#TosynTravels Day 3 of Mauritius... O look at them toned legs!

By Day 3 of being at the Outrigger Resort for the Multichoice Africa content showcase, I had noticed something odd- I had muscles.

Okay let me clarify. Of course I have muscles, we all do. But I could actually feel them. Specifically my legs. And that's because we were doing a lot of walking, running, clapping, standing and more, on a beach.

Not going to complain though, toned abs, arms and legs are every girl's dream.

Of all the roundtables so far, the Zee World was one that had me smiling a bit sheepishly. I mean, for someone who overdosed on 'Ghazab', 'Sholay, 'Maad' and more, sitting in a room with a panel that could bring that and more to my room (via the tv silly) made me happy. I almost burst into song.
In attendance were the CEO of Zee Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (Harish Gyal), the Business Head CAT2 Zee Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (Ratna Siriah) and Linda Oliphant, the Marketing Manager, Zee World Africa.

Do you know the cooking shows on Zee World have to be customised, especially in terms of the ingredients? Not everything available in India is available here! The movies and television shows are also customised with some of the singing cut out (noooooooy, and titles changed.
Also, the old movies will air soon starting with 'Sholay'. Heyyyyyyyyy.I spent my day being a kid again. Blame Turner!

Basically Turner had a Fun Fair Factory and Sundowners planned for us. First we got in teams, then in smaller groups, and we played games. I learnt two things- wearing a cap can be an advantage when playing games, and I can actually throw better than I give myself credit for.
The drinks were on the house and delish, the food and desserts tasted so good, and o, I made a lot of new, mute friends.
Check out some pictures from my day and get ready for the Day 4 gist. It involved an Avenger... Or five.

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