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Let's get straight to Wednesday's business! *winks. I can't remember how I got to know her but our woman crush today has been on my radar for a long time. She's a fashion stylist who has worked with celebrities like Tiwa savage, Yemi Alade, Toolz and many more. Oh, I am absolutely in love with her name too; its Jane Michael Ekanem. My short chat with her can be explained in one word- amazing! Enjoy!

Jane Michael Ekanem

Hi Jane,

1)     Let's throwback a little, What were you doing at the point when you were told you would be the official stylist for MTN Project fame, and how did you feel?

JANE: I was chosen as the official stylist for the FEMALE contestants and the female host for the show. At that time, I had a mobile boutique, selling clothes from office to office; so it is apt to say that was a major break for me. How did I feel? Exhilarated. I was over-the-moon kind of delighted, yet I was nervous as well you see, because it was a challenge and I was not expected to fail. It was a ‘to whom much is given…’ situation for me.

2)      In what ways has your life changed since you came into spotlight?

JANE: Being in the spotlight has changed my life completely, improved my self-confidence and expanded my capacity. Being in the spotlight has put upon me the pressure to succeed and stay succeeding, then there is of course, the pressure not to let down those who constantly support me and my journey. I would generally say that although the spotlight comes with some rewards, it does have its difficult sides.

3)      If you could be an outfit, what would the ensemble look like?

JANE: If I could be an outfit, I would be a Jane Michael Collection’s white shirt, black skirt with black patent pointy heels ensemble.

4)      What’s your favourite thing to do, outside of work and ‘riding’ of course lol?

JANE: Driving fast cars, you didn’t know that, did you? (smiles & wiggles eyebrows)

5)      Who’s your WCW today and why?

JANE: My mom. She is a two-time survivor of really difficult surgeries, a brain surgery and leg surgery. She is my perfect example of a strong woman who keeps taking life in stride.

If you'd like to find out more about her check HERE

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