Hi there, you've probably heard the phrase 'omo re bi custard, you are not a bastard' one too many times. But do you know who coined it? Wonder no more, because he's our MCM for today. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you Olu Salako popularly known as 'SLK'

He's a writer, stand-up comedian, MC, and Actor! whew. Lets hear from him:


1)      You are great with puns, a very rare and beautiful talent, how did you discover it?

Well, I got that from secondary school. We used to call it dry cracks. It used to annoy people then but I loved it. Over time, I discovered that I had a knack for words; Learning words and twisting them.

2)      What’s been the most inspirational thing to have ever happened to you?

The days I watched Chris Rock and Bovi. Something strange happened to me. I can only call it an epiphany. Like wow. I can't explain it. But it sparked up a fire that has not been put out since then.

3)      If you could change something in the world with the flip of a switch, what would it be?

I will switch off the quest for money making by all means. Switch to honesty and doing the right things

4)      What do you do for fun?

Watch football, play football games. Listen to live music. Listen to 2face.

5)    Which comedians do you look up to?

Alibaba, Bovi, Chris Rock and Trevor Noah (Fantastic Four)

Stay Inspired!

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