#Beauty When it comes to Personal .v. MUA beat, the difference is clear

Yesterday i had an event in the evening but my booked make up artiste thought i was booking her for Saturday which meant by the time i called to find out where she was, she was nowhere close and i was basically stranded.
My options were, Scream and hide, Try to book someone else and miss the event or Try to do some kind of fake 'beat' and still show up.
To be honest, between Lamide Akintobi and Mr A, number 1 was out. It was down to 3.

Now i have some make up products and girl was born cute so i can do the basics but everyone knows when you go for an upscale event, the beat has to be more than the everyday look.
Between never being able to get my eyebrows right (one always looks like i fought with a puppy and the puppy won), not having all the products and brushes they have (i really am a basic powder and foundation type of girl), and not being able to see a thing when i take my glasses off, i have given up on learning to beat my face like a pro.

This is me 'beating' my face. I hate it. lol

Nevertheless i began.
First, the primer.
Then some foundation.
Eyebrows. And yes, one was nice and big while the other was pathetic and looked like it was on a diet.
More foundation because my skin swallows everything and it always looks like i didn't put any one.
And i was done.

Now Lamide and Mr A swore it was great but they love me so can we really trust them? Uhn? Uhn??


I love professional 'beats'.

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