MCM: 'DJ toh BAD'

Hi guys,

Today's MCM is such a twist from the regular (I think). For a long time, I've been curious about DJs.
How lit their personalities are, how much money they make, their career story? plus a million other questions. However I wasn't able to get answers to all my questions but I did get to a few of them and I'm excited about that.
Our man crush today is Sodiq Ok popularly known as DJtohBAD

PS: I've attended an event he played at and it was LIT lol

1) Did you always want to become a DJ or was that something that just happened? What’s the story? 
DJ: Well...DJing was more of a calling for me (Lol).
I’ve always liked manipulating music for as long I can remember. Whether I’m using my mouth to form an extended version of a song or I’m using my hands. So when the DJ life happened spontaneously, I was somewhat prepared (I

It actually started in my 200 Level back in Uni (Architecture, University Of Lagos). I saw this software on a classmates’s laptop and it caught my eye. It’s called “Virtual DJ”, it is DJ Software. So I copied it to my laptop but I didn’t bother to open it for months.
Fast forward New Year’s eve 2011, I was bored and I decided to open the software. Few hours into it, it was making sense and I think it was because I already had to large collection of songs on my laptop.

We have a New Year’s Party in my house annually and we have a DJ we use but I was feeling very confident so I told my cousin I’ll be the DJ and that all I needed was for the other DJ to bring speakers. “I can do it” I kept telling my cousin. “Are you sure?” was always his response. “Yes I am sure” (but I wasn’t really sure LMAOO)
I was nervous as people started trooping in cause the party is usually a big deal but got more comfortable cause half of them were cousins who came around to encourage me from time to time during the party. It went okay and everyone enjoyed themselves. Some Guests came to ask for my number and it was weird because I didn’t even have a DJ name

My DJ name kinda just happened...During The Party, peeps kept saying “DJ yi bad gan!” “Dj Tohbad!” And for some reason the name just stuck lol. I liked the name cause it’s Yoruba infused with English (Yorubanglish lol) “Toh” in English means “That is” and the “bad” is used in a context that means the exact opposite.

So I’m the BADDEST DJ cause I’m freaking GOOD!
I added the letter H to make it more unique.


 2) What do you love most about your career as a DJ?

DJ: I LOVE connecting and interacting with the crowd through the music. Dropping the volume of a song at certain points so the Crowd can sing it out loud hearing themselves creates a thrill and ultimately connects the DJ to the crowd.
Music is also an escape from “outside world” for a lot of people (Myself included) So to provide an escape for people through music even if it’s for a brief moment gives me to so much joy.

3) If you could listen to only one genre of music for the rest of your life, what genre would that be?

DJ: Loool. This one is hard o. Being a DJ allows you to be open minded when it comes to music. So you tend to be more diverse in music genres but if I was to choose a genre it will definitely be AFROBEAT!

4)  What's been your best and worst experiences so far as a DJ?
DJ: Haayyy LMAOO...Worst experiences for me are always when I’m having technical issues. Speakers going bad, laptop deciding not to come on just before or during gig, sound engineer coming late. Thankfully these issues get resolved one way or the other and I’m back to rocking the crowd!

Best experience for me happened last year. I was the DJ for GOOGLE in Nigeria’s end of the year party. GOOGLE! Hayyy I wanted to faint lol

I had my OWN stage with a huge LED screen behind me, mood lights and the whole serenre. It was like a concert. Loved every minute!

I killed the show! (Obviously haha!)

5) One advice you’ll give to aspiring DJs' out there?

DJ: Practise! , Practise!!, Practise!!! I cannot emphasize this enough! Understand the basics very well. No one is an island..Learn from others. Listen to the radio as often as you can, go to parties/clubs, watch and listen to the DJs. You will pick up a thing or two.

6) What’s on your mind this Monday? 
DJ: Lool! Looking forward to trying out the new equipment I just got!

That's it guys! Stay inspired

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