Hi everyone, it's Wednesday (and my birthday too *winks) and I'm super excited, but that's not why you are here, is it? lol. On monday, we had a recap of our June men crushes and of course today, we'll be doing so for all the amazing women we've crushed on so far. Enjoy outstanding quotes/facts from each of them ;)

If you read Tallulah's interview, you'd know that she had a lot to say. My favourite lines from her would have to be these -...feed my focus and starve my distractions. I think often times we get distracted by minor things that should be ignored. And also you're not a tree if you're not happy, move. It's that simple. Life is to be lived and enjoyed not suffered through. Work on your goals daily, surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, want to see you win and make you laugh - laughter is very important to me. And finally Carpe Diem - Seize the day!

Clay definitely has a lot of depth. Here's my favourite  from her -A lot kids out there, live the social media. They see and copy. Totally forgetting to do 'themselves '; Absolutely ignoring the fact that half the stuff in the media is bogus. And really the beauty in the world, is the difference in everyone, our particular individuality. Being yourself.

Adenike is one person that sets out to make everyone around her comfortable. The most interesting fact about her would have to be this -I love to watch movies!!! Binge Watching series. Sometimes I think I'm strange because I can watch movies nonstop. Little wonder her YouTube channel is about reviewing movies.

I asked Jane about how her life has changed since she came into limelight. I honestly thought she'd say something about too much paparazzi or 'yes-men'. lol but the reverse was the case. Here's what she said -Being in the spotlight has changed my life completely, improved my self-confidence and expanded my capacity. Being in the spotlight has put upon me the pressure to succeed and stay succeeding, then there is of course, the pressure not to let down those who constantly support me and my journey. I would generally say that although the spotlight comes with some rewards, it does have its difficult sides

Adenike is inspiration herself. One profound statement she made that has stuck with me for a while would have to be this-  I honestly don't seek the praises of men, I have heard how detrimental that can be.

One fact that still strikes me about Niniola would be summed up in her statement - ...I am an introvert.Who would have thought?

That's it peeps! more amazing interviews next week.  

Stay Inspired.

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