#MondayMotivation There came a king which knew not Joseph

The story of Joseph in the Bible is a well known story.

A boy, hated by his brothers, is eventually sold into slavery and then thrown into jail. But he grows up to become Pharoah's trusted servant.

Joseph's story in itself is full of lessons but if you read a little further, you get to the part of the Bible where it says, "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph".
So picture this. This great man had saved a nation and his family from starvation and was the stuff of legends for a while. But eventually, like it or not, there came a king which knew not Joseph.
This teaches me a few things.

Tell your story
While the name 'Joseph' would have been well known for a generation or two, after a while, it seemed to have faded from main history.
Imagine if we didn't have the story of David and Goliath in the Bible? Imagine if noone ever wrote about the Titanic? Imagine if there was no Elvis museum?
What this tells me is it is not enough to do great things, you must also tell these stories...

Again and Again
Don't just tell it once- tell it again. Say it on radio, say it on television, put it in a book. I am not talking about you yourself getting on these platforms (but if you can why not), I am talking about having a pr and branding strategy that works.
Sometimes your work will speak for itself for years (I mean, see Thor!) but other times, you have to ensure people don't forget you and what you do!

Don't rely on past glory
This is a big DON'T!
Ever met someone who is only about "I did this" and "I did that" and YES, the things you DID are great for bragging rights (like you know if you DID come up with Facebook or the tag line, "Just Do It") but the danger is resting on that.
What you did is only relevant to us if it relates to what you are DOing as well.
Your past is great and we all pray for an awesome future but our present is exactly that. Present.

Guess what? No matter how good or unique you are, there'll always be someone else who does what you do. Thought of a great business idea? Awesome. But o look, so have ten other people.
The point is, there will always be space for you, and always someone out there who does not know you.
So what should you do?

Conquer new territories
One thing that amuses me about radio is- there's a new listener every day. Every week I get at least three people who tuned in to my show for the first time, or who are meeting me for the first time.
I see every one who does not know me as a chance to get them to know me. It's like new markets, it's a chance to get them to know you and that way, you channel new things to your show / business.
Imagine this- your favourite cola brand has to remind old customers why they drink x cola, but they have to tell younger ones why they should drink x cola!

You can think of it as scary, but I choose to see it as exciting.

There's a whole new world out there for us to conquer.

Remember, for every new king that knew not (insert your name / brand / business), it's an opportunity to get them to not only know you, but to win them over to your corner!

Go out there and be awesome

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