#MondayMotivation The thing about Successful pioneers...

One set of people I am fascinated with? Pioneers.

Pioneers are people who are among the first to explore or settle in a new country or area OR, develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).

For me, I think of pioneers as either the first to do it (like first man to walk on the moon), or the first to do it differently (like Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines). And of course, just as there are pioneers, there are SUCCESSFUL pioneers, because, let's face it- not everyone who was the first to do it was the first to do it well.

While successful pioneers suffer a lot at the start (they don't have someone to follow, they get mocked, taunted, discouraged and sometimes even have people try to stop them), they have an extra advantage- they will always be remembered.

When people mention the competition, they reference them. When people talk about the place, idea or industry, their name comes up. In summary, they become the S.I unit for that conversation.

We won't all be pioneers. Sometimes we will be followers or first followers. BUT, if you do want to go for it and be the first to do something successfully, know that even though it comes with its headaches, your name will be in the history books forever.

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