#PinkFootball My highlights from Man U .v. Liverpool

Let me start by conceding this truth- Benteke's goal was goal of the game.
But he's not a red devil so, moving on.

My first highlight is Daley Blind. Not just his goal nor his save but the sum of all. When a player scores, plays and even keeps, then he deserves Man of the Match.

Martial (not Marshall dear Nigerians) is of course, a big highlight. I mean, they buy you, the press slays you, you come in as a substitute to applause, then you dribble three grown men like #IzNoring and score a goal. On your frigging debut!

I love how he celebrated with the fans first then gave Young (who passed to him) a bear hug.

Erm, anyone else think he looks like dude from 'Everybody Hates Chris'?

And my final highlight is United's first goal which came from a free kick that had obviously been practised in training and created by Van Gaal. It involved a bit of deception, some blocking (Schweinsteiger) and then a blinding kick.

There you have it. My highlights from Man Utd .v. Liverpool.

What are yours?

P.s, thanks for staying De Gea

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