#TravelThursday Creative ways to save money on your next trip

So the recession is in, but people still have to travel, right? Of course. Like the popular saying goes: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

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So how to save money in this recession while still traveling? Sign me up! Well, it does involve a little bit of effort, but the amount in savings? Totally worth it!

Let's take the tips step by step shall we?


Best travel deals
Always look out for sweet travel deals, depending on where you are going and when. There are likely to be travel or tourism agencies offering packages that could help you save a chunk of money. Be on the look out.

Best time to travel
Naturally, peak perods mean more expensive everything- flights, accommodation etc. Be a rebel and take trips during off peak periods instead. Added advantage is you also avoid the crowds.

Pro bono and Group tours

Some trips come with your hotel package and you can take advantage of that. Another thing to take advantage of is group tours as this automatically brings the price down. A lot of tour companies in Dubai for example, offer the Desert Safari and similar guided tours. 

In some places, week day tours are cheaper than weekend tours so check for that.

Travel like a local
If you are in a group, you can travel like a locale. This means using the public transportation system and eating at some of the local bars.

Put safety and health first though!

The Joy of Duty Free
I like to save some money for shopping at the airport when coming back home. It's duty free and you can get some great deals.

Got any other tips you would like to share?

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