#ThrowbackThursday Lunch in Heels and skin from Ebony and Indigo

Last weekend was a good one for me inspite of my battling the final days of malaria treatment.
Having taken two days off work, I resumed on Friday and right after that had a lunch which turned into dinner of some sorts.

It was put together by @Ifueko_Ify (do you also name people by their social media handles?) and was at the 'Heels in the Kitchen' place with Chef Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen cooking up a storm, not just for us, but for a dinner party she had later that day.

Creative people are some of the best multi-taskers you will ever meet.

It was one of those networking (but with food and alcohol) type meets and I finally got to meet @SocialPrefect (I'm doing it again) in person.

Altogether a lovely lunch (mashed potatoes, couscous, fish AND chicken with toast like I had never had it before for dessert), great company (I don't think I stopped laughing at any point), and interesting connections.

Saturday was equally uplifting for me as I got introduced to a brand I had only heard about and browsed from afar- 'Ebony and Indigo'.

Simply put, 'Ebony and Indigo' is a boutique for Natural Skincare products.
I had browsed the site beforehand and coveted a few things and you can too- ( Ebony and Indigo ) so was actually happy to be able to get some of those things finally!

The beautiful thing is there is so much to find and try. I got some day and night cream, as well as hand and foot creams (because you know my battle with dry skin and how the hands and feet suffer it the most). I also got soap, masks and silk towel (all natural, very soft and to-die-for!

Now I would love to stay and chat but it's time for me to put some mud (well more like a mud mask) on my face!

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