WCW: Tallulah is the new kid on the block

A new face on the 'Moments' brand on Ebonylife TV, Tallulah is living her dream! We chatted with her and we were so pleased that she had a lot to say. Tallulah shares what it's like being a co-host on the show while snagging in what she'll usually be causgh wearing when she's not in front of the camera. Enjoy.

Tolu Doherty AKA Tallulah is a presenter, producer, entrepreneur and our WOMAN CRUSH for today.

Hello Tolu!

1) Your name Tallulah is such a funky name, how did you get it?
 At school, I always had a bunch of nicknames no one ever called me my real name Tolu lol! And Tallulah is the one that stuck. It comes from the musical "Bugsy Malone" the main character is called Tallulah and she's gorgeous and glamorous so as a gangly 12 year old with braces, I was like yes bring it on"My name is Tallulah!".

2) You are a new co-host on the ‘Moments’ show. What’s it like co-hosting with Bolanle and Toke and how did you feel the moment you got the job?

Toke and Bolanle are a joy to work with. I was definitely nervous the first day on set but I know them both socially so that helped and I love the fact that they wanted us all to shine they made me comfortable in every way and it has truly been a fabulous experience all the way. I've been part of the Ebonylifetv family for a while now as I hosted the show "Wardrobe Diaries" and am also a host on "VVIP Events" but getting the call that I'd been picked as the new co-host on Moments was a life changing experience. What made it even better was that I'd been having a bad day, you know one of those days we all have where we question ourselves, our abilities and start asking big existential questions - so getting that phone call on that type of day really blew my mind and made me so appreciative of the fact that I get to do what I love as a profession.

3) You are quite stylish, however, if you’re going somewhere around or devoid of public eyes, what are you throwing on?

My everyday staple is a midi body con dress and cute bag with sandals or jeans and an embellished tank top paired with cute earrings and a dope pair of sunglasses. I like to be comfortable but  also like
 to be able to transition from day to night easily as due to the nature of my job I may need to be at an event at short notice. So I always have a few pairs of pretty heels in my car to choose from. My preferred brands are Jimmy Choo and Prada for designer and for high street I love River Island and Topshop shoes.

4) If you could appear on any talk show internationally as a guest or host, what show would that be?

Oh wow! That's a difficult one. As a host It would be "The Real" those girls look like they're having so much fun and I love all the different personalities. Also Adrienne is my bff in my head so co-hosting with her would I'm sure be a blast. As a guest, though its now defunct it would be The Oprah Show because I love the way that Oprah is so skilled as an interviewer that she has the ability to make her interviewees open up and share things they didn't intend to. Like when Tom Cruise jumped on the couch and all those other iconic Oprah show moments. Also she hugely influenced me growing up I loved the way she could connect with people across all barriers - age, race, gender etc.

5) What piece of advice do you wish you had received 5 years ago?

To feed my focus and starve my distractions. I think often times we get distracted by minor things that should be ignored. And also you're not a tree if you're not happy, move. It's that simple. Life is to be lived and enjoyed not suffered through. Work on your goals daily, surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, want to see you win and make you laugh - laughter is very important to me. And finally Carpe Diem - Seize the day!
Thank you

This was such an amazing interview. Hope you enjoyed it and learnt a few things too.

Stay inspired!

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