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This week is different so no, I didn't actually have a chat with Kemi; that will happen some day soon (yup!) but I like to think I know a few things about her so I thought, 'Why not share some of the inspiring lessons I've learnt just from studying her and stalking her Instagram?

Our WCW is music video director and filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba.  Enjoy and share with me some of your lessons ;)

Never stop learning, pushing and and exploring all your passions. Kemi started out professionally as a radio presenter with Rhythm 93.7 FM, then proceeded to TV Presenting to host hit shows, Studio 53 and Temptation Nigeria.
After this, she enrolled in the New York Film Academy to learn more about being behind the camera. Today, she is one of Nigeria's finest video directors.
Her first feature film "The Wedding Party" was the highest grossing movie in Nigeria, 2016.
Seems like it's safe to say Kemi really has a MIDAS touch, whatever she touches turns into gold and that leads me to my next point...

I've heard Kemi say this countless times, the quality of your work is what really sells you. Little wonder it's easy to see how much of herself she puts into every work she releases.

As humans, we all desire validation but what happens when we start giving it priority over things that are of more importance?
The focus shouldn't be validation from awards. They are nice, but your validation should come from the kind of work you put out and people's reactions to it. It should be the sweat and hard work you put into transforming an idea in your head into visuals that can be shared with plenty. 
Your goal should be "showing up" every time you are asked to step up into the plate. Every time you have a chance to showcase your craft, your mission is to knock it out the park. Simply put, just shut up and do the work, even if it feels no one is watching. They may deny you many things, but they can never deny that you did the work. -Kemi Adetiba

4. NEVER STOP LEARNING. From stalking Kemi on Instagram, you can tell how knowledgeable she is. It's like she knows something about everything, quite literally. I can't even begin to tell you about the most trivial things I've learnt from following her page- from music, to sports and even to cooking. Kemi knows EVERYTHING. Okay, to be fairer, she sure does know a lot of stuff!! So keep learning!

That's it guys!
Keep being inspired,

PS:  Kemi began an online series which documents the lives of extraordinary Nigerian women, watch it here
PPS: Kemi hopes to one day win an Oscar. With how hard she works, I really hope this dream does come true for her. Thanks for being our WCW Kemi Adetiba ;)

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