#OAP101 Practical ways to use Social Media for your Shows

Have you come down from the high of the Royal Wedding yet?
I know I haven't! And I can imagine hosts around the world will have plenty of content to use from this wedding and other weekend shenanigans, for weeks to come.

Today, we continue our Social Media tips with some practical ways to use Social Media for your shows. I will be going to the Royal Wedding a lot for my examples because that is the first lesson for you- jump on trends but tweak to suit your personal platform!

When it comes to using Social Media for your shows, think of it in 3 ways.
For one, you use it to PROMOTE and COMPLEMENT what is running.
So for example, if you will be talking about the royal wedding, you can then tweet or put up a video of your comments on it.

Secondly, use Social Media to get CONTENT your show.
As with the example above, you can put a question out on your platform, asking for people's opinions about a subject, and then incorporate the replies in your show.

Thirdly, you can use it to CONTINUE the conversation.
Done with the show? Not said all that you wanted to say? Were not able to take ALL the comments and contributions?
Let Social Media do the rest.

I love using social media in all 3 ways and when you do, it makes your job easier and gives it more influence.

Now let's check out 4 practical things you can do, using 4 different platforms.

If you own a personal blog, or you have opened one for your show, do a blogpost based on either guest interviews or some news or comment shared on the show.
I like to do things like '3 Things you Didn't Know about X Y Z' after a guest comes on my show.

Naturally you should either put up a picture of a guest beforehand and encourage your followers to ask questions, or you can put up a picture of yourself before and after your show talking about what you do.

Tweet some of the songs you play, also, tweet some of the most outrageous contributions on the show, and you can use twitter to continue the conversations started on the show.

Put up clips from the show on your Youtube channel.

I hope these practical tips help.
Implement one or all of them and tell me about it. You can send me an email or a dm on Instagram and Twitter.

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