Hi people, It's that time again; where we go through  some of the biggest lessons we've learnt from the amazing woman-crushes we've had on the blog. Powerful women with so much wisdom oozing out of their interviews, I just had to put them into one awesome post which I hope that you'll  enjoy!

Of course, these are their exact words, not mine ;)

KELECHI MGBEMENA: Discover Yourself, go on a journey with Yourself and in the process master Yourself” -kelechi Mgbemena

LAPE ASEKUN:   I've learned that you can't do it alone you need a team of people who believe in what you're doing and are ready to put in efforts to make it a success.

PELUMI SHITTU:  Never compare yourself with anybody. Situations change in an instance. Discover yourself and walk in that don’t focus solely on school and it’s assignment. Have fun, live a little, go to more places and just be young.

DAMI ELEBE: To my 20 year old self, get up and be responsible.
To my 50 year old self, you only live once... Do it Jare!

TOMI ADESINA:  A lot of us live in fear - fear of the unknown and we're just so afraid to jump because we're afraid that we'd fall, but there's also the tendency that we'd fly.

WADI BEN-HIRKI: “Stories will be told about the heroes of your generation. Make sure you’re one of them” – Wadi Ben-Hirki


  •  Don’t do it because everyone is doing it.
  • Find what is unique about you and stick to it
  • Have a technology that can help you tell your story right.

That's it guys!
Stay Inspired.

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