WCW : She's the CLAY moulding ROCK

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! Let's start off today with a quick story. I once heard a cover of Korede Bello's song 'Godwin' and boy was I amazed! I thought with chills down my spine, who on earth is this? By chance, the OAP who had played this song mentioned something that sounded like Clay. So I went on the internet to find out who this CLAY was, only to discover that she was and still is a rock star in her own league. Ever since then, she has never disappointed.  Listen to her once and you'll have her on repeat. I promise you.

Clay is a 'freaking godessa' of course she has to be our WCW

1) Your latest song 'O Chukwu' has a unique message of self love, why that message?
A lot kids out there, live the social media. They see and copy. Totally forgetting to do 'themselves '; Absolutely ignoring the fact that half the stuff in the media is bogus. And really the beauty in the world, is the difference in everyone, our particularly individuality. Being yourself.

2) You are known for the rock genre, will you describe your love for rock as intentional or accidental?
Based on the categories above, I would say it's both. Accidental because I can't really define why this is my preferred genre of music and I totally didn't decide to love Rock, it just happened. It's intentional because I realized my love for this beautiful genre, and made a firm decision to do and definitely see it through.

3) You're one person many people see as real, because you say things as they are. Tell us an unpopular belief that you have?
Society is a dictator, Society is the problem of the world, society ruin(ed) us. Society is as bad as global warming.

 4)  If you could live life with only one thing in the world, what would it would it be?
Food of course...  
Maybe contentment, if you're content then nothing else matters much.

5) Who is your WCW and why?

The awesome and amazing Gal Gadot
Why? She's an absolute wonder (woman)lol.

Stay inspired!

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