#TBDaily Let me tell you about a Prisoner named Joe

Okay let me be honest, I do not remember his name. I think it was Joe but let's just still call him Joe.

I was watching my new addiction, 'LockUp', a series that takes a look at prisons in America. The tv crew will go to a prison and spend time there, finding stories about love, dealing with addiction, gangs, punishment and more, within the prison. If you can, catch an episode; it is on Fox Life and I watch it on Kwesé TV.

I watched an episode over the weekend where there was a prisoner named Joe. Joe had been in and out of prison for most of his life, starting from when he was 18. As at the time the show caught up with him, he was nearing his parole period. For some reason, he then began to act up. One of the guards said to the producers that it might be fear causing him to keep misbehaving.

Does that sound weird? Fear of being out? You would think it would be more a case of joy and anticipation right?

Apparently not.

Finally, his release day came and Joe was so excited! He changed into non-prison clothes excitedly, ready to start afresh and definitely not come back.

He came back.

Infact, he ran away from the halfway house he had been placed in, and was found at a petrol-station near the prison. He will now serve the remainder of his term behind bars.

We might be tempted to laugh at Joe but think about how like Joe we are sometimes in our own daily lives.

1. How many times have we done or said things we shouldn't have out of fear? Sometimes instead of letting ourselves be vulnerable and express our fear, we cover it up with anger.
What can we do? Do not deny things you feel; acknowledge the fear and then try to work on it.

2. Joe had freedom but couldn't handle it; he had got so used to another life and went back to it.
Sometimes we let routine become a prison for us and run back to it instead of facing the unknown and using our freedom wisely.
Be careful about things and situations you hold on to simply because that is all you know. Try new things and see what may come from that.

I hope you all have a great Monday!


#TBDaily Rain, Rain, I Better Stay (and Watch TV)

I have a great plan for how to survive Lagos (when it rains)- stay at home. 

There really is no point stepping out where the first the drop of rain seems to send a signal to the Traffic Fairy to sprinkle Traffic dust on even the side roads.
What is the point?

Stay at home, watch television, bring out a puzzle or read.

Speaking of reading, what was the last good novel you read?
I find that the jet age has not only made us less social, but also less interested in anything that actually involves the physical turn of a leaf. Why buy a Jeffrey Archer when you can read it online? But you know you can’t replace the feel nor smell of a book. And that page turn is very special. So by all means read. And then tweet your review of the book! Don't forget to cc me on twitter when you do!

Television watching is surely an art. My favourite time is when the remote control is in my hand and i am in control of what i watch. (It sure beats years ago when I was the remote control. As in, “Tosyn, change it to LTV”). It is lovely when the scheduling is so great that 'Judge Judy' comes on after 'Evil Twins' which comes after a movie or so, unlike days when three of my favourite shows air at the same time! 'Why Evuls?' It sucks because you then have to do the five minute or commercial break dash when you switch between each show every five minutes, or at commercial breaks.

 What is your current favourite thing to watch on television?
I am looking forward to watch the FIFA Womens' World Cup and of course, Judge Judy! 

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