Hey guys!

Wanna catch an amazing summary of all our WCW interviews for this month? Keep reading and enjoy ;)

ON BEING PASSIONATE:" I’m always ready and excited to work!  I’ll work it out, as long as my schedule permits. Only passion can make one do such without complaints or grumbling."

ON CONTENT CREATION: "Know your audience. I remember when I spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful almond and banana bread recipe for a lifestyle blog. It was a gorgeous shoot and the pictures turned out amazing. The post got really low views and I wondered why no one was engaging with the post. Turns out my audience was more of a seafood okra kind of audience. Nobody wanted to know how to make almond and banana bread. Before you create content - ask yourself - 'who am I talking to'? Define who your audience is and create content you know they will find useful."

ON STAYING ENCOURAGED: "I say this to myself all the time, Cuppy, keep chasing your dreams, inspiring others, changing the rules”. 5 years ago when I was 20, I certainly would have been doubting myself asking questions about if I was going in the right direction and if I had what it took. Being where I am now, I would encourage myself to keep pushing.

ON CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: "You create the opportunities for yourself. I have months where I don’t earn a dime and to be honest there’s nothing you can do that’s the life of a freelancer. In life there are seasons. Dry and Wet. So you use the seemingly dry period to re-strategize, unwind, come up with ideas, call whomever you need to remind of your services and basically just make sure your seasons are almost always wet."

That's it guys,
Stay inspired



Hey guys!

Wanna catch an amazing summary of all our MCM interviews for this month? Keep reading and enjoy ;)


ON EXPECTATIONS: “It’s tough to be let down when you don’t have any expectations, nobody owes you shit”

ON KEEPING INSPIRED: It's very important to have people around you that believe in you, even more than you do in yourself. So for me, I draw inspiration from the people around me. They remind me of where I started from and how far I've come they help to keep me grounded and are a source of motivation when I'm running low...

Don't expect it to be easy. Talent without hard work is useless

ON HAVING A GREAT WORK ETHIC: Many people want success but are not ready to put in the work required to achieve the success. Many people would like to be famous and successful on TV but how many of them are willing to work 18 hour days?
Also, I choose to keep it real at all times. I never get caught up in the hype. I choose to remain teachable and embrace criticism.


ON SELF IMPROVEMENT: Find all of the things that make you who you are, Know all of the things that make you who you are, Be all of the things that make you who you are, Remind us the things that make us who we are.


ON BELIEF: You have to do the work. There are no shortcuts. Believe in your magic and work very hard and smart. Keep getting better . The world needs your magic .

That's it guys,
Stay inspired,



Hi guys, and ladies ;) How's your Wednesday going?
I'm such a sucker for fun interviews, and inspiring ones too, so imagine my joy when I got both in one.
It's amazing when people wear different hats, embrace themselves fully and still have fun while at it. It really is inspiring-and that's why I'm excited for our woman crush today. Drumroll please, for the the beautiful, Multi-talented media personality. Ajifa Atuluku.

She is a TV presenter, producer and a professional dancer. She's also featured in Reality TV shows like Red TV's 'Here and Now: the adventures of TASA' and Ebonylife TV's 'Moving up the Squad.' This chat is a fun one, so get ready. Enjoy ;)

Hi Ajifa!

1) You are a TV presenter and producer, what do you love most about your job?
AJIFA: I love presenting and producing for two very different reasons that are somehow intertwined. I love presenting live shows especially because you can just be yourself and connect with so many people on different levels. At live events, people form a bond with you, care what you think, see you as an inspiration or even the ones who can’t stand you; you connect! In terms of producing, I love it because you literally take something that is an idea formed in your head from that tiny scratch into a full blown element that people can see and identify with. I mean the ability to create anything of worth is a blessing for me.

2) Reality TV seems like fun for you, since you’ve featured in shows like Adventures of TASA and Moving up the squad; How did those come about and what was the experience like?
AJIFA: Funny thing is that they both came about by accident and to be honest when I started my career in the media, I NEVER saw reality TV in my future. Here and Now was a concept my closest friends and I came up with to travel and explore different countries with a hint of our reality as women and friends. We had been friends for a long time and we are all crazy fun so we thought to let people in on our lives. UBA then came on board and gave us the opportunity to bring it to fruition. Moving Up on the other hand is another funny story. A couple of us had gone to try out for a spot on an already existing show on Ebonylife TV and from our auditions, the bosses thought “these girls all together would make a good show” and that’s how Moving Up was created. The experience has been surreal. I have achieved things I never expected I would in such a short time, I have visited beautiful countries, shared my reality with the world, been vulnerable for the world to see with my closest friends by my side…AMAZING. I am appreciative of all opportunities these two shows have given me.

3) You recently began dancing classes ‘Dance with Ayjay’ what inspired that and how did you get the confidence to finally begin?
AJIFA:  Honestly dancing had always been in the pipeline for me. You know that dream that you always remind yourself “someday I have to go back to this”? Dancing was that for me. So really the inspiration for Dance with Ayjay had been since I could move (my mother’s womb). The confidence to start was the issue! I was a fantastic dancer back in the day and everyone had big dreams for me. People even speculated I was going to be on “So you think you can dance” at some point but guess what? Life got in the way and I stopped dancing. So I always thought to myself, I would never be good enough because I mean have you seen the dancers in Nigeria…they are phenomenal!! I hadn’t danced in a long time and left to me, I had lost the skill. I procrastinated and said I needed some training to start until I attended a dance workshop in Maryland, USA called Bees Dance Workshop by one of my best friends and dance partners in secondary school Abimbola Salisu. That workshop liberated me…like riding a bike I reconnected with my first love-dance and Bimbo disturbed me and pushed me to start in Lagos until I did. She helped me understand I didn’t need much…I just needed to take the plunge and START; so I did and really God has been good. I have been so overwhelmed by the support and response.

4) You are a freelancer, why did you opt for freelancing and how do you deal with times when there are no gigs (if there has ever been a time like this).
AJIFA: Well first of all, I decided to become a freelancer because I needed more. I had gotten to a point where my life had become a boring routine and anyone who knows me, knows I hate routines. A lot of people loved me and my shows at the time but what they didn’t know was that I had become resentful of a profession I loved so much and slid into depression at different points in life. I needed a change and new challenges, so I fasted, prayed, quit my full time job and became a freelancer. With freelancing, the projects, methods, concepts, locations, shoot styles, crew etc differ and the possibilities are endless! I love it! As for times where there are no gigs…what do you do… you relax LOL or you create the opportunities for yourself. I have months where I don’t earn a dime and to be honest there’s nothing you can do that’s the life of a freelancer. In life there are seasons. Dry and Wet. So you use the seemingly dry period to re-strategize, unwind, come up with ideas, call whomever you need to remind of your services and basically just make sure your seasons are almost always wet.

5) Who is your favourite international talk show host?
AJIFA: My God I don’t have one
Jimmy Fallon (I LOVE HIM)
James Corden
Ellen DeGeneres

That's it guys!
Stay inspired ;)



Happy Monday guys!

Today, we are crushing on Nigerian singer and songwriter, Funbi Emiola,popularly known as Funbi Music. You have probably heard his first official solo single, 'Hallelujah' and if you haven't,  what exactly are you listening to? lol
Funbi's voice is so heavenly;  the world truly deserves to be blessed by it. I had a short chat with him concerning a few trivial but important stuff.
*Because we don't stress our crushes here, *winks

Read and Enjoy ;)

Hi Funbi!

1)     You’re an artiste, what do you love most about making music?

FUNBI: I love how a small idea builds gradually into a complete record which then gets to be heard by people from different parts of the world. It's incredible how universal the language of music is.

2)     If you could drop some lines on any 90’s song, which would it be?

FUNBI: Kci & JoJo - All my life

3)     You are gradually making a name for yourself in the Nigerian music scene, what challenges have you faced so far in the industry?

FUNBI: Well sometimes there's the battle within myself to create music to my own personal taste or create for the people. It's a challenge because you want your music to cut across tribe, language, social background and so on.

4)       What three things make you happy?

FUNBI: Family, great music and Fooood

5) What keeps you inspired when things aren't going as planned?

FUNBI: It's very important to have people around you that believe in you, even more than you do in yourself. So for me, I draw inspiration from the people around me. They remind me of where I started from and how far I've come they help to keep me grounded and are a source of motivation when I'm running low.

6)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

FUNBI: To my 20 year old self I'd say; better days are ahead. 50 year old Funbi would know more, I'd like to hear what he has to say.

7)     What’s your most valuable advice to people starting out in the music industry?

FUNBI: Don't expect it to be easy. Talent without hard work is useless

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
FUNBI: Mostly the preparations for my next single release. ​

Keep up with Funbi HERE ;)

That's it guys!
Stay Inspired.

#OAP101 Practical ways to use Social Media for your Shows

Have you come down from the high of the Royal Wedding yet?
I know I haven't! And I can imagine hosts around the world will have plenty of content to use from this wedding and other weekend shenanigans, for weeks to come.

Today, we continue our Social Media tips with some practical ways to use Social Media for your shows. I will be going to the Royal Wedding a lot for my examples because that is the first lesson for you- jump on trends but tweak to suit your personal platform!

When it comes to using Social Media for your shows, think of it in 3 ways.
For one, you use it to PROMOTE and COMPLEMENT what is running.
So for example, if you will be talking about the royal wedding, you can then tweet or put up a video of your comments on it.

Secondly, use Social Media to get CONTENT your show.
As with the example above, you can put a question out on your platform, asking for people's opinions about a subject, and then incorporate the replies in your show.

Thirdly, you can use it to CONTINUE the conversation.
Done with the show? Not said all that you wanted to say? Were not able to take ALL the comments and contributions?
Let Social Media do the rest.

I love using social media in all 3 ways and when you do, it makes your job easier and gives it more influence.

Now let's check out 4 practical things you can do, using 4 different platforms.

If you own a personal blog, or you have opened one for your show, do a blogpost based on either guest interviews or some news or comment shared on the show.
I like to do things like '3 Things you Didn't Know about X Y Z' after a guest comes on my show.

Naturally you should either put up a picture of a guest beforehand and encourage your followers to ask questions, or you can put up a picture of yourself before and after your show talking about what you do.

Tweet some of the songs you play, also, tweet some of the most outrageous contributions on the show, and you can use twitter to continue the conversations started on the show.

Put up clips from the show on your Youtube channel.

I hope these practical tips help.
Implement one or all of them and tell me about it. You can send me an email or a dm on Instagram and Twitter.



Hi guys! ;*
This week is different so no, I didn't actually have a chat with Kemi; that will happen some day soon (yup!) but I like to think I know a few things about her so I thought, 'Why not share some of the inspiring lessons I've learnt just from studying her and stalking her Instagram?

Our WCW is music video director and filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba.  Enjoy and share with me some of your lessons ;)

Never stop learning, pushing and and exploring all your passions. Kemi started out professionally as a radio presenter with Rhythm 93.7 FM, then proceeded to TV Presenting to host hit shows, Studio 53 and Temptation Nigeria.
After this, she enrolled in the New York Film Academy to learn more about being behind the camera. Today, she is one of Nigeria's finest video directors.
Her first feature film "The Wedding Party" was the highest grossing movie in Nigeria, 2016.
Seems like it's safe to say Kemi really has a MIDAS touch, whatever she touches turns into gold and that leads me to my next point...

I've heard Kemi say this countless times, the quality of your work is what really sells you. Little wonder it's easy to see how much of herself she puts into every work she releases.

As humans, we all desire validation but what happens when we start giving it priority over things that are of more importance?
The focus shouldn't be validation from awards. They are nice, but your validation should come from the kind of work you put out and people's reactions to it. It should be the sweat and hard work you put into transforming an idea in your head into visuals that can be shared with plenty. 
Your goal should be "showing up" every time you are asked to step up into the plate. Every time you have a chance to showcase your craft, your mission is to knock it out the park. Simply put, just shut up and do the work, even if it feels no one is watching. They may deny you many things, but they can never deny that you did the work. -Kemi Adetiba

4. NEVER STOP LEARNING. From stalking Kemi on Instagram, you can tell how knowledgeable she is. It's like she knows something about everything, quite literally. I can't even begin to tell you about the most trivial things I've learnt from following her page- from music, to sports and even to cooking. Kemi knows EVERYTHING. Okay, to be fairer, she sure does know a lot of stuff!! So keep learning!

That's it guys!
Keep being inspired,

PS:  Kemi began an online series which documents the lives of extraordinary Nigerian women, watch it here
PPS: Kemi hopes to one day win an Oscar. With how hard she works, I really hope this dream does come true for her. Thanks for being our WCW Kemi Adetiba ;)



E ye ye ye *In Wizkid's voice*

I'm not too sure Wizkid still uses that line in his songs but we can definitely remember when that sound was his signature.

 Our MCM is someone who continues to achieve great feats in the entertainment industry and so who better to crush on today than Nigerian superstar singer and songwriter, Ayodeji, Ibrahim Balogun Better known as Wizkid?

Now hold on, no, I didn't interview him (that will happen some day soon btw) but I have read a lot about him and I thought, 'Oh why not share some inspiring lessons I've learnt just from studying him and his lifestyle? So here you go. Enjoy and share with me some of your lessons ;)


1) GET OUT-No, not the movie and no, not literally. So everyone talks about how terrible Nigeria is forgetting that Nigeria has also  produced world changers in different fields.  I agree that Nigeria may not be the most thriving environment, but hey! there are people who have gone against all odds to still achieve; one of whom is Wizkid. Wizkid worked his way out of mediocre, negative thoughts  so we should get out of the negativity as well. We should rise above those voices that keep telling us "Nigeria isn't good enough", "you can't make it in Nigeria'.

I'm thankful because all the hard work and sacrifices were worth it in the end. WizKid

source: thewillnigeria

2) WORK HARD- You know this had to come on the list right? It's so cliche I'm not even going to say much at this point. There's a new song from Wizkid practically every month, some fans can barely even keep up. Of course, he's spending nights in the studio making all those hits, while, of course, still finding time to attend concerts,promotions,tours and much more.

3)DREAM BIG- Lastly, don't forget to dream big. It's where you are going that matters not where you're coming from. Your dreams are valid!!!

I always dreamed of making it big.-Wizkid

That's it guys,
Stay inspired,



Happy Wednesday peeps!
Our WCW has me super pumped today. Frankly speaking, I can't understand how she works so hard and still has enough time to have fun I guess this quote holds true that:
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life-Confucius

Today , we are crushing on the beautiful and ever vibrant Tomike Alayande she's an actor (Tanya of Jenifa's diary, whom my mum loves dearly by the way!). She's a Host on Ebonylife TV and an entrepreneur. Tomike makes it look so easy, but you can still see all the hard work and passion that goes into what she does. Of course, I had to find out how she does it all and she was more than willing to share. Enjoy ;) 

1)     You're an actor, radio presenter, TV presenter, how do you balance being all three?

The hustler in me ensures I find a way to maximize my talent without wasting any of it. To be honest, things just seem to align for me . Even the Bible says all things work together for good ...😅 I try as much as possible not to let my events clash so I don’t disappoint clients but I’m such a hustler I can take several events on the same day, work it out and make sure everyone is happy 😅😅

2)     You’ve achieved so much at such a young age, what three things would you say have helped you on your journey?

TOMIKE: 1- God- Not trying to sound cliche but the way grace speaks for me all the time amazes me! Almost all the jobs I’ve done so far hasn’t been my doing. In this industry you’ll realize there are a million and one talented people just like you( or even better )out there. When some clients reach out to me I know it’s just God and the good work I’m doing. At times I’m like “who am I to be this favored in the midst of a million and one talented individuals “ I bless God !

2-My Mother - She’s my support system! In terms of prayers, I don’t pray quarter as much as that woman prays for me. She’s there when things aren’t going well and also there to celebrate with me when things work out well. I’m also blessed with family friends that have my back anytime any day! It’s truly a blessing.

3-My Hardwork and Consistency

I love my job and it makes working hard easier because I enjoy what I’m doing. I might just be arriving from a trip 7am today and I’m supposed to go home to rest but even my bosses know if you call me at that 7am for an emergency job that’s 8am same day, Tomike will be willing to do the job. I’ll work it out, as long as my schedule permits. I’m always ready and excited to work! Only passion can make one do such without complaints or grumbling.

3)     Before the camera comes on,you…..

TOMIKE: Hahahahaha most times I actually dance and feel at ease. I’m very playful 😅😅

4)     Many say presenting is nerve wracking, does that hold true for you and if yes, how do you deal with nerves before getting on stage?

TOMIKE: It’s hard to believe it is because it’s something that’s a talent for me. I haven’t actually gone to any school to train yet (although I intend to do that soon). I want to believe If something is for you, it won’t be entirely nerve wracking. Just like if you’re a talented singer, you won’t find it nerve wracking to open your mouth and blow minds away! But if it’s not in you naturally, it would definitely be nerve wracking.

Yes there are moments while presenting that I get a bit nervous. It’s totally normal but I don’t let it affect my presentation. Looking at me, you wouldn’t even believe if I told you I was nervous because I’ll be wearing my brightest and most confident smile 😅 Such moments are actually when I’m about to go on a big stage in front of a crowd I’m probably not used to.  I remember the first time I interviewed Her Excellency, The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria- Aisha Buhari, I was nervous! I had no idea she was coming for that event. There and then on the red carpet , they said , Tomike the First Lady is coming, are you ready? I’m like excuse me, say what!??😂😂 . But yes, in less than five minutes, she arrived and if you watch that interview, you’ll think I had prepared all week for it! Lol. Standing right next to dignitaries on the red carpet could make one nervous while presenting because you’re trying to think of questions and at the same time you’re trying to introduce them appropriately without making mistakes. It’s easier if it’s a studio interview because you probably get a TelePrompter or a notepad with all your questions and the proper introduction but the red carpet is all about thinking on the spot and I’ve come to love it!

In terms of dealing with the nerves, I basically smile through it and tell myself it’s just gonna be like every other interview I aced. I also try to get my guests to laugh. That way, we’re both relaxed and we feel more connected which makes my job easier.

5)     What’s your favourite international talk show?

TOMIKE: The Ellen DeGeneres Show! You just gotta love Ellen!

6)       If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you give to yourself -5 years ago?

TOMIKE: I’ll tell myself to start a business earlier . Say at 16 years.

7)       What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
TOMIKE: Assurance o! Hahah ,just kidding. Right now, I’m working on my business ideas and trying to make extra cash! Na money be fine sisi 😅😅

LOL, Thanks for being our WCW Tomike ;)

That's it guys,
Stay Inspired ;)


#OAP101 Using Social Media to grow your Personal Brand as an OAP

Today I would like to speak a little about using social media for your benefit, as a way to help you build, maintain and grow your brand as a media personality.

The first thing to ask yourself is which platforms should I be on?
To answer that, you need to be clear on
- what your interests are
- where your audience is

A sportscaster for example will definitely enjoy twitter because it offers a great opportunity to talk about games and players, give real-time news and analysis, and have that immediate connection with your audience.

Radio hosts do well on most platforms, and I daresay, Facebook and Twitter are a must.
Television hosts on the other hand should not neglect their Instagram as that is the best tool for them.

Now a brand in Nigeria or that wants to speak to Nigerians should not neglect the big three as I like to call them- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
This is because Facebook is still one of the most popular platforms as it is easily accessible, and there is a big percentage of Nigerians on the other two as well.

Having clarified that, the next thing to think about is your UserName.
If you do not want to be easily found, by all means, use hard to identify or search for names. If you do want to use your social media for your brand though, ensure the name is a name you are known as, whether it is a Nickname or your Real Name.
Whether or not you use your real or a nickname, ensure you have your real name in the profile so that when people search for your name, your account will still pop up.

Your Profile should state what you want people to know about you clearly and simply.
I have checked quite a few celebrity profiles and there does not seem to be any agreement as to things like, number of lines or whether or not you should have a bio at all. What is clear is everyone keeps it simple and tells you who they are.
You can try something as short and direct as 'Official Page of Your Name', or tell us what you do like 'Radio and TV Host'.
See Steve Harvey's, Dotun's, and Mine.

Your content is of course the main thing as no matter how cute your description is, if there is no content on your page, you may have followers but no engagement.
How often should you post? The jury is out on that. What everyone does agree on however is that being consistent is the key. The quality of posts is also crucial so keep your pictures and captions classy and distinct.

In my next post, I will go into a bit more detail with examples, as regards content types.

In the meantime, if you have comments and questions, do leave them below, reach me via InstagramTwitter and Facebook, or send me an Email.



Hey Fam!

I have a certain kind of respect for people who have corporate jobs and still find time to follow other paths. It's like their days have more than 24hrs in them. Sigh, I would tell you how my own days have barely ten hours in them but this post isn't about me. It's about our man crush today ;)

Our MCM is obviously someone who works a corporate job, but still has time to be a writer and a TV Personality. Of course, I'm curious to know how he juggles both,You might know him from Accelerate TV news but he's also an executive coordinator at Andela; We are crushing on superhuman,  Biodun Laaro AKA Beediesiel (I had a hard time spelling that! hehe). Enjoy!

1)     You’re a writer, TV Host and an executive coordinator at Andela; How do you maintain a healthy balance with all of these?

BIODUN: Wow that’s a brilliant question. I don’t speak much about my work at Andela, but honestly even I don’t know how I balance both. I think the answer will be that I find great joy doing both. Neither is an inconvenience to the other - if that were the case, I would be on red carpets at 10pm on Sundays haha! I have learnt to be organized. I stick strictly to my calendar, and allow only 7percent room for disruptions.

Also, I like to think that I am low maintenance, and take things really easy. As long as there is a thought process and plan behind anything, then executing becomes easy like Apple pie.

2. What do you love most about being a presenter and a writer?
BIODUN: I think that the best part is the fusion of both worlds. Being able to manage my creative and professional side is such an amazing opportunity.

Some days, I believe that they feed off each other. I get compliments (which I am ever humbled by) for the amount of creativity that I apply in my corporate work, and my producers commend my professionalism on set too.

To see myself grow and utilize the skills that I learn in both fields is quite the treat.

3)     You host the Accelerate TV news, how did that come about?
BIODUN: Contrary to what might be assumed, I never really saw myself in front of the camera.

Actually, there was time that I did but I also almost gave up on that.

After school my undergrad, I auditioned for a number of hosting gigs but they never really worked out. My friends were really supportive and tried to get me to keep it going, but a cut off at the top 30 of MTV search in 2012 made me think I had had enough. I stuck to writing article and poetry, and continued down the corporate path as well.

After my masters degree at the Pan Atlantic University’s school of Media and Communication, I got the opportunity to intern at Accelerate TV as an Admin manager. That worked extremely well, and then one of the producers asked me to do a test run for news one day and voila! It’s like all the mental preparation made the opportunity work out just fine.

4)     Before the camera comes on, you……………
BIODUN: Before the camera comes on, I am my silliest self - in an attempt to get everyone comfortable and alive. My crew and I have a laughing fest. They actually plead that I stop. All the random jokes that I don’t make normally just come. The cameraman would say oh Biodun I am trying to get the focus , and I go “ help!! This man has lost his focus we need to help him".  It helps to get people in great spirits when they want to work with you, I am really big on how the people around me feel. So if clowning a little helps cheer you up, then I am happy to do so.

5)     What keeps you inspired on days when things don’t go as planned?
BIODUN:I have a mantra

Find all of the things that make you who you are
Know all of the things that make you who you are
Be all of the things that make you who you are
Remind us the things that make us who we are.

6)     What three things make you happy?
BIODUN: My mum, Food and Travelling

7)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively?
BIODUN: To my 20 year old self, strap in Biodun! It’s about to be one bumpy ride. What you should be aiming at is the best use of time. Nothing you’d regret. Remember to learn how to love yourself first before going to look for else where.

And to my 50 year old self. Dear Biodun, I hope you found all that you searched for. If not, then Les give it one more try.

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
BIODUN: Getting back to work. I have been away on holiday for a while. For the first time in my career, this is the first time I can boldly say “ I am on leave” hahah!

So yeah, I have been reminded by my friend and colleagues that I still have a job and a life that I need to come back to. Back to reality now.

Thank you Biodun for being our MCM ;)

That's it guys, 
Stay inspired



Hi guys, HAPPY WEDNESDAY. Hope you had lots of fun yesterday? It was worker's day!
There's an uber amazing, multi-talented lady who is a content creator, producer, editor and storyteller (so many hats, hehe) and that's why she's our WCW today. There's a lot to learn from her today, especially if you're a content creator! Enjoy my short chat with the amazing Nicole Asinugo ;)

1) You have worked as a copywriter, editor and producer. What struggles did you face embracing these non-traditional careers in a society that leans towards the typical 'lawyer' and 'doctor' roles?

I actually studied law as my first degree. Lol. I wasn’t necessarily forced by my parents but I was definitely encouraged. My dad used to call me his lawyer anytime I would argue. I talked a lot and so everyone just assumed I would be a lawyer. Thinking about it now, I really don’t know what the correlation between being talkative and law is but… yeah. Very quickly into my law degree, I knew it wasn’t for me. It was boring to me and it really didn’t come easily like classes I excelled at in secondary school (history, literature, politics etc). However, I stuck with it, graduated and went to law school as every good Nigerian student who studied law should do. But after I got called to the bar, I hung up the wig for good.

I have always had a passion for writing so I decided to go to London School of Journalism to explore that. After that I came back to Nigeria and did my NYSC at Channels Television. Very quickly on, I realized journalism wasn’t for me either. It was too serious and I really didn’t have a passion for covering the news. I decided I wanted to write about fun things, something that let me be creative. So, I applied for a job at an Advertising agency and started my career as a junior copywriter. It was the first time I felt like I was doing something that I was good at and I enjoyed. I guess the main struggle I had was not really knowing what career opportunities there were aside from the traditional roles our parents and schools led us to believe were the only/best options.

2)     You’d like to write a book about……..
NICOLE:  Men. Nigerian men. It will be the book that never ends.

3)     Please tell us three things you do that help you get bomb ideas?
NICOLE: 1) Create mood boards. I use Tumblr mostly to curate dope images I find on the internet. I have folders dedicated to fruit, the color pink, afro futurism, baskets… whatever I find visually appealing usually sparks something inside me and gives me a good idea.

2) Research. If I’m creating a story for a brand, I need to research whatever my theme is. I look on the internet mostly and just read random bits of information and collate things I think are important.

3) Writing things down. I am a serial doodler. I write in between lines, in circles, I draw (albeit badly), I write every single thing I’m thinking down and an idea usually pops up somewhere.

4)     What’s the best advice you’ve ever received/heard concerning content production?
NICOLE: Hmm… I don’t think anyone really aver advised me about creating content. I really just taught myself. But if I could advise anyone. I would say. Know your audience. I remember when I spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful almond and banana bread recipe for a lifestyle blog. It was a gorgeous shoot and the pictures turned out amazing. The post got really low views and I wondered why no one was engaging with the post. Turns out my audience was more of a seafood okra kind of audience. Nobody wanted to know how to make almond and banana bread. Before you create content - ask yourself - 'who am I talking to'? Define who your audience is and create content you know they will find useful.

source: Ndanitv
5)     What’s one thing you hope to have done by the time you’re 50?

NICOLE: By the time I'm 50, I would like to have gotten married, had kids and grand kids. Won an Oscar for best screen play, have a few bestselling novels and have really long natural hair that's completely grey. Oh... you said one thing :)

6)     Who’s one person (dead or alive) you wish you could meet now and why?
NICOLE: Oprah. Why? It’s OPRAH. And maybe Fela. Actually, I would choose Fela over Oprah. Why? It's FELA.

7)     Some (female) writers you’re crushing on today are…....
NICOLE:  Tomi Adeyemi. Author of Children of Blood and Bone. She’s a 24-year-old Nigerian American and has a seven figure book and movie deal. Dollars o, not naira. Lol.

8)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
NICOLE:  I live in Dubai now. Thursday is the last day of the week. Wednesday is very close to Thursday. This means I survived another week and the weekend is finally here. Also, that I’ve never been anyone’s ‘WCW’ so thanks for the much needed self esteem boost!

 *Nicole recently left her position at Ndani TV. She now works as a Storyteller and Content Curator for Expo 2020 Dubai. She is writing her first novel and hopes to get published in 2019.

That's it guys
Stay inspired!


You will Never Win if you Never Compete...

Morning people,
I just recently wrapped up another #TosynBucknorDaily Giveaway and it was lit!

It was so impromptu that the success has me going like, "Wow, there is something here!"
While running it though, I came across 3 kinds of people and that inspired this post.

The first set of people saw the competition and quickly entered.
They went for it, took a chance and I am guessing probably one or more of these ones won because
- they got in earlier
- put themselves out there by asking other people to help like their posts
- probably had fun with it.

The other set hesitated. I got a few comments like, "Should I bother? But I do not have many followers" etc.
Hesitating to consider things is not wrong. You can always sit down and consider the options but from this set, a few joined the first set and went for it, but majority went in for the other set. The one below.

The third set either started off like the second but decided to give in to their fears, doubts and cynicism. They decided not to go for it. Some others immediately pointed out the flaws in the competition and kept asking us to change the rules. In the end, they did not enter.

In all of these three sets of people I learnt something.

From the first set, I learnt that you truly miss a 100% of the shots you do not take. Instead of never competing and therefore never winning, once in a while, take the first step and like Nike, do it!

From the second set, I learnt the value of thinking and weighing my options. Not every-time act first; sometimes think, plan then execute. It is not that they did not have fears or doubts, it is just that those who still went for it, did it, INSPITE OF. And is that not what we are always taught? To do things INSPITE of our fears and anxiety?

From the final set, I learnt the danger of removing myself from a situation without even trying.
When you have nothing to lose (the competition simply required a repost with the winner being chosen based on likes and as such would cost nothing), why not go for it? If you remove yourself from every game, how can you ever play to win?

What do you think?

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