Hi guys happy holidays! I have something light for you today 
Today we are  crushing on fast rising photographer, Malomo Moses who captures beautiful moments through his lens. Enjoy my short chat with him.

Hi Moses!

1)      Why did you choose photography as a career path?
MOSES:It's as a result of my Love for The Art and Memory Documentation behind photographs which is priceless ...

2)      If you could remove one thing from the photography (creative) industry, what would it be? 
MOSES:Well, It's getting really better in the industry as you can now access creative folks and even more experienced photographers online as to before when some photographers will never give you access to even hear from them regarding how they get things done, so I'll adjust that.

3) What do you love most about taking pictures?

MOSES: There are write-ups, TrueLife Stories and said Myths ... All these could be stamped with photograph(s) (memories) to shape or create a better image of what's said in our minds. This makes photographing magnificent to me.

4)      Tell us a  very important lesson you’ve learnt from photography?

MOSES: What I have learnt through photographing is that, Stay humble and be anxious for nothing for who you think can't pay for your service today might get to call who you looking up to tomorrow for them... So network, Be Relevant, Stay Positive and Never look down on yourself .... There is no MAN God has forgotten.

5)     What's on your mind this Monday? 
MOSES: I just want to Edit And Rest.

That's it guys, stay inspired

See some of his pictures below:

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