#MondayMotivation Protect your happy

I know if i wanted to really be grammatically correct, i would have said, 'protect your happiness' but i am using a bit of poetic license so please bear with me.

When people die, they do not take anything with them (that we know of).
They leave their possessions, their ideas, the unfulfilled dreams and the happy memories.
If we truly die alone and have to deal with consequences of things we did and did not do, how come we leave ourselves so vulnerable to others?

Make a decision that your happiness is important, and understand that this does not mean you will never be sad, nor that you will always get what you want, but what it does mean is
- You do not look to others for your joy.
Stop letting partners, colleagues, friends or strangers affect you so much and do not depend on them to make you happy.
- You stand by the stance you take
Be it your choice of what to do, where to go, who to date or views to hold, please be sure that you base this on how you truly feel or what you want, not the dictates of man.

Protect your happy. Guard your heart. Noone has the right to make you sad. Do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you down!

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