Hi guys,
Happy Wednesday, where are all my beauty enthusiasts and entrepreneurs? Our woman crush today is  the beautiful Lape Asekun. She is the founder of Beauty Geek, A beauty site that answers to beauty related topics like hair, make up, skin care, You name it?
I decided to have a short chat with her especially when I found out she started this while in school. Enjoy ;)

 1)  How did Beautygeek begin?

LA:  It was just a hobby I enjoyed teaching people about beauty make up make up and hair.

2)     What helps you push through on days when you’re doubtful?
LA:  A lot of people look up to the brand. And in our own little way we help motivate others that's why I don't stop but I continue even when it's really difficult

3)     When you look at the success of Beauty Geek so far, how does it make you feel?
LA:   To be honest I feel like I have so much to do that I haven't done yet. I am glad we've come this far but I don't see it as a big achievement I just keep thinking I have much more to do

4)     Please share with us any important lessons you’ve learnt from building a business?
LA:   I've learned that you can't do it alone you need a team of people who believe in what you're doing and are ready to put in all the effort to make it a success.

5)     A happy day for you will consist of:

LA:   A happy day would be the day Beauty Geek is recognized as the leading  beauty PR company in Africa

6)     If you could pick only one make up product to use for the rest of your life. It’ll be what?
LA:  Eyebrow pencil that's all I need

7)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

LA:   Thinking about how to get new clients and create the perfect PR strategies for current clients.

That's it guys
Stay Inspired

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