#TBDaily x #SkincareSaturday: Egg Yolk Mask

I'm at it again, trying things and staring in the mirror.

Remember when I washed my hair with cocacola?

What happens when you wash your hair with Coke?

 And don't forget that time I had lemon water every day for a week?

Is Lemon Water good for your body?

Even slept with onions on my feet. Yup. The things I do.

Yesterday I saw something about egg yolks and the face so a light bulb went off in my head and this morning I did a quick face scrub.
But first, what does the internet say about egg yolk? Well for one, they say it locks moisture into your skin cells and is great for people with dry skin. It helps to moisturise and protects.
Okay o.

You can make egg yolk masks with avocado, honey, bananas, olive oil etc but please ensure you read up on each ingredient and combination before going ahead.

I used one egg (used the yolk and the white though), some sea salt and my favourite face soap and mixed together. I thought I would hate the smell or having it on my face but it honestly smelt nice and didn't feel bad. There was some left over so my feet got a treat too!

I left it on for about fifteen minutes, washed off and honestly, my face looked better than when I wash with just soap.

Do I recommend it?
A plain egg yolk mask for days you are rushing out the door, and a few more ingredients at the weekend when you have more time. But as a friend warned once, don't put all the products on your face and neglect to put IN your body.

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