It's the week of Love Fellaz! Happy Valentines' in advance!

Today, we are crushing on one of my very good friends. He's a content and program manager by day and a rapper by night. I had to have this super short and fun chat with him because I think he's making good music and you should know about it. ;) his name is Jamal Swiss. Enjoy!

1. Your name is Yimika Adesiyun, how did you get the funky name ‘Jamal Swiss’?

JS:  I really just wanted to sound so cool with a rap name. So "JSwiss" came during a Physics exam in school.
Oh i had given up on the exam cause I didn't no jack and my mind began to wonder

Jamal came later on. When I found out the meaning.

2. What’s the greatest wish for your music?

JS: That people in churches and strip clubs can acknowledge it... lol. Tbh That it gets to ends of the world and affect people positively.

3. Tell us one valuable lesson you’ve learnt about life.
JS:"No be who start first dey finish fresh"
A.k.a Trust the process

4. What’s your biggest fear?
JS: Flat tyre on 3rd mainland bridge with no spare.

5. If you could change anything in the world with a switch, it’ll be what?
JS:  My bank account numbers... 😪

Okay the switch itself

6. APART FROM YOURSELF, If you ever get a shot at being someone else, who would it be and why?

JS: Jamie Foxx
Er... cause he is Jamie Foxx!
Nuff said

7. 3 things that make you happy?

JS: Music
Comedy skits
And Ice Tea

8. What’s on your mind this Monday

JS: How to redirect the economy to my side

Stay Inspired, 

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