#Beauty When it comes to Personal .v. MUA beat, the difference is clear

Yesterday i had an event in the evening but my booked make up artiste thought i was booking her for Saturday which meant by the time i called to find out where she was, she was nowhere close and i was basically stranded.
My options were, Scream and hide, Try to book someone else and miss the event or Try to do some kind of fake 'beat' and still show up.
To be honest, between Lamide Akintobi and Mr A, number 1 was out. It was down to 3.

Now i have some make up products and girl was born cute so i can do the basics but everyone knows when you go for an upscale event, the beat has to be more than the everyday look.
Between never being able to get my eyebrows right (one always looks like i fought with a puppy and the puppy won), not having all the products and brushes they have (i really am a basic powder and foundation type of girl), and not being able to see a thing when i take my glasses off, i have given up on learning to beat my face like a pro.

This is me 'beating' my face. I hate it. lol

Nevertheless i began.
First, the primer.
Then some foundation.
Eyebrows. And yes, one was nice and big while the other was pathetic and looked like it was on a diet.
More foundation because my skin swallows everything and it always looks like i didn't put any one.
And i was done.

Now Lamide and Mr A swore it was great but they love me so can we really trust them? Uhn? Uhn??


I love professional 'beats'.


#TomboyChic The baggy top trend

Hi guys,
I s.h.a.r.ed a picture of me wearing an oversized t shirt on Instagram the other day and i got quite a number of people asking about it.

When you are a short / small person like i am, getting a tshirt as a gift is always a gamble as most people send large or at best, medium. A medium tee for me is almost a dress so instead of fighting it, when i get a tee i like like the one pictured above, i just wear it.

You can get away with the oversized top look if you follow the where and how.

WHERE: This is obviously not the look for class or an important meeting. It is a look that can be casual or trendy. For example, i rocked this dashiki to Day 2 of a YouTube training.

HOW: You can wear the top on its own with a belt, or pair with shorts. 

Instagram: @jeamyblessed

Flat shoes complete the look for me but if want to go all out, i ditch flats and rock some heels!


#Unbroken2017 Tackling Love and Marriage questions with HICC at Harvesters Single & Married Conference | Sept. 26th- Oct. 1st

My friend hollered at me concerning this Harvesters' Singles Summit and we spoke about how her mum had once told her to marry the man who loves her more than the man she loves. Trust, i had a million questions like,
- How do you know who loves who more in a relationship?
- Can you really marry someone you are not crazy about?

We spoke for a bit then i of course took it to social media to get some more perspective. The answers were interesting. One person said you know who loves whom more based on action; i.e, the person that SHOWS it more. But another commented that that would not work in her situation for example because she is naturally withdrawn so you may think she doesn't feel certain things but she does.

The argument is still going on so you can join on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, what started the WHOLE convo was this event.

Date: Tuesday, September 26th- Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

Time: 6 pmVenue: Church Hall, Harvesters International Christian Center. (Gbagada and Lekki).

The Harvesters International Christian Center (Gbagada and Lekki) will be leading hard/soft conversations about taboo & mainstream topics in marriage, single life and the occasional #YorubaDemons; and you are invited to lend your voice to the conversations. The planned breakout sessions have been designed to be as no holds barred and engaging as possible.

This conference is for anyone who is married, single, divorced , dating or somewhere in-between. Be sure to register and to invite a couple of friends along!

The speakers include Taiwo Odukoya, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Femi Oduwole and more!

You can register here


#OAP101 Define Your Brand! Here is how, and why!

We hear that word, 'brand' and the other phrase, 'branding yourself' a lot. Is it important? Of course. It is like asking if one should bother working or advertising. If you want to be successful and taken seriously in the media space, brand and branding are things you must be concerned about.

How then do you brand yourself? One of the first things you must do, is define your brand.

One of the first things i like to advise people to do is, when people think of you, what are the top 3 words you want them to associate you with?
For me for example, i like to think that when people think of me, they think of fun, they think of unique and they think intellectual. That is the first exercise. Much as when you think of a Brandy or a Sean Tizzle or a Bonang Matheba, ask yourself what must come to people's minds when they think of you.

This step correlates with the next one which is the 'Why'.
What do you want and why?

Say for example, what you want is to be the most popular media personality in the world. That is a start. You may want, like say an Oprah or an Ellen, to change the world one show at a time. The important thing is to define the what you wants and for you, the 'whys'. Why do you want these things?
My friend told me once that she was encouraged to pursue her line of work because when she was growing up, she saw a lady on tv that looked like her so she felt if that lady could do it, then so could she! When i heard that, i decided i was able to better define my own goals. I realised i wanted to be successful so that some girl could look at me and be encouraged. And i was determined to do it my way- natural hair, melanin popping, tomboy chic and all.

Now that i have shared mine, think about, and share yours with me below.

The final tip i have for you is listing what i like to call 'usps', i.e, Unique Selling Points.
Out of ALL the people in the media, why YOU?

Finding what makes you different will help you not just for yourself, but also for brands to work with you.

All these tips and things i have mentioned require honesty. Can you now honestly take some time out to answer this and then define your brand?
You can s.h.a.r.e with me or send questions privately via my email or a dm.


#Skincare 3 cool ways to drink water without actually drinking water...

By now you know that staying hydrated is good for you. It not only helps you internally, but it is also great for your skin.

If you are like my sister and i though, you probably HATE drinking water. Let us be honest, for most of us, water is one of the most tasteless things out there. It is easier to reach out for a soda ('soft drink') than it is to get that recommended daily dose of water in.

Is there anything you can do to cheat?
I have 3 for you!

- Healthy fluids
A lot of things are actually made with water right? You can reach out for green tea, freshly squeezed juices, and other types of healthy alternatives.

- Infusions
These days, people go around with water bottles containing water and infusions like fruits or spices. I like doing lemon or lime in my water in the mornings as it gives the water a little oomph and makes it less boring. Add some mint or orange slices and you will have something tasty to enjoy.

- Water based foods
One of my favourite fruits ever is the watermelon. It is such a great way to enjoy yourself and the good thing is it is healthy as well. You can try things like cucumbers, salad greens, melons and grapefruits as well.

#MondayMotivation Are you really angry or just hungry?

Don't laugh. This is a real question. Next time you want to huff and puff and blow the roof down, ask yourself, "Am i really angry or am i hungry?". You can replace hunger with anything else. A lot of times when we think we are angry we are just hungry or tired or bored, and we mix that emotion up with something else.

It is always worth unraveling the source of your anger as it affects how you react to things moving forward. If for example, you know it is because you are hungry, problem solved- eat. If you are tired, shut down and take a break. If you are bored, find something interesting to do.
My point is, save your anger for times when you are really angry and there is something worth getting pissed off at. Otherwise, take a step back, breathe, and save that relationship you might have destroyed.

What do you think?


#WhatIAmLovingAtTheMoment Being a Youtuber and Pictures from Brazil

I am starting my things i am loving at the moment with food. In particular, one of the most basic things out there- bread and butter. Here is why.

My usual breakfast used to be a cup of tea and then a cup of coffee. My first proper meal of the day was usually rice or so at 12pm. These days though, i get in a proper meal before 10am and one of the simplest and the one i love so much right now is my bread with butter.
Now this is not a new thing' it's older than i am. How did i forget about just how tasty this simple meal was though?
I have rediscovered my love for bread, and it is partly due to the sliced bread i get from Chicken Republic. I just pop them in the oven so they slices are warm before i drop the thawed butter on it and voila!
What food are you loving at the moment?

I don't know if i necessarily love this emotion; it is just what i live with now and it is nostalgia.
Lately, i just have a constant love-hate date with nostalgic feelings. For those of you who do not know, my dad passed on the 11th of August and we buried him on the 22nd. Since then, i have had to deal with a lot of emotions but one of the ones that i hold on to the most is just nostalgia. I miss my dad, i think about him a lot, and pictures sometimes help because then i can see him smile again or think about some happy memory we s.h.a.r.ed...

I first opened a youtube channel years ago. I however only began to use it properly a few months ago and this year things have just got even better. I currently show a bit of behind-the-scenes action from my shows on radio, tv and social media, plus selfie and celebrity shoutouts, plus a bit of where i go and what i do. It is a fun, funny channel with a bit of inspiration and how-to thrown in.
Please do check out my videos and subscribe to my youtube channel


I went for the wedding in Brazil and i loved it!
This was the first wedding i had gone for where the bride had planned most of the details with a lot of help from Pinterest . Yup!
See? You can get inspiration online and the internet CAN be used for good afterall!
The bride also made some soaps for the wedding guests which smells great!

One of the things that really made me smile was when a group of girls came to my and they were gushing over me. They were all so pretty and for them to tell me i was pretty and to have a great conversation with them was truly special.

See some pictures from my trip below but before you go, please tell me- what are YOU loving at the moment!


Wednesday is here and it's great to have another working day after such a long holiday (for my fellow Nigerians)
Today we are crushing on the beautiful, talented Zainab Balogun. She's a TV personality, model and actress and guess what, shes NOT stopping. Enjoy my interview with her ;)

Hi Zainab

1)     Describe your life in three words.
Fun, challenging and blessed!

2)      You’re a TV Host, model, and actress, what inspires you to continue to do more even now that you’ve attained great heights?

I am inspired by the extent of my ambitions. Even though I have achieved  a certain level of success, there are still so many things and people I want to reach. I want to be a part of real change and that comes with doing more, a lot more!

3)      You have a new movie coming out soon- ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ Was acting a dream or something that came along the line?

I have been acting since 2008. An opportunity to become a part of a Nigerian TV series in 2012 was what had me packing my bags in London. Acting has always been a part of my life.

4)      Please share with us one of the lowest points of your life and how you keep yourself going during the low days.

One of the lowest points in my life was not knowing where I was going with my career a few years ago and if I had made the right decision to move to Nigeria. I was working here and there but I wasn't particularly happy or fulfilled. My tribe of family and friends were able to reassure me that what I felt was temporary and the only way to reach my goals was to literally move.

5)      Tell us one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in life.
Moving to Nigeria when I did was one of the best decisions I ever made. It took me a while to realise it but it was worth it.

6)      How do you deal with negativity on social media and what’s your major rule when it comes to using social media (if any)?
I try my best to ignore the negative views. Its not easy and I have had a few good clapbacks in my old days. You attract the thing you give energy and time to. Most of these views come from people who simply want your attention and will say the most horrible things to get it. My advice is, don't feed the trolls!

7)      You are quite young and accomplished; if you could give a piece of
advice to young people chasing their dreams, what would it be?

My advice is to stay on the course, work your blessing and be prepared!

8)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
Food! I always have food on my mind.

lol I hope you enjoyed that!
Stay inspired,


#OAP101 Branding yourself as a media personality; Part 1

Hi all
I am back with the OAP 101 podcasts and here is this week's podcast.


To summarise,
I spoke about branding yourself and why you need to, plus three things to remember.

- Be yourself
As an individual, you have a combination of nature and nurture that makes you different. This is what draws us to you.

- Decide what you want
When your name is mentioned, what do you want people to see? Much as if i were to mention Beyonce, Kaylah, even Gala (lol). What comes to your mind when these names are mentioned? In the same way you have a clear audio-visual identity for these names, you want the same for yourself.
A little exercise- write down the top 5 words you want people to think of when they hear your name.

- Consistently communicate this identity
Now that you have your five words, it is time to communicate this to us. From your show, to your social media, to your presence, etc, let us see who you are.

EXERCISE: Can you think of three people and what you associate them with? Tell us below. Thanks.


#MondayMotivation Protect your happy

I know if i wanted to really be grammatically correct, i would have said, 'protect your happiness' but i am using a bit of poetic license so please bear with me.

When people die, they do not take anything with them (that we know of).
They leave their possessions, their ideas, the unfulfilled dreams and the happy memories.
If we truly die alone and have to deal with consequences of things we did and did not do, how come we leave ourselves so vulnerable to others?

Make a decision that your happiness is important, and understand that this does not mean you will never be sad, nor that you will always get what you want, but what it does mean is
- You do not look to others for your joy.
Stop letting partners, colleagues, friends or strangers affect you so much and do not depend on them to make you happy.
- You stand by the stance you take
Be it your choice of what to do, where to go, who to date or views to hold, please be sure that you base this on how you truly feel or what you want, not the dictates of man.

Protect your happy. Guard your heart. Noone has the right to make you sad. Do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you down!

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...