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Today we are crushing on a young, talented and of course very handsome man. He's an actor, event host and a Fashion Model. He rose to limelight after playing the role of Soji in Tinsel. He has since then gone further to do greater things in the Nigerian Entertainment scene. Enjoy my short chat with him ;)

Hi Gbenro!
1)     Why exactly did you choose to be an actor and not something else? (Details please) 
GBENRO: I would say acting chose me because I never saw myself as an actor. Modeling was my thing and I was doing it professionally for a few years before Tinsel(which was my first) came knocking .The audition info came to me as a TV commercial for Mnet from my agent back then.(Wildhoney models)

2)     If you had the chance to play the lead role in any classic ,local or international which movie will it have to be?
Local :Sango
 International: incredible hulk(any rugged superhero)

3) Your favourite thing to do outside of work is ...........

GBENRO: workout,karate,basketball,video games,cooking

4)     You must have times when things aren’t going well for you, how do you get yourself back up during those times?

GBENRO:  Music all the way!!

5)     What three tips will you give to those starting out in the entertainment industry? (acting specifically)?
GBENRO: Be ready,work and pray !

6)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?
GBENRO:  Thank regrets

7)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

GBENRO: My wife and daughter

PS: I can totally see him playing Sango. lol

That's it guys,
Stay inspired

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