Hi guys!
Issa wednesday!!! I know i'm not supposed to be excited considering the disaster that befell us Nigerians last night lol. But as they say, life goes on. Our boys did the best they could.

Moving on, a friend of mine did something amazing recently and I can't understand why I didn't share her story on here earlier. She launched her fashion line but ... there's a BUT, the line produces beautiful ready-to-wear Ankara sleeves. As ladies, sometimes, we want to wear some dresses but we change our minds because they are sleeveless and may not fit the occasion.
Well, our WCW, Debrah waters has helped us solve this problem with the introduction of her fashion  brand, 'Debrah Waters.' Enjoy ;)

Hi Debrah! 1)            You are a presenter and a fashion entrepreneur, what do you love most about the career path you’ve chosen for yourself?

DEBRAH: I love that I’m living my dream. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a TV Presenter and a Fashion entrepreneur which is why I ensured that I followed these dreams in the strive towards carving a career path for myself. I am passionate about entertainment as well as fashion and I believe strongly in making your passion your career so that when challenges come by, your passion is enough to keep you happy and hopeful. So yes, apart from the glitz and glam…I love that I am doing the things that make me happy!

2)  You recently launched your fashion line which makes fashionable Ankara sleeves, how did you get that fabulous idea?

DEBRAH: Debrah Waters, the fashion brand, is a unique brand which was setup to create African fashion solutions and also to redefine and commercialize high fashion in Africa.

The idea of the ready-to-wear Ankara sleeves came to me earlier in the year when I was getting ready for a presentation. I was supposed to wear a pretty sleeveless dress but I honestly thought the dress would be prettier if it had sleeves. “What if we had fashionable and removable sleeves that you could rock with anything sleeveless from camisoles, tubes and possibly dresses?” And better still, “what if they were made from Ankara fabrics?” It was just a seed, a thought that needed to be tested. This gave birth to the Debrah Waters Super Stylish Sleeves.

3) How did you get the confidence to launch, did you have any fears?

DEBRAH: I think the confidence to launch my fashion brand “fell on me” when I didn’t win a beauty pageant sometime in 2017. I was particularly pained because of the amount of money I spent in getting ready for the contest. At that point, I had to decide if I was willing to continue to waste my hard earned money on chance or if I wanted to build something for myself that I would be proud of many years to come. I chose the latter.

And yes I had  fears. Many. Like how do I get the capital to start up? What if people don’t like my designs? How soon will I begin to get a return on investment or will there ever be returns? Etc. But just like many other scenarios in my life, fear had never been an excuse. I have failed many times, been told “No” a couple times…but that never stopped me from trying.

4) What’s your favourite talk show?

DEBRAH: Hmmmn…this is a hard one though! I have many favorites but I think the one that stands out for me is “Your View” on TVC. I simply love the way the women dissect political issues and profer personal solutions to them. I hope to create a show like that for girls sometime soon.

5) What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

DEBRAH: To Debrah at 20,

This is the best time for you to focus on yourself and explore. It’s okay to wanna be so many things at this stage- It’s just a phase. You would feel confused and not good enough but don’t stop there! Keep enjoying your journey to self discovery. And don’t forget to have some FUN baby coz’ YOLO!

To Debrah at 50,

I know you are the hottest mama ever liveth but hey, don’t be too hard on the younger ones…I also know you don’t want them to make the same mistakes you made and its okay to feel that way. Guide them while letting them experience life. Experience they say is the best teacher. And hey, keep being the hottest!

6) What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

DEBRAH: Money baby. Money!

That's it guys,
Stay Creative

OAP 101: Do your SWOT!

Hi Media Guy, or Girl!
Thanks for checking out another OAP 101 post.
Now I am not sure if you know that I also have a podcast series? Check out past sets here, and listen to this week's episode on Anchor.

If you are interested in things like branding and positioning as a media person, a S.W.O.T analysis at its' most basic will be beneficial for you.
What does it stand for?

S- Strengths
W- Weaknesses
O- Opportunities
T- Threats.

Simply put, take a look at your SWOT and then use that to plan your next few steps brand and position wise.
Your strengths are the things you do best AND that make you unique. For example. one of your strengths can be that you can talk about any subject on earth! Trust me, not everyone can do this. Another strength can be that you like something others like you do not like. Take me for example, I think I am one of the few women On-Air Personalities in Lagos who not only love but follow and analyse football games. Trust me, it has been an advantage for me.

Your weaknesses are those things that you obviously don't do well, or don't do better. Opportunities speak for themselves. These are the jobs, brands, and other avenues open to you as a media host to grow and include things like reading the news, hosting a show, speaking at a conference, interviewing guests on the red carpet and more. List them.

Last but not the least, taking a look at the space you're in, list your threats; these are competitors and factors that may prevent you from getting certain jobs. For example, I mentioned that I like football more than most. There are some who DO like football as well though and may be a threat when it comes to football based opportunities.

Once you have done this, and please note that this is not something you do once and forget about but rather, something you may need to go back to from time to time to update, you can then see clearly how to BUILD on your strengths, WORK AROUND your weaknesses, LOOK for your opportunities and POSITION yourself ABOVE your threats.

Feel free to hit me up privately with your own S.W.O.T analysis via my Instagram DM.


How to either Change or Accept (things you do)

In this video I s.h.a.r.e my thoughts on why we need to learn to either change the things we do, or accept them, otherwise we run a risk of self-loathing.

Check it out and please do let me have your thoughts.


Hey Monday...

Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson had passed?
I was at my sister's house, with her in the living room, casually channel surfing when CNN broke the story and the tears began to fall.
Hard to believe it has been 9years.

This weekend was going to end a perfect one until at about 11p.m, I saw something on Instastory that made me go to Instagram and confirm some seriously bad news- Dbanj lost his baby son. Loss is so individual and personal that we can never know how someone feels so all I can do is pray that God will be with him and his family at this time.

And then of course there are the deaths in Plateau state with people missing and houses destroyed.
It is too much and some have said the Eagles should wear black arm-bands at the game on Tuesday.
I do not disagree with this.

Speaking of the Super Eagles, last night I stumbled on an article by Leon Balogun that I recommend to you. It will give you a little insight into his life and journey as an Eagle, and explain why I feel the Eagles should win the World Cup... for him.

Read it here.

I am on a sugar high by the way because my niece celebrated over the weekend and my mum (who ALWAYS looks out for her baby, ME), brought me a goody bag. I kid you not!
So now I have a football, headphones, marshmallows, skittles, cookies, ribena and so much more.
Sugar High!

Tell me about your weekend...


Hi guys!

Whats up ;) so we had a fitness trainer as our WCW last week and I figured we could balance out the equation by having a male fitness trainer today as our MCM. He is a fitness trainer at Ghana's premier 24hr Fitness center-Goldgym, today we are crushing on the one and only Ali Garba.  Enjoy ;)

Hi Ali!

1)     Did you always want to be a fitness trainer or it just happened? What’s your story?

ALI: No,I've never slept and dreamt of being a Fitness Trainer. I always wanted to be either a Telecoms engineer or dash into Building Technology. All the same, my desire was to be on field more than an office. I've always had that love for bodybuilding, health and fitness in general. The love had me going back to school to study something about human kinetics. Fitness is a whole different thing on its own and if you understand it, you fall passionately in love not partially. How it makes you time conscious, self disciplined, focused, patient, bold and confident.

2)     Tell us what you love most about working out and training others?

ALI: I believe the pride of every Proper Fitness trainer is to see the progress and transformation of their clients. Receiving a text, answering a phone call , or me standing before my client while they're appreciating the time, push and effort I invested into them alone is enough to make me feel on top of the world. That feeling you get when your clients stand in front of a mirror with pride and admit they do not regret their journey with you. My goodness!!

3)     What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from being a fitness trainer?

ALI: Being a Fitness trainer, I've learnt what training teaches. It teaches us that there's a casual relationship between hard work and reward. Sometimes, you get lucky in life and experience rewards that you haven't earned, but this never happens in the Gym. You work hard, and good things happen there. You don't work hard and the good things fail to happen. You ONLY get what you work for. Nothing more, nothing less.

4)     What’s one junk food, you love but only get to have once in a while?

ALI: Hahaha .. Meat Lovers Pizza for sure! That's something I wish I can always have but in as much as size matters, I listen to my body and Physique as well.

5)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively?

ALI: To my "20 year old" self , it's important to have fun in life, but while you are out there partying around, someone out there is getting smarter and winning. Just remember that!

Then to my "50 year old" self, Life Is not fair, it only gives you what you fight for not what you deserve. Don't feel sorry for yourself and change what you don't like.

6)     What’s on your mind this Monday?

ALI: This Monday, I have my clients on my mind!

That's it guys, Keep up with Ali here
Stay fit,
Anjola ♡ 



Fit fam, body goals, slay body.. the list goes on.They are words you've probably heard or used to describe people who are fit. It's such a great thing that people are fast becoming aware of the need to be fit and  physically active in order to stay healthy. Now, with the rise of fitness trainers,  the game has risen to a whole new level..
Ladies and gentlemen, our WCW  is  fitness trainer, Tola Ade King and she is serving us body goals today (plus some good advice too!) , If you're ready, let's get fit ;)

 Hi Tola!

1) Did you always want to be a fitness trainer or it just happened? What’s your story?
TOLA: I’ve always been into fitness. Did I think I’d be a personal trainer? no. I was to go to university to study Physiotherapy and be a Physiotherapist (which is what I’m studying at university now), however, circumstance meant I had to wait a few years.
I knew I loved anatomy and I enjoyed helping others to reach to find their fitness, so I decided to study Personal Training and became a freelancer, it turned out to be a lot of fun, confusing to my African aunties, but they soon accepted it. It’s been a very interesting journey which I must say has made me a much stronger person and business woman.

2) Tell us what you love most about working out and training others?
TOLA: The Security, The confidence, the change in how they view themselves. Truth be told, working as a personal trainer, you really get an insight into your clients life, how they reason, how they view themselves and much more. I’ve been blessed to have been able to touch people’s lives. 
Overall, it brings be great joy to help clients, not only their physical being, but their mental state and belief. I am truly grateful for that opportunity.

3) What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from being a fitness trainer?
TOLA: As a personal trainer, I’ve developed discipline, a lot of people look up to you for motivation and you have to set that example and be the role model they need. I have learnt to identify and unpick excuses (excuses can get very creative) and when you need to apply tough love.

4) What’s one junk food, you love but get to have once in a while?
TOLA: I would say Kinder bueno chocolate bar. It’s genuinely my weakness and I get upset when anyone buys it for me. I would tell them off and ask why they would do such thing to me! lol.

5) What’s your favourite workout routine?
TOLA: I love weights! I truly enjoy lifting weights and would incorporate skipping and burpees into rest time (my clients hate me for this). I’m not a big fan of cardio but this way, I don’t necessarily have to do those long cardio routines. I like my fitness sessions to be no longer than 45 minutes to an hour. 

6) You would tell anyone trying to get fit to.....
TOLA: Take your time! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Answer these questions:
Why are you trying to get fit?
Whats your fitness goal? Is it realistic?
How do you plan to get fit?
What research have you done on your goal?
What do you find may be your obstacle to getting fit?
Once you can answer these questions, you’re halfway there, talk to personal trainers, ask around, don’t be scared to ask! We are here to help. 

7) What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively -- 
TOLA: To my 20 year old self, I’d say be easy on yourself, have faith and focus on your path, don’t be distracted or demotivated by what others have going on because baby girl, it will all work out just fine! And oh yes! you’re going to need that cardio after all! Work hard, but remember to take a break and see the world! You’ll be surprised how different your vision can be.
To my 50 year old, I hope you’re still full of life and character, I hope you remember to never stop being playful! You’re truly only as old as you want to be. I’ll make you proud

 8.  What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

TOLA: Right now, I’m currently planning my networking schedule. Really just trying to get out there and take over the world! lol. (Too much pinky and the brain - if you know) 

That's it guys
Stay fit!



Hi guys happy holidays! I have something light for you today 
Today we are  crushing on fast rising photographer, Malomo Moses who captures beautiful moments through his lens. Enjoy my short chat with him.

Hi Moses!

1)      Why did you choose photography as a career path?
MOSES:It's as a result of my Love for The Art and Memory Documentation behind photographs which is priceless ...

2)      If you could remove one thing from the photography (creative) industry, what would it be? 
MOSES:Well, It's getting really better in the industry as you can now access creative folks and even more experienced photographers online as to before when some photographers will never give you access to even hear from them regarding how they get things done, so I'll adjust that.

3) What do you love most about taking pictures?

MOSES: There are write-ups, TrueLife Stories and said Myths ... All these could be stamped with photograph(s) (memories) to shape or create a better image of what's said in our minds. This makes photographing magnificent to me.

4)      Tell us a  very important lesson you’ve learnt from photography?

MOSES: What I have learnt through photographing is that, Stay humble and be anxious for nothing for who you think can't pay for your service today might get to call who you looking up to tomorrow for them... So network, Be Relevant, Stay Positive and Never look down on yourself .... There is no MAN God has forgotten.

5)     What's on your mind this Monday? 
MOSES: I just want to Edit And Rest.

That's it guys, stay inspired

See some of his pictures below:



Hi guys!!
Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well? and if not here's something that is sure to help you spice it up.
Our WCW is a medical doctor and a Fashion and lifestyle blogger. I had a short chat with her to find out a bit of what it's like being both. Today, we are crushing on the beautiful Cassandra Ikegbune, popularly known as Cassie Daves.

Hi Cassie!

1)     You are a fashion blogger and a medical doctor, what do you love most about your career path?
CASSIE DAVES: I love being able to create content and the satisfaction that comes with "just creating". Seeing all your ideas come to life, whether it is in fom of a blog post, video, or even products (i.e the Cassie Daves blog planner). With medicine, it would be the respect that comes with the title. Not the answer you were expecting right? lol

2)     Did you ever at anytime deal with not being taken seriously, as a blogger and how were you able to deal with that?

CASSIE DAVES:   Oh yes definitely! I even wrote a post about it. Whenever I say that I am a blogger, especially working in the medical field and having colleagues that aren't as exposed to the social scene, there was always the "oh linda ikeji gossip blog" response and people would look at me like I was wasting my time/life. I just didn't place any importance on their opinions. That's how I coped with it. Because I know that they do not understand and I also know my worth as a blogger.

3)     What 3 tips would you say have helped you become a successful blogger?

CASSIE DAVES: Tips? I don't think there's any particular tip per se but definitely actually being invested and a part of the 'blogosphere'. And by this I mean making blogger friends, networking and showing love to other bloggers contents etc. Asides this, I honestly think that the fact that I write from a place of "openness" and people can connect to that.

4)     How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?

CASSIE DAVES: Reading other blogs/sites, pinterest, instagram, observing my surroundings because inspiration can come in any form. Sometimes I get ideas from a random conversation I have with someone. It's really amazing.

5)     If you could say something to someone starting out as a content creator, what advice will you give them?

CASSIE DAVES: Try to be as aunthetic as possible. Stay true to yourself.

6)     You’re a lover of literature, what’s your most favourite book of all time?
CASSIE DAVES: Homegoing by Yaa Gyaasi. That book is everything and more! My goodness!

8)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
CASSIE DAVES:  Hans and Rene Gelato and if it makes any sense to cross the bridge to the island just for icecream *sigh*

That's it guys! Catch Cassandra on her blog
Stay inspired,


Happy Wednesday fellaz!

It's a great Wednesday to be alive. I'm so jolly today and I'm not sure why; Probably some good news is on the way. Can I get an 'amen' somebody? lol
I think that we live in a very blessed and privileged generation. I mean, how cool is it that you can do what you genuinely have passion for and make cool cash at it, while sitting at home on your couch or laying in bed? You don't have to get stuck in traffic, or have to see colleagues that you actually dislike ( I kid) but my point is with the invention of the internet there's so many opportunities available to us.
One of the many people who have harnessed one of such opportunites today is the amazing Tosin Ajibade. She's the founder of the renowned lifestyle and entertainment website, which has gained so much traction over the years. She is also the organizer of the New Media Conference held annually in Nigeria. Enjoy my short chat with her ;)

Hi Tosin!
1)     The ‘olorisupergal brand has become a huge success; if you could attribute your success to three things. What would they be?

TOSIN: It will have to be :
1) Consistency
2) Evolving with trends
3) Branding

2)      What do you love most about the career path you’ve chosen for yourself?

TOSIN: I love the fact that I can work with the flow.

3)      What’s something people aren’t quick to believe about you?

TOSIN: One thing people aren't quick to believe about me is the fact that I am not what my job seems to be. We are quite the opposite.

4)     What inspired you to begin ‘the new media conference' which you now organise yearly?

TOSIN: The lack of information in the industry was getting too much and people relied on information going around. There was a need for discussions about new media, social media so we created the platform for new media enthusiasts and also to add value to the industry.

5)     One thing you love to do outside of work is?

TOSIN: to take a trip out of Lagos to unwind

6)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

TOSIN: To my 20 year old self - Well done for going through the process. To my 50-year old, welcome to the grandma world lol!! I don't know what the future will hold here but I want to enjoy whatever it brings.

That's it guys, you can check Tosin out on her website
Stay inspired,


As Seen on Media Jobs... Digital Content Assistant Needed

A new Content Based Media Company is looking to hire Digital Content Assistants to do the following
- Create content that reflects what the Company does for Media
- Create content that projects the image of the Company's faces
- Curate content that also supports the growth of the Company's digital media platforms
- Grow the Company's digital media platforms in terms of follows and engagements

The candidate must
- Have a Good command of Written English
- be well versed in Pop Culture and what's Trending
- keep up-to-date with what Digital Media tools and updates
- be able to follow Instructions
- be able to use their own Initiative

Could this be you?

To Apply, send an EMAIL with NO ATTACHMENTS to '' with the following
- Your Name
- Contact Information
- One Digital Media Platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) you manage
- Your 3 favourite Instagram and Twitter accounts (eg, theshaderoom) that you currently follow (3 each)
- A paragraph on, 'This is Nigeria'.

Salary is N100000 monthly

Application closes June 17th



Hiya Guys!

Its the first Monday in June. In a few days, we'll have spent the first half of 2018. How are those goals doing? Just checking in :)
Today, we are crushing on fast rising artiste, Miraculous Nwaka popularly known as 4runner. I had a short chat with him to know a bit about his music and how it all began. It's a quick one today so enjoy ;)

Hi 4runner! 

1) How did music begin for you and which musicians did you listen to growing up?

4RUNNER:  Thank you for having me. Music for me started at a pretty young age. Back then I will spend vacations at my cousin's house and listen to his CD's of Bow wow, Tupac and 50 cent. You know the 50 in one compilation that Alaba boys sell? Yes that one. Those were fun times. Funny enough the first rap song I could completely spit was the KKB show theme song. Then things got serious in secondary school with rap contests. Good times. Now it is still my passion and I guess God keeps confirming that to me every season with song reach on unexpected platforms like the recently concluded Big brother Naija. Most importantly for me, the reason for making music gets clearer by the seasons.

2) Who is one musician you wish would drop some bars on your song?

4RUNNER: The Nigerian music scene is representing on major levels with amazing artists. Out of the many, I will like to have a song with Falz because I vibe with his music and feel our music is a bit in sync, especially with the recent "This is Nigeria" song. Music for me goes beyond just entertainment but also influencing social change.

3) What's one thing you hope your music will achieve as long as it lives?

4RUNNER: I hope my music inspires every listener to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. With the news and situation in the country, people need hope to keep moving . I want my music to be that trigger of hope when you listen.

4) Whats on your mind today?
4RUNNER: Lol the major thing on my mind today is the spicy Asun I will happily feast on soon. You are invited.

That's it guys, if there's anyone you'll like me to interview, let me know
Stay inspired,

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...