Hi peeps! It's another beautiful Wednesday; is it me or Wednesdays are just usually awesome? LOL. Today, our Woman Crush is a presenter, Vlogger and  film maker -A power woman in progress-Oh Yes she's the second Adenike we are having on the WCW segment. You can read up on the other Adenike HERE. Enjoy!

Adenike O, Adebayo

Hi Adenike!

1) You've been running your YouTube show, 'the screening room' for quite a while, what's the best opportunity that the show has made available to you and how did you feel when you got the opportunity?

I was invited to a part of the panelists for Nollywood Movies Awards in 2014. And though I was based in the States at that time, I was sponsored to come to Lagos for the awards and it was an amazing experience. They found me through my YouTube channel. That opportunity opened a lot of doors for me.

2) What's your favorite thing to do in the world?

Watch movies!!! Binge Watching series. Sometimes I think I'm strange because I can watch movies nonstop.

3) how do you calm your nerves when you're about to take on a nerve wrecking project.

I pray and remember God's promises and his word for my life. I reassure myself in the word of God. It always lifts my spirit.

4) if you could be anyone in the world, (aside yourself) who would you be?

I have never thought of this really. There are people whoses lives I admire... Maybe Michelle Obama.. (people do say I look like her)

5) It's Wednesday, tell us what's one piece of advice that you hold dear to your heart?

After relocating to Lagos from the States, one of the best pieces of advice I got was from a friend. He said 'in order for you to succeed in this country, you'll have to be blind to a lot of things... The traffic, weather etc.. Just focus on your goal...'

Thank you
Stay Inspired!

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