: This Wednesday, giving is on my mind. "Givers never lack". Often, we take this to mean money but giving of yourself and your time and whatever it is you have that you can give at that moment could make all the difference to another. Give a smile. Give a joke. Give some old shoes, give advice. Give a little this Wednesday.

This was quite a long read, possibly the longest we've had on this segment but I learnt a lot and i'm definitely going to start giving more starting today! Oh I love Lindsey Abudei too. I should interview her. *fingers crossed.
Stay inspired!

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...