Holidays are becoming Happee thanks to Turner and DSTV!

Pop Up channels are becoming quite a thing on DSTV and now, MultiChoice Africa and Turner Broadcasting will make African television history with a first African pop-up children’s channel! The channel called ‘Hoolee’ will  be up from December 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016 on DStv Premium.

“Imagine laughing, sharing surprising adventures and celebrating the summer holidays with your children every day. This is what the pop-up channel has in store for the whole family” says MultiChoice Africa CEO, Tim Jacobs.

(I can imagine, after Turner Time at the #OnlyTheBest content showcase which basically turned us into kids again).

Of course, Turner already has two children's channels on DSTV- Boomerang and Cartoon Network, but now subscribers will enjoy Hoolee with it's ground breaking eight week long programming, built around a selection of the very best shows from Turner and Warner Brothers productions, as well as premieres of the latest and the best.

With a large volume of 100 hours programs, the new channel will offer carefully chosen movies and animated shows. So that, DSTV viewers will enjoy all the festivities of the holidays with bright, refreshing, surprising and joyful content.

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