#WhatIAmLovingAtTheMoment Being a Youtuber and Pictures from Brazil

I am starting my things i am loving at the moment with food. In particular, one of the most basic things out there- bread and butter. Here is why.

My usual breakfast used to be a cup of tea and then a cup of coffee. My first proper meal of the day was usually rice or so at 12pm. These days though, i get in a proper meal before 10am and one of the simplest and the one i love so much right now is my bread with butter.
Now this is not a new thing' it's older than i am. How did i forget about just how tasty this simple meal was though?
I have rediscovered my love for bread, and it is partly due to the sliced bread i get from Chicken Republic. I just pop them in the oven so they slices are warm before i drop the thawed butter on it and voila!
What food are you loving at the moment?

I don't know if i necessarily love this emotion; it is just what i live with now and it is nostalgia.
Lately, i just have a constant love-hate date with nostalgic feelings. For those of you who do not know, my dad passed on the 11th of August and we buried him on the 22nd. Since then, i have had to deal with a lot of emotions but one of the ones that i hold on to the most is just nostalgia. I miss my dad, i think about him a lot, and pictures sometimes help because then i can see him smile again or think about some happy memory we s.h.a.r.ed...

I first opened a youtube channel years ago. I however only began to use it properly a few months ago and this year things have just got even better. I currently show a bit of behind-the-scenes action from my shows on radio, tv and social media, plus selfie and celebrity shoutouts, plus a bit of where i go and what i do. It is a fun, funny channel with a bit of inspiration and how-to thrown in.
Please do check out my videos and subscribe to my youtube channel


I went for the wedding in Brazil and i loved it!
This was the first wedding i had gone for where the bride had planned most of the details with a lot of help from Pinterest . Yup!
See? You can get inspiration online and the internet CAN be used for good afterall!
The bride also made some soaps for the wedding guests which smells great!

One of the things that really made me smile was when a group of girls came to my and they were gushing over me. They were all so pretty and for them to tell me i was pretty and to have a great conversation with them was truly special.

See some pictures from my trip below but before you go, please tell me- what are YOU loving at the moment!

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