#TravelThursday: Learning a new language

Travelling to a country where they speak a totally different language from yours can be terrifying but you probably only do that when you have a friend that speaks the language or someone there you know.

There is nothing wrong however with learning the basics and here some great ways of doing that.


You can download audio files of the language and listen while you go about your daily business. Before you know it, you will be saying "bonjour" and "ekaro" like... well, you.


A language dictionary which compares the language you want to learn and that which you already know is handy before and during yyour trip.
Just know noone looks cool whipping out a book on a busy street to ask questions.


Tv shows and programs in the language you want to learn are also indispensable at this point, so binge on them. Watch, watch, watch and listen. You will be pleasantly surprised how much of it you actually pick up.


If you prefer to read, literary fiction and language texts. One of my favourites is the "Teach Yourself..." series. I once taught myself Germanbut because i had noone to speak it with i forgot all of it. Which is why the last tip is crucial.


If you don't practise you will forget. Speak the language daily either to someone in person or via skype.

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