#ShopTosyn My first week of Monochrome


So last week I dug up some jackets and rocked a fabulous jacket week.
This week I played with black, and white.

Honestly, I thought it would be fun but it was a bit of a struggle. For one, the way I had the looks in my head didn't play out, and I guess I'm so casual that colour is a saving grace for me.
Nevertheless I stuck with it and had fun.

Monday was a simple black dress in ode to the #LBD. Tuesday I went 'gangster' as a colleague put it while Wednesday saw me with some baggy pants. I wore a skirt on Thursday (shock!horror!) then flipped things with an #LWD (Little White Dress) today (Friday).

My Favourite Day: Friday surprisingly because the one I thought wouldn't work, popped!
Least Favourite Day: Wednesday. The proportions weren't great
What I Learnt: Monochrome looks great but get contrasts right and o, cheat lightly with a dash of colour. Eg, black, white and red.

My Tips
1. Start with one of the colours then layer/offset with the other

2. Break it up in fun way, eg, your hair and neck accessories

3. Use patterns like polka dots, stripes etc for a cute or fun take on the look and keep it plain if it's more for the office or something formal.

Got any votes for what I should try next?

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