#ShopTosyn My first week of Monochrome


So last week I dug up some jackets and rocked a fabulous jacket week.
This week I played with black, and white.

Honestly, I thought it would be fun but it was a bit of a struggle. For one, the way I had the looks in my head didn't play out, and I guess I'm so casual that colour is a saving grace for me.
Nevertheless I stuck with it and had fun.

Monday was a simple black dress in ode to the #LBD. Tuesday I went 'gangster' as a colleague put it while Wednesday saw me with some baggy pants. I wore a skirt on Thursday (shock!horror!) then flipped things with an #LWD (Little White Dress) today (Friday).

My Favourite Day: Friday surprisingly because the one I thought wouldn't work, popped!
Least Favourite Day: Wednesday. The proportions weren't great
What I Learnt: Monochrome looks great but get contrasts right and o, cheat lightly with a dash of colour. Eg, black, white and red.

My Tips
1. Start with one of the colours then layer/offset with the other

2. Break it up in fun way, eg, your hair and neck accessories

3. Use patterns like polka dots, stripes etc for a cute or fun take on the look and keep it plain if it's more for the office or something formal.

Got any votes for what I should try next?

#4pminLagos What did Miley Cyrus ever do to you?

A U.K Coupon site, Voucher.UK has done a survey which reveals that according to UK mums and dads, Miley Cyrus is the Number One Female Celeb they consider a bad influence for their kids.

Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian came second and third respectively.

As for the guys, Kanye West is surprisingly Number 1, while less surprisingly, Justin Bieber is at 2 and Zayn Malik of One Direction is at Number 3.

So who do they think their kids should look up to?

Well, most of the 227 mums and dads asked voted Kate Middleton umber 1 and Taylor Swift 2, then Ed Sheeran and One Direction's Harry Styles as 1 and 2 respectively.

So, what do you think? Are these parents justified?


#TBDaily CONVERSATIONS with my SISTER: Them that think and Them that do!

I worked on a project with my sister yesterday and was reminded of the universal difference between both of us.

The thing is, Funke and I are similar in a lot of ways. We love to dance, we are bubbly, we talk (a lot) and are friendly.
Then there are the differences. I'm timid to her confident and I'm an introvert while she is very extroverted.

But perhaps the one difference that sticks out most for me is this- she does while I think.

You know how they say the grave has the best ideas? I think those must be people who thought and processed and internalised then went to bed.
We have grand ideas, big plans, strategies and postulations. 

Doers on the hand, do. 

I think to make progress in life, one needs a healthy dose of both.

Imagine if we only did but never thought? Then bridges would not connect and phones would not work. But what if all we did was think? Then what planes would we actually fly in if they were only thoughts in our head?

My secret is to take regular doses of  Funkemycin and remind myself to do!
If you are a thinker, i urge you to either force yourself to do, or at least DO hire someone who can do what you think, and if you are a  Doer, then same!

#4pmInLagos One Mic Naija is on August 30th!

Lagos is agog as we have announced the date for Nigeria's coolest concert series, One Mic Naija.

Scheduled to hold at Ember Creek, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, this month’s edition of the show will hold on Sunday, 30th August, 2015.

 Over the years, One Mic Naija has consistently delivered top notch performances with top music stars treating music lovers to quality live music. Recently, artistes like Korede Bello, AKA, Iyanya, Reminisce, Jesse Jagz, Kiss Daniel, Koker, Cynthia Morgan, Ayo jay and Bez have all performed and there's much to look forward to for this edition!

The last edition of the event held on Sunday, 28 June, 2015, and it witnessed several exhilarating performances from artistes like Bez Idakula, Koker, Sojay, Tomi Odunsi, Efa and Fefe. One Mic Naija is Nigeria’s coolest fully live concert which holds bi-monthly.

It sets out to provide artists the platform to present their music to fans in a very intimate setting, while also mingling and collaborating with fellow artistes. The well attended event has 'fans' like Banky W, naeto C, Wizkid and M.I who have all attended in the past.

Don't forget to stay glued to 'onemicnaija' across all social media platforms for performer announcements and more!


#OAP101 Episode 1

Listen to OAP 101 Episode 1 by TosynBucknor #np on #SoundCloud

#FromTheShow New Music Monday with Fefe

Monday kicked off pretty good with #TopoftheMorningwithTosynBucknor. If you have never listened to my radio show... *clutches chest*. Mondays to Fridays on Top Radio 90.9. Hey, go mobile-

I had fun with Old New Music Monday where I played two songs from an artiste- one old and one new. Today gave me a good chance to play Korede Bello's "Godwin" and also "I Love Naija", his first song I ever heard. The nostalgia request got songs like "Omode Meta" Tony Tetuila, Banky W's "Ebute Metta" and more requested for and by The Alternative Hour, I was well and truly thrown back. Gave them some Kenny Rogers, Cranberries and then brought it back with Clay's cover of "Godwin".

For New Music Monday, I had the crazy sexy cool (her words, not mine), Fefe in the building as a co-host.
 We listened to her songs like "Aura" (she promises there'll be a video for this one), and the new one "Make Sense". Also featured the Drake and Meek diss tracks, some Bosun, P Square's "Bring it on" and Femi's "Tumbo".

I learnt some fun things about Fefe. Like how she doesn't like to take medication when she has a cold, and would describe herself as Crazy, Sexy Cool if she had just three words! She is currently checking out "Motion" by Dj Lambo, and her throwback song was "Noone else comes close".
My #MCM this week? Drake. And that's thanks to Meek Mill. Ever since Meek dissed him and Drake responded, I've been crushing in the worst way. There's something sexy about a sensitive guy who brings it. Fefe is crushing on Chris Brown and Ope is crushing on Top Radio 90.9 on air personality, Yomi Kazeem.
Follow Fefe on social media "supadupafefe" and check out our snap on my snapchat "tosynbucknor".

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...