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Our MCM today is the amiable Adeolu Adefarasin. He's an actor and TV host. He currently anchors 'Shop Talk' a show that discusses relevant topics in the society. 
You may have also seen him in movies like 'The Wedding party', 'New money' and renowned web series 'Skinny girl in transit' where he plays the role of 'Nathan. I decided to have a chat with him today to hear more about his story and he sure does have a lot of wisdom oozing out of him. I hope you enjoy ;)

Hi Adeolu!

1)     Why did you choose to be an actor and not something else? 

ADEOLU: Just before I moved to school in the UK I went to go and see a performance of Les miserables expecting to hate it but instead loved it, when I started school I had to pick and extra subject, between drama and home economics, that experience watching Les miserables made me choose drama. I was young and at first I treated it like a class I got to play in but the more I did it the more I fell in love with it. It became something I wanted to do at any given opportunity. To tell stories, to see from different perspectives. I also fell in love with watching film and the way it inspired me to think differently and to do and be better since then I haven't looked back.

2)     You have a series 'Shop Talk' where a group of young people come together to discuss relevant issues, how did that come about?

ADEOLU: Shop Talk came almost out of nowhere, it wasn't a goal or something I foresaw myself doing till it came to me. After a programme in my church called the manifestation is when it all began. It bothered me that there were next to no men in attendance. Yet we talk of men as leaders but men aren't seeking wisdom or things of faith. And so how can men be expected to lead with wisdom or have values they don't pursue. That birthed the idea of putting me in a place to speak openly and honestly about real issues they don't usually speak up about and feed in good strong values so they can begin to have positive impact.

3) Your favourite thing to do outside of work is ............

ADEOLU: I watch a lot of shows and films. A LOT!

3)     You must have times when things aren’t going well for you, how do you get yourself back up during those times?

ADEOLU: I can't pretend to fully have the answer to that. It's one thing in your head to know that it is in the testing of your faith that  endurance is produced and another to go through the process without sometimes rebelling. It's about being intentional and God is teaching me perspective. This life can't kill you when you know that life in Him is eternal. So no matter what it is, it will pass. It's also integrative found to surround yourself with people that will lift you up when you struggle to lift yourself up. 

5)     What three tips will you give to someone starting out in the entertainment industry? (acting especially)?

ADEOLU: - be diligent, don't slack cause others are slacking, be timely and be courteous.

- remember the goal you set yourself and let that lead you in what you do and don't do. Selling out won't get you where you're going and getting to where you're going I'd more important than just going anywhere

- rejection is part of the job and most of the times it's got nothing to do with you so don't take it personally.

6)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

ADEOLU: To my 20 old self, concentrate on what you want in life, don't get too distracted and in the end it's not about you, everything in this life is bigger than you, look beyond yourself .

50 old self, again it's not all about you. Whether the future looks like you imagined or hoped, it's not about you it's about what you put in others. So I hope you thought of others in the road more than yourself. 

7)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

A nation of talkers! We talk, we pray, we lament but we don't listen. We don't listen to others, we don't listen to God. We don't listen to crying hearts and we don't listen to direction, we are inactive! Faith without works is dead, and we are the walking dead, what will stir us up to act if not the mass casualties these past weeks? If not the senselessness of it all. We can and should hold our leaders more accountable but I'm more concerned about holding ourselves more accountable. We who are not in governance, we who are not in political office far outnumber those who are. Our voices would be louder if we speak up and our footprints will sink deeper if we stand up.

“I don't know what to do about our economy, crime, corruption, terrorism, education, lawlessness and lack of infrastructure all I know is that first you've gotta get up or off your seats, stick your head up and yell, 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Your influence is always wider than you think it is, don't wait for someone with more power to do something, just start, God will always meet you at the point of your faith. Faith is not what you do when you know confirmed end, it's what you do when you don't. Do something for Nigeria today! All our small rumblings will add up to an earthquake; Cause the ground beneath you to shake because something has gotta give!

Hmmn...So much food for thoughts, but that's it guys!
Stay inspired,

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