4 of my favorite looks to the Beyonce's Soul Train-themed party

Yesterday, September 5th, Beyonce set out to celebrate her 35th birthday in groovy style. And she chose one of the best themes ever: Soul Train. And when you think of Soul Train, what comes to mind? That's right Afros, bare midriffs, boot cut trousers, Soul music and all of that 70s goodness. While Blue Ivy stole the show, when she shouted: "Happy Birthday, Mummy" and then stole a bite of the birthday cake, the star studded party had some great looks that are worth looking at again. Here are 5 of my favorite looks, based on who kept to the theme and looked like a star doing it!

 1. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beat giving us couple style goals as they got the theme to the T! Alicia's boot cut jeans paired perfected with this blouse that screams 70s might just bring 70s back! And o, the bandanna just completes the look nicely!

2. Kelly Rowland

 O okay Kelly; we see you all 70s glam and sexy you! Kelly Rowland came as a Disco girl in a shimmering gold jumpsuit with a neckline that plunged to her midriff and a gold chain belt. Don't try this at home kids, especially if your work out game is not on point! 4. Michelle Williams Speaking of work out game...

3. Michelle Williams everyone!

Michelle looks ready to par-tay in a silver and white attire that does wonders for her glowing complexion. You go girl!

 4. Usher

 Usher went all out. Looked a little like a Aladdin, Yet, the Arabian prince look was good on him. Plus the jade green turban and necklace is a testament to his good taste. Now what was your favorite look?

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