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Today is a great day to crush on a pretty woman. Don't you think? The first time I ever really noticed her was in a movie called  'Weekend getaway'. There was something about her acting and I kid you not,I kept rewinding to watch her scenes again; the way she played her character as if she actually wasn't playing it and how she eased into it. From then on, I've seen many of her works (Being Ms Elliot, Last flight to Abuja amongst others) and I continue to be impressed. I guess when you're really talented, it has no choice but to shine through.

Our WCW is the beautiful actress, and director of Chime for Art foundation, Uru Eke. Enjoy ;)

Hi Uru,

1)     Was there any particular occurrence in your life that made you sure that acting was the right path for you?
URU:  I wouldn't say there was an actual occurrence, I've just loved assuming the role of someone else, stepping out of character to play a fictitious person is somewhat liberating.

2) You're the director of the 'Chime for Art' Foundation, why did was it important for you to begin this foundation?
URU: The foundation was created to produce films that promote social change, this is my way of impacting our society.

3)     If you had the chance to play the lead role in any classic (local or international) which movie will that be?

URU: Oh wow!! I really don't know.

4) Nobody should disturb you when you're ........
URU: Sleeping. can't stand it when I get a call in the morning before 8am. I don't go to bed early so by 8am, if I don't have work to get to - I am still snuggled up deep in sleep.

5)     What three three tips will you give to those starting out in the entertainment industry (acting specifically) ?
URU: a)Never ever give up on your dream

b) You need to be resilient regardless of the obstacles

c)When a door closes, somewhere God opens a window.

6)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

URU: 20year old self- wish I didn't over analyze so much

50year old self- That God I was able to do XYZ...

7)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
URU:- Stay hustling till I have to hustle no more

Thats it guys,
Stay inspired.

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