Don't you just love Mondays? lol If not for anything, at least for the fresh feeling it brings. I like to think of Mondays as life's way of presenting us with another opportunity to lead a better life so be sure to embrace today!

This Monday, who better to crush on than someone who has achieved several feats in the Nigerian Media industry.Our MCM is Nigerian radio and television personality, IK Osakioduwa. He's an OAP at Rythm FM and he has hosted renowned TV shows like The Voice Nigeria and Big Brother Africa. Despite scaling such great heights, he's still not stopping and at this point, I must mention how willing IK is to help aspiring media personalities get to the top. To this end, he hosts a free, mentorship program (The IK talks) quarterly, to help assist industry newbies.What's not to love about IK?

It is definitely a big honour to have him as our MCM. Enjoy and learn ;)

1)     You’ve hosted many of the biggest shows in Nigeria, how have you been able to distinguish yourself in the media industry?

Well when it comes down to it, I’d say it’s based on my work ethic. I work hard. I’m ready to put in the work required to get the job done excellently.

Many people want success but are not ready to put in the work required to achieve the success. Many people would like to be famous and successful on TV but how many of them are willing to work 18 hour days?

Also, I choose to keep it real at all times. I never get caught up in the hype. I choose to remain teachable and embrace criticism.

2)     You’re a radio personality, what do you love most about being on radio?
Being a Radio Presenter is great. I love how casual the job can be. You get to ride in people's cars on their way to and from work. You get to hang out with people while they cook, work, travel or simply lie in bed. You get to share opinions and views with people from all walks of life. And you can do all of that while dressed in jeans and a T Shirt.

Also, the guy on the radio is always considered a friend. Someone you can trust with your secrets. So we get to share and hear the deepest darkest secrets of people who listen to us. It feels great to be reposed with such trust.

3)     What’s your most favourite international TV (talk) show?

I really like Ellen DeGeneres. She feels like a radio presenter; casual, fun and easy to be with. I also like that she dances a lot and reserves the right to be totally random and not too regimented by a format.

4)     If you could change something in the Nigerian media industry, what would it be?

Oh! I would sanitize the industry a little bit. Right now, quite a number of people see the media industry as an escape from decent education. I don’t think that should be the case at all. So if I could change something, I’d remove all the people who are in media simply because they refuse to take on the rigour of other professions or education itself. And I’d leave only the people who are passionate about working in media. I’d leave only the guys who are willing to work hard.

I’d also remove everyone with a fake accent and bad English from TV and Radio. In truth, I don’t believe you should work in media if you can’t speak properly. And please don’t get me wrong, speaking properly does not mean speaking English. You can speak Yoruba, Hausa or any other language but speak properly. Don’t fake an accent. Don’t promote pretense.

5)     One quirky thing about you that people aren’t quick to believe is that…….?

I love to sit in my boxers while I watch TV at home. I’m a semi nudist. I think all my neighbours, friends and friend's spouses have seen me in my boxers. I just feel absolutely no need to dress up when I’m at home.

6)     What piece of advice will you give anyone trying to chase a career in the media industry?

Don’t get blinded by the lights. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of a showbiz career. But always remember that the word ‘showbiz’ is made up of two words: SHOW and BUSINESS. Be sure to be doing the business aspect effectively and you will ALWAYS have the SHOW element.

 If however, all you concern yourself with is the SHOW aspect (a.k.a “Doing it for The Gram”), you will quickly find yourself broke and unemployed.

You see, entertainment and media can be like sports. After the initial years of really hard work, it starts to pay you a lot better. But then how long is the career of the average sportsman. Most sporting careers are over before 40. Why? Because someone younger and fresher shows up. Similarly in media, younger and fresher people will show up. That’s why you have to understand the BUSINESS of media. That will be the investment that will protect you when you are not as fresh as the new kids. And that is what will ensure that you always get paid.

7)     What’s on your mind this Monday?

I don’t have a very typical “Monday Mind”. Very often I’m recuperating from a hectic working weekend, so I take Monday for myself. I make sure I cater to my own desires. So you would often find me watching movies on a Monday. But this Monday, I’m full of thought. I have a new TV show I’m working on. And getting TV shows right takes a great deal of planning. So that’s what’s on my mind right now.

Also I’m working on the radio, this evening, so I’m trying to plan my radio show for tonight.

That's it guys!
Stay inspired



Waaaaasssssuuuup guys!

When I type like that, you know I'm on another level of 'happy'. Our WCW is someone whose work I'm completely obsessed with. I admire her work ethic and I'm amazed at how little she has achieve in such a short time and at at such a young age. She's a Disc Jockey (DJ), singer and producer.
Our WCW is the beautiful Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, You'll know her as DJ CUPPY. This interview is definitely a fun one to read.
Enjoy  ;)

1) You’re a DJ, what do you love most about the career path you’ve chosen for yourself?
DJ CUPPY: That has to be pleasing the crowd and making people feel good through music, I mean, Djing is so powerful! Furthermore, I get to do what I love which so many people struggle to achieve. I always say, find a job you love and never ever work a day in your life. I feel so productive and fulfilled, truly God’s plan!

2) What’s one quirky thing about you that people aren’t quick to believe?
DJ CUPPY: I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) meaning I am really particular about things. Whilst this can be great, it can also have its disadvantages, when things aren’t close to perfect, I get thrown off. I think my managers think I’m a little crazy. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m human and things can’t always go my way. 

3)  You got your name DJ CUPPY from cupcakes- if that name had been taken, what would you have used?
DJ CUPPY: Such an interesting question! I used to be called DJ Cupcake actually, back when I was 16. I mean, people used to call me Cups, Cupstar, Cuppito, etc… So if ‘CUPPY” had been taken, I would have chosen from the other options, people used to call me ‘OTEDDY’ from my surname. Thank Goodness Cuppy wasn’t taken, LOL. Phew!

4)     One thing you love to do outside of work is?
DJ CUPPY: When I have free time if I’m not travelling, I’m usually trying out restaurants. I am SUCH a foodie. I can’t lie, eating makes me happy. Hence my weight fluctuates a lot. I really want to get into cooking properly I just need to find time, maybe once I’m done conquering the world. Cuppy takes the kitchen REAL soon!

5)   What keeps you inspired during low days?
DJ CUPPY: I love seeing other young people who are doing something totally different than what I’m doing. It inspires me to want to learn more and keep pushing. We’re all aspirational youths trying to fulfill our dreams in our different fields… I definitely feel like there’s a new wave of young Africans ready to change the continent. 

6)     Do you imagine yourself being successful in another career path asides DJ/Music? If yes what is it?
DJ CUPPY: Definitely yes! Because aside being a DJ/Artiste I am a business woman. I have 2 degrees; one from King’s College London and the other from New York university. At 21 years old, I established a management company called Red Velvet Music Group with several entrepreneural ambitions which I still plan to fulfill outside Djing. 

7)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively?
DJ CUPPY: I say this to myself all the time “Cuppy keep chasing your dreams, inspiring others, changing the rules”. 5 years ago when I was 20, I certainly would have been doubting myself asking questions about if I was going in the right direction and if I had what it took. Being where I am now, I would encourage myself to keep pushing. 

8)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
DJ CUPPY: This Wednesday I’ll be in New York doing press rounds promoting my sophomore single ‘Vybe’, then rushing back home to Lagos in the evening for a show. I am always on the move, literally. #CuppyOnAMission

 That's it guys!
Continue to stay inspired ;)




Hope we're all doing very well? Today seems like such a chill day and I know the week is going to be super productive for us! One name that has always fascinated me in the music industry is 'Sess the problem kid' and seeing that I'm low-key a sucker for good beats and rap music, I was quick to realise that Sess actually has some really unique beats. Take time out to listen to many of Falz songs,you'll understand what I mean.

Anyway, the talented Artiste and Producer is our MCM today. Ladies and gentle men, I present to you Salami Oluwasesan Abass AKA Sess, the problem kid!

Hi Sess!

1)         So how did your career in beat making begin, what’s the story?

SESS: Music production for me was simply out of necessity. I started out as an artist (Still is) , but I began to make beats for myself because I couldn’t afford to buy. Somewhere along the line , I figured I was pretty good at it! However , Professionally, I (together with my business partner) , decided to start out as a producer because we believed it was strategically a better move at that period in time . I’m definitely excited about the next step of my career , which is showing off my artist side .

2)         You’re also an artiste, who is one person you’d really love
to work with? 
SESS: As an artiste I would really like to work with Chris Brown

3)         If anybody had told you years ago that you’d make money
from making beats, you would say…… (and why)

SESS: To be honest , money was never really the MAIN motivation for me. Don’t get me wrong , of course I wanted to make money off music, but at that time , it was mainly just getting heard and simply creating . That was my priority. So my answer then would have been  “Oh cool” lol .

4)         How do you get inspired to make your beats?

SESS: Music is very personal for me and it’s an expression of my feelings and emotion. So for me to create, I need to understand how I feel and recreate that into sounds . I think that’s why my music is always different and “weird”

5)         What's something you love to do outside of work?
SESS: Nothing really lol . For me work is hobby. And I rarely go out . So maybe Computer Games and some reading. I’m actually thinking of joining a martial art class soon.

6)         What's something about you people aren’t usually quick to believe?
 People find it hard to believe I’m a lawyer and that I practiced for a while before going into music.

7)        What piece of advice to someone trying to make it in the Entertainment industry?

SESS: You have to do the work. There are no shortcuts. Believe in your magic and work very hard and smart. Keep getting better . The world needs your magic . 

8)         What’s on your mind this Monday?
SESS: My album.. That’s what’s on my mind . It’s almost ready and I just can’t wait for the world to listen to it!!! 

That's it guys!
Enjoy ;)

PS: You can check out some of his free beats here: He's a (musical) beast!


3 Tips for Looking Great at any Age

Hello fam,
How has your week been?

On one of my shows this week, I asked people if they dress younger or older than their age. Most said younger and I think that is true for most people.

It does not matter how old you are though, you can always look great and hone your personal style.
Here's how.

* Invest in Classic pieces
A jacket, jeans, the little black dress...  There are things that never go nor grow out of style.

* Mind your Fit, Length And Size
If your clothes are ill-fitting, it will age you, and if you are not careful with certain lengths and shapes you will just look like you're trying too hard.

* Shoes are always in!
When it comes to shoes, thankfully, the rule is if you can, you should!



Hi people, It's that time again; where we go through  some of the biggest lessons we've learnt from the amazing woman-crushes we've had on the blog. Powerful women with so much wisdom oozing out of their interviews, I just had to put them into one awesome post which I hope that you'll  enjoy!

Of course, these are their exact words, not mine ;)

KELECHI MGBEMENA: Discover Yourself, go on a journey with Yourself and in the process master Yourself” -kelechi Mgbemena

LAPE ASEKUN:   I've learned that you can't do it alone you need a team of people who believe in what you're doing and are ready to put in efforts to make it a success.

PELUMI SHITTU:  Never compare yourself with anybody. Situations change in an instance. Discover yourself and walk in that don’t focus solely on school and it’s assignment. Have fun, live a little, go to more places and just be young.

DAMI ELEBE: To my 20 year old self, get up and be responsible.
To my 50 year old self, you only live once... Do it Jare!

TOMI ADESINA:  A lot of us live in fear - fear of the unknown and we're just so afraid to jump because we're afraid that we'd fall, but there's also the tendency that we'd fly.

WADI BEN-HIRKI: “Stories will be told about the heroes of your generation. Make sure you’re one of them” – Wadi Ben-Hirki


  •  Don’t do it because everyone is doing it.
  • Find what is unique about you and stick to it
  • Have a technology that can help you tell your story right.

That's it guys!
Stay Inspired.



Happy Monday Fellaz. It's a great new week and you should be excited for the new opportunities, new blessings and most importantly, a chance to start fresh.

Today we are crushing on the handsome Timini Egbuson. He's an extraordinary actor, TV Host and soon to be Interior decorator (You saw it first here lol). He's fast creating a legacy in the media industry and you may have seen him on renowned TV series Tinsel, Skinny Girl in Transit, MTV's Shuga and many others. 
If your day hasn't been going well, count on this interview to brighten up your day. I'm still smiling as I type this too.  Can your MCM ever?
 I don't think so ;)

A spicy interview with a Spicy man *winks. Enjoy ;)

1)      You’re an actor and a TV Presenter, are there any other careers you may be adding to your portfolio anytime soon? 

TIMINI: I consider myself a creative and as a result there’s a million different things I feel like I can contribute to in order for me to be fully fulfilled. As a result, there’s really no where I can’t pitch my tatent. I’ve worked as a sales and marketing executive and very soon I’m going to introduce the public to Timini the interior designer. I keep surprising myself. 

2)      Tell us about one of your most inspiring moments?(what happened and why it inspires you)

TIMINI: Getting a role in MTV Shuga was very inspiring for me
Because it happened at a time when I was very unsure about what I wanted to do with my life. I asked God to show me a sign and it took him about a week. The role has gone on to open up countless doors and opportunities for me. 

3)      One Hollywood movie you wish you had acted in and the role you would have liked to play.

TIMINI: Would have loved to play the male lead role in the movie GET OUT. Daniel Kaluuya did an amazing job interpreting the role.

4)      If you could exchange bodies with any actor, it’ll be who?

TIMINI: Exchange bodies ke? These other actors wish they had my body. Lol 

5)     One mantra you live by?

TIMINI: I'm the king of Mantras, really depends on my mood. For this interview : “It’s tough to be let down when you don’t have any expectations, nobody owes you shit”

6) A fun day for you would include:

TIMINI: Great conversations with people I love and good wine. 

7))      If you could change something in the media industry with a switch, what would it be?

TIMINI: The unhealthy silent competitive nature. There’s space for all of us to shine and we can achieve more if we all
Just come together collectively.

8)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

TIMINI: 10 pounds is 5000 Naira. *Crying*

LOL. This was fun!
Stay inspired,


3 Ways to Make Red Carpet Looks work for your Every Day Style

Ever seen a cool look on the Red Carpet and absolutely wanted to recreate it?
You can!
You can look red carpet ready whether for work, school, or a date by following these 3 steps.

. Shop for Less
Usually after a Red Carpet event, stores and designers will recreate some of the trending or best looks for less. 
You can also create these looks yourself with items you already own.

. Colours or Black!
One thing that helps is reaching out for colour!
Be careful not to overdo it.  Pick one colour and work with it and remember to do like the stars do- keep the drama simple!

. Tone it Down
A big thing to look out for when styling down, is to tone things down!
Red Carpet events are typically hosted at night and are of course spaced out so of course people will go all out with what they decide to wear.
Instead of a floor length gown, why not go for something that stops at the knees?
Instead of a dress, revamp the look by throwing jeans on instead, finally, easy with the accessorising and fabrics or shine.

I hope these tips help!


Hey ladies and gentlemen, it's another beautiful Wednesday, isn't it?

Today we are crushing on the amazing Dami Elebe. She's an OAP at Beat FM and a scriptwriter-She writes renowned Ndani TV series: 'Skinny Girl in Transit' (I'm such a huge fan by the way)  and 'Rumour has it'. I had a chat with her to pick her brain a little. Enjoy !

Hi Dami!

1) You are a radio personality at Beat FM; how did radio begin for you?

DAMI: While I was in school, we had this class "Internship II" where we had to go for media excursions to different types of media houses. I took one of my own and stopped at a radio station. To see how relaxed they were, doing the one thing they love was amazing. You just needed your voice and wit as a skill. So when I came back to Nigeria, that was what I wanted to do and three months in, I got the job. The rest is history.

2) You’re also an amazing scriptwriter; something you’ll love to write about but haven’t yet done is?
DAMI: Wow. I don't think I'll be able to answer this question and remain here. There are so many things I'd love to write about. For now, let me pick a big budget, definitely blockbuster superhero movie.

3) What is your routine like whenever you have a writing project?
DAMI: It really depends on how I feel and a flow. My routine is to not have a routine you cannot change depending on the mood. I just have to get into the head space and we move.

4) How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?
DAMI: Watching TV. I've also noticed that when I go out, I observe people a lot hoping for some weird kind of drama I can use.

5) If you could say something to your '20-year old' and '50-year old' self respectively, you'd say?
DAMI: To my 20 year old self, get up and be responsible.
To my 50 year old self, you only live once... Do it Jare!

6) Who’s your favourite (female) scriptwriter and why?
DAMI: I don't have one. It truly varies from moment to moment. At this moment, myself.

7) What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
DAMI: I have a deadline I need to meet but I'm here instead. I must love you.

LOL. That's it guys!
Stay inspired,


How Staying in the Moment can Hurt

If there's one thing we may not do well, it's this staying in the moment thing.
The idea is to be present in the moment you're in and not worry about what's coming an hour later or bothered by what happened an hour before.

Now that's sound advice.  It's great advice people!  Stay in the moment.

There's a balance needed.

Ever gone for a party and eaten everything on offer then had to battle a stomach ache all night long?

We may forget that things we do, say and eat (or not do, say and eat)  have an effect on us; effects we may not notice till later.  Like how not sitting properly when we were younger means battling back problems now or road rage biting us in the behind later.

Living in the moment is great but be sure to make your present full of benefits.
What do you think?



Hi Fellaz, it's that time again; where I compile biggest lessons I've learnt from the various man crushes I've interviewed here. It's always amazing how much knowledge you discover people have when you dig deep. Over the past few weeks, we've had some amazing people from different walks of life dish out interesting pieces of advice which I have now compiled into one awesome piece.  Enjoy!
PS: These are their exact words (not mine ;)


"The biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far is never to let people talk you out of your ideas or discourage you based on their inability to see potential. And then if you don’t do it, someone else does it."


Be original and be yourself, start with what you have


 Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! I cannot emphasize this enough! Understand the basics very well. No one is an island..Learn from others...You will pick up a thing or two.


"No be who start first dey finish fresh"
A.k.a Trust the process

Well, the secret and beauty of life is always finding a balance.. some sort of equilibrium between whatever two activities you’ve decided to delve into...

Relax, just Relax.

That's it guys!
Stay Inspired

PS: If there's anyone you'll like to see on the blog, comment below. We just might be able to do something about it.



Waaaaaaaaaaaaaasup guys (Don't you just hate it when people type like that lol)
I know everytime there is an interview, I always say I am super excited and it's always genuinely true. These interviews have me on cloud 9 and if there's a tenth cloud, you can be sure our WCW today has me on it.
She's a Youtube blogger, beaty influencer and a digital marketer. I like that she has a warm personality and she was so open in this interview. As usual, lots of wisdom balls packed up in a short read. I'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as I did. Ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful Kelechi Mgbemena...

1)      How did makeup/ YouTube begin for you?

KELECHI: I used to watch my sister do her make up growing up, and I am really patient because I would spend hours practicing what I taught looked intriguing.
I started for fun, more or less like a hobby, after watching several YouTube gurus’ (the likes of Jenny Jenkins, Isoken, Jackie Aina, Dimma Umeh, Iamdodos etc) creating tutorials on how to draw eyebrows, apply eyeshadow, and all other beauty related topics, I thought to myself, it looks easy (which I am realizing is not so easy).
I got my phone, researched on How to record videos using you phone, got a cheap phone stand (because I wasn’t going to waste my money on something I wasn’t yet sure of), and at that point I was feeling really funky with myself, lol, like I was ready to take over the world, and I kicked off, I started recording, and since then, it has been hard to stop.

2)      In your opinion, what 3 things are necessary for success on Youtube? 

 KELECHI:YouTube like I would say is a world on its own, with its own struggle and rewards, there are no strict rules that would guarantee success but only tips that would guide you in your own path to achieving success. Personally, I would like to think that the top three criteria would be: Consistency, Originality and Creativity.

Firstly, Consistency: You have to be consistent with the type of content you put out as well as the quality of content, the more content you have out there the more chances you have in increasing your visibility and ultimately achieving success.

Secondly, originality; You have to be YOU. Everyone talks about this, but most times it feels like people who listen still don’t get the importance of this. Your DNA is unique, it means you are unique and you have something unique that only you can give. If you can only speak Igbo, that's fine, there is no need to fake the English, because you already have an untapped market segment that you can appeal to. If you are from Nigeria don’t try and sound like you are from Jamaica, be Nigerian.  If you like to keep a straight face while talking, then do that, from the beginning. It could all be confusing, because when you stop faking after your first 5 videos people would notice it, so be upfront, be original, be 100% YOU, it is called YOUtube for a reason, it’s your world so show us YOU and not someone else.

Thirdly, Creativity; Asides from being yourself, creativity is key, and the good thing is that no one can really see what is going on in your head except for you, so no one has your ‘creativity’ and no one can steal it. Those crazy ‘thoughts and ideas’ that keep popping up in your head and your ability to express them in the most exciting way is simply put as you being creative. Everyone is creative but you need to also work on how you deliver it to your audience.
Try new things, experiment, also be creative with your content and your thumbnails.

3)      What do you love most about your work?  

KELECHI: This is weird but I love the fact that it makes me feel like I am 10 times younger, creating content and playing with creativity for me feels like I am a kid in a toy store with no parental guidance or restriction, like I could just go wild and play with all the toys, fixing pieces together, role playing, experimenting, trying out how things work. 
I love that I am able to be myself and to express myself in my own way, with a lot of options to choose from, no rules holding back your willingness to express yourself, most especially, I love that it's something that gives me joy.

4)       If you could be a make-up product, you’d be what? 

KELECHI: My first thought was “HIGLIGHTER” Lol.. honestly I love the fact that it illuminates a lot of people’s faces when they apply it, you can literally see the “OMG! WOW!” expression on their faces when they apply the first layer on, and there is no greater joy than knowing that as a makeup product, you just did that, You glowed up someone’s day.

but giving it a second though I might have to go with ‘“CLEAR/NEUTRAL GLOSS” these have been with us wayyyyyyy before the evolution of highlighters, and if you are a makeup lover you would know the versatility of clear/neutral glosses; they are perfect for HARMATAN, perfect for that “NO makeup-just gloss’ look, perfect for a full glam look, also perfect for transforming a matte lipstick into a sheer lipstick, and can be used to create a glossy lid makeup look as well. I mean the list goes on, this product is very simple and basic, yet very complex and sophisticated, and who doesn’t like that?

5)        What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? 

KELECHI: The best piece of advice I have ever received was actually in form of a question, which I had rephrased into a statement. My mom once asked ‘Do you want money to be your master or do you want to be the master of money?’. I could swear I had heard that before, but hearing it that day change my perspective about life, because I uses to be solely concerned about money making, because that's what our society taught us and how we grew up. I mean after spending years in school, you should be making the big box when you are done yeah?
Honestly, I wouldn’t lie, that used to be my ultimate goal, and it is not a bad thing but hearing that question/statement change my orientation. So now I am chasing something greater and in the process learning how to be the ‘master of money’.

6)      If you could advice someone chasing their dreams out there now, you'd tell them to: 

KELECHI: Discover Yourself, go on a journey with Yourself and in the process master Yourself” by kelechi

What I mean by this is that you should;
1. Discover yourself (know exactly what you like and don’t like, find out what gives you joy or make you happy)

2. Go on a journey with yourself, (Find out if that is what you love, just how much you love it, break some rules, try out new things, learn new things)

3. And in the process master yourself (be good at those things you have discovered, in fact be great, be the best and then watch the money roll in).

The reason I am focusing on ‘Yourself/You’ is because; in your journey, there would be hindrances, and those hindrances would mostly likely be people telling you what you can or cannot be or achieve, so IGNORE, and focus on Yourself, life is too short to be living it for anyone asides for you and God and NEVER GIVE UP, no matter how hard it may seem at that moment, know that it is just a phase, because nothing great ever comes easy.

And once in a while, this one I thing is really important HAVE SOME ICECREAM lol. Take a break sometimes, appreciate yourself and all your efforts.

7)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

KELECHI: Hmmmm… currently, as I am typing? I would have to say FOOD, lol.. thinking of what to eat before I actually finish typing, I think I just talked about icecream, so that is also on my mind…lol.

Don't FORGET to check Kelechi out on Youtube

That's it guys!
Stay inspired!



Happy Easter!!
Hope y'all are enjoying your holidays. In the spirit of peace and relaxation (chilling, if you are), we are chatting with a chef today. What other way to relax than to eat good food and who better to talk to about good food than a chef?

Our MCM is  Ladipo Ayodeji AKA Chef Dee. Enjoy ;)

Hi Chef Dee! ;)

1)     You’re a chef, please tell us how cooking (professionally) began for you, what’s the story?
CHEF DEE: I have always wanted to be a voice and never a noise in my life , doing something that will touch the world and allow me the opportunity to serve humanity in the best way I can . Cooking has always been a major part of my life that nobody can take away from me but it was not until 2017 before I declared my ultimate passion for cooking. I left every other thing I was doing, took a class to expand my horizon about the food culture and the business structure of food.

2)     What’s your most favourite meal to cook?

CHEF DEE: My favorite food from my state which is OFADA RICE ..... This is one food I can never get tired of and I make different twists to make it extra palatable ..

3)     What’s your most favourite meal to eat?
CHEF DEE:  Ofada rice and Ayamashe sauce

4)     Please tell us one big challenge you’ve faced in your career and you handled it?

CHEF DEE: The biggest challenge I have faced so far was hosting a premium event in the first year of my business. I have always been a conceptual minded person and I love planning events, so I had a home cookout in the middle of the year  for my birthday and the turnout was great. Many friends began to ask for another food engagement. I finally made my decision at the end of September to plan a cookout for the first week of December- a premium event-something I had never done before . I went around for sponsorship requests but many of the companies advised me to go ahead and come back after a successful event. I had very little resources so I had two options-to wait for another year to plan better or take the first step and grow regardless of the result and consequences. I took the business risk, went all out to plan the first FOOD CAROL event at the Bics garden lekki with top celebrities and great personalities in attendance and it was successful

5)     What are your top 3 tips for aspiring chefs?

CHEF DEE: BE EXTREMELY PASSIONATE - you have to be extremely passionate about cooking because the best meals come from the love in your heart.
CONCENTRATION- a simple mistake in the kitchen will destroy all your hardwork and can even get a whole house burnt , you need to have 100% concentration when you are in the kitchen .
SERVICE TO HUMANITY ; Cooking for the happiness of other people is a service to humanity, you are more like a soldier who is ready to die for his nation .

6)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
 CHEF DEE:I haven't gotten over the Billionaire's wedding that held in Lagos two weeks ago , I think it's a dream of every chef to serve the kings and queens as well as the noble men of the world  , I am working very hard so I will also have my opportunity  to serve in the midst of the great men of my  generation. There's a joy that comes with eating good food , that joy can change the world for good !!!

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