#TBDaily x #TV 3 Things I love about Quantico... 2 things they need to watch out for!

Get your wine and your favourite snack because it is tv season again!
And as #TVGirl, i am here to let you know what's good, what's hot and more.

So some shows like "Empire" are back for a second season and that's exciting already, but then there are some new shows like "Quantico" (drama from executive producers Josh Safran and Mark Gordon which explores the lives of young FBI recruits; each with a secret).begging for love. Guess what Quantico? with that first episode, there is no reason to beg. I am ready for you, and here is why!

+ Aunjaune Ellis

I first stumbled on this lady on 'The Mentalist' where she played Patrick Jane's boss.
She is beautiful, she is sassy and she is talented. I saw her again on 'Book of Negroes' and see that she was also in 'The Maid' so it's been a long time coming but yes! Seeing her rocking that hair and speaking like a boss made me sit up!


+ Grey's Anatomy and Rookie Blue are back!
What i mean is, this will be just like the first seasons of Grey's and Rookie Blue which also began their seasons with recruits. Now we have some newbies in the FBI but one of them is a terrorist? o ho... this can't be good. BUT, expect the drama, the raunchy make out scenes and a lot of beautiful people.

+ The action
O please give us action!
We want car chases, mysteries and more and since the first episode had an explosion and a getaway, i think we are on to something.

So that is what i love but what do i want them to watch out for?

+ Grey's and Rookie issues
You know how the interns then became the bosses? If not handled well, it may blow up in their faces because there is something about cute recruits and us not wanting them to grow up.

+ Getting Lost like Lost
Remember Lost season 1?
It was sooooo good!

We watched as they unravelled things, wondered about 'the others' and loved the flashbacks.
But then it seemed Lost got lost and then we switched off. So here is the thing, there are so many secrets in this series and some flashbacks that if they are not careful, they will lose us.

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