Happy New Week Fellaz,

Today is such a light Monday for me and I couldn't be happier! I thought it would be a great time to ask our MCM the most trivial questions he's probably ever answered and guess what, he was a perfect gentleman about it! Our MCM is the singer and songwriter Eric Ahiauzu, You might know him as Ric Hassani. Enjoy :)

Hi Ric!

1)     If you had the chance to exchange voices with anyone in the world, whose voice are you taking?
RH:  Definitely Craig David.
2)     What’s your most favourite song by you?
RH:  Police

3)     Three things you can’t do without?
RH: Glasses, Tooth brush & Paste, and Roll-on

4)     What’s one event you think changed the course of your life and why?
RH: Malawi, 2015, Lake of Stars. I headlined that event. Changed by life coz before then I'd wanted to give up music. I'd gotten a PhD admission that I'd actually turned down for that show, coz it was supposed to start same day in England. So it was either music in Malawi, or Academics in England. I chose Malawi.

5)     What’s one subject matter you’d love to sing about but haven’t yet done?
RH: A Bad break up with someone that you don't want back.

6)     If you could give a piece advice to your 20-year old and your 50-year old self, you’d say…
RH:Relax, just Relax.

7)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
RH:Work, Music, Food, Gym, and Black Panther.

That's it guys!
Stay inspired :)

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