#OAP101 4 Ways to Stay Fresh and Credible as a Media Host

Hello fresh, aspiring or established media personality,
It is a beautiful new week and I am writing this, sipping my tea, and thinking about how to keep being fresh and credible.

The truth is, there are 2 things you want to avoid on this journey- being thought of as stale, and being thought of as fake, as in, a source of fake news.

Some of the ways to stay fresh and credible are:

- Verifying your Sources
This is one of the most established tenets of journalism and I still get surprised when even interns or students on Industrial Attachment feel comfortable presenting me with stories, or worse, going on air with stories based on, 'People say...'

Investigative Journalism even has higher standards but whether you went to media school or not, as with life, so with news- check, recheck, double check.

- Consuming Different Kinds of Content
If you are into Music, you can still get some content from Sports. If you love News, Fashion may surprise you.
By watching and listening to other kinds of content, you stay updated and easily adaptable.

- Checking out Trends
Social Media platforms are making things a lot easier for us these days as they have things like 'Explore' (Instagram), 'Trending' (Twitter) and more.
A simple daily glance at online trends can help ensure you keep up with what everyone is talking about.

- Gisting with People
Sometimes, just a good kickback with people provides a world of fresh news, stories and talking points for you.
By listening to them and enjoying what they say, you get an insight into what people are excited, worried or lackadaisical about.
This can help you immensely.

What do you think of these tips? How do you stay fresh and credible as a media host from your end?
s.h.a.r.e with me.


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