#OAP101 Answering your questions on becoming a Sports Journalist and Monetising Content

This week's podcast is out and you can listen below.
I tackled two questions we got via our Instagram page on if media world has room for Sports OAPS, and How to Monetise Content.
To summarise
- Is there Room in the Industry for Sports OAPS?
The quickest response is YES.
Niche journalism is actually interesting and some niche content creators make more money or impact. If you want to be a Sports OAP, have a good grasp of Sports in general and one or two sports (like tennis and football or formula 1).
There's a world of content to explore including previews and predictions, team news, transfer undates and post game reviews!

- How to Monetise Content
What is the content? Where is it aired? These are some of the first questions to ask.
Having said that, there are 3 broad ways to monetise content
. Using the platform you are on
. Sponsorships
. Hypes and Promoted Posts.

Listen to the Podcast for the full gist on each one and don't forget to keep the questions and contributions going in our comments below!


#MondayMotivation In all your Building, Build Confidence!

My 'Quote of the Day' was from tennis player, Sloane Stephens and it is up on my Instagram now.
She basically says if you have confidence you can do anything and I have to concur!

I was thinking the other day of how sometimes even when it comes to fashion, confidence is key. I mean, how does Rihanna get away with her experimental sense of style? Because she is bad ass, and because she is confidence.

Confidence, where not innate, can be difficult to build. It requires a good blend of 'F what they say' and learning to listen. Confidence is being stubborn enough to not give up on what you believe, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones and never staying down nor stagnant.

If like me, you struggle sometimes, there are some things that help
- Look good!
This is not about being shallow. If what you wear fits you well and you put your head up straight, you will automatically be more assured than if your clothes are loose fitting.

- Replace negative thoughts with the positive.
Instead of what you can't do or should not have done, think of the great things you do! When you have doubts, be realistic but think happy thoughts.

- Talk to yourself
Not on a bus o! Ehen.
When you can, just speak to yourself with your confidence confessions. A lot of battles are mental, give yourself that mental boost!

- Prepare
Research and read up on what you have to do so that when you do do it, it is with confidence.
If you are not well prepared say to present in your class or office, your confidence will go down the drains. When you feel 100 percent ready, you will be more confident already.

I hope this helps and do s.h.a.r.e what you do to boost your confidence with me in the comments.


Hi guys!!! Monday is upon us again, I'm sure we are all doing well as many of us have the holidays ahead to look forward to. Today we are crushing on someone who has just achieved a feat in his life and we are so proud of him. 
Micheal or Ampsalmist (as he calls himself) is a film maker, editor, director, and script writer. He's a winner of the just concluded #Acceleratefilmmakerproject and his new movie premieres  today, there couldn't have been a better time to have this interview Enjoy! 
1)     You studied Mechanical engineering while in school, how did you discover your passion for script writing and movie making?

MICHAEL: Haha! Yes, I am a trained Mechanical Engineer! I do not remember exactly how I discovered my passion for script writing, it goes as far as I can think. For film however, it has to be when I had “correct sense”, sometime in secondary school. I just usually saw a lot of mistakes and was always commenting, then I started reading a lot and being involved in a lot of drama groups as literally anything. I started out acting, then writing, then I learnt how to direct. It’s a lifelong learning process, so I try to get around a lot of workshops, conversations and of course, film sets, it really helps to grow.

2)     How did you feel getting to the top 5 on the accelerate film maker competition and what's the biggest lesson you learnt from the competition?

MICHAEL: The experience at the Accelerate Filmmaker Project was unforgettable! Every day was such an education! An education filled with theoretical, practical and life experiences. As each facilitator stepped into the class, it quickly turned from a dream come true to a determination to make them proud because of the raw passion poured into their session. I can never forget it!  
- The biggest lesson I learnt from the competition is COLLABORATION! Film is a collaborative effort! It takes a VILLAGE to create a scene! 

3)     Your dream screenplay will be about what? ----(in one word)

MICHAEL: Africa.

4)     You have a day job as a brand manager, how do you find the time to work on your screenplays?

MICHAEL: Well, finding time is about planning and prioritizing, PLUS fighting laziness is necessary! I do not write daily but I definitely do something script-related. Read, write, develop, but I grow daily. 

5)     What’s one thing you hope to have done in the next ten years?
MICHAEL: One thing I hope to have do in ten years is INSPIRE Africans to go for greatness! 

6)     What’s your favourite movie?
MICHAEL: This changes but “The gods must be crazy” by Jamie Uys still has my heart.

7)     If you could get a Hollywood actor to star in your movie, who would it be?
MICHAEL: Leo-Idris Di Caprio-Elba. (Just take the name like that)

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
MICHAEL: F I L M and the power that comes with it. I strongly believe that film has influences beyond what happens in those minutes on screen. All decisions are from what we have seen, heard or believe, and I’m grateful film gives us control over that to such a large extent. So, be careful as to what you allow yourself to see and hear because more than you know, it influences how you act.

hmm, very powerful ending words.
Stay inspired!

IG: Amapsalmist
Twitter: Amapsalmist

His short film 'PENANCE' premieres soon


#OAP101 3 Things to Note when Co-hosting a Radio and Television Show or Event

Hi all.
Today I am answering one of the questions sent to us via dm on Instagram.
While on radio, I host my show alone, I have worked with co-hosts for television, youtube shows and also as an M.C at events.
What benefits are there when it comes to having a co-host?
The 1st is you have someone to cover for you if you're having an off day or minute, or cannot make it on the show in the case of media.
Another benefit is the instant interaction it gives because you have someone to bounce things off with and everything is conversational.

Sometimes there is a disadvantage to having one though. One big disadvantage is in cases where one person dominates the others or thinks of themselves as 'main' host. Another disadvantage is sharing the spotlight if you absolutely love it!

So how do you handle it and ensure you and your co-host deliver quality content to audiences and guests?
1. Understand that your co-host also has valid points, thoughts and feelings. Both of you need to find a way to work together as opposed to making it seem like a turn by turn thing. Bring ideas to the table, concede to some of theirs and suggest what you think will work.

2. Plan and Practice before you start
Before the show or event starts, it helps to speak to your co-host and for both of you to speak about things like who handles what, how you start and end the show etc.
Recently I had the pleasure of co-hosting at an event and my co-host and I decided we would start the show together, alternate going on stage and then close together and it worked brilliantly.
I have also been blessed to co-host with Ali Baba who had so many ideas and gave me space to shine.
I thoroughly enjoyed cohosting with Peter Kajovo

3. Emphasise each other's strengths and uniqueness.
Remember that if you both decide to speak and act the same, there is no point having two different people hosting. What you should do is play to each other's strengths and let each other shine.
I hope these help.
If you have questions for me, please leave them below as a comment, or send us a DM via our Instagram page, or my Twitter page.


Hi guys, it's a few days to Christmas and I'm sure we are all super excited. Today, we are crushing on an amazing lady with such an angelic voice. Sorry to sound cliche but you know those times when you hear something so good and you're like 'who's singing that?' This was what happened the very first time I heard her song playing in a movie I was watching. Almost immediately, I checked her her out- She has so much soul, truth and originality infused in her music. She is a Nigerian neo-soul singer and songwriter.*drumroll*  Our woman crush is  LINDSEY ABUDEI

Hi Lindsey!

1)     You have an amazingly beautiful voice, if you could do a duet with any artiste in the world, who would it be?
Thank you. It would be Stevie Wonder.

2)    Your style of music is quite unique, what helps you stay true to your style?
The fact that it is me.An expression of myself.

3)     What genres of music do you love to listen to?
I listen to most genres.

4)     What’s your biggest fear?
Myself. The fear that I could be my own limitation.

5)      Tell us something about you that many people aren’t usually quick to believe?
Most people I meet do not believe that I am a very shy person.

6)     One fun thing you really love to do outside of work would have to be what?
Music dates.

7)     What one advice would you give to someone out there trying to chase a career in music?
Find, know and be yourself.

8)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

Stay inspired!


Ahead of the World Cup, Nigeria hires a second fitness coach

Nigeria will be looking to strengthen their team with more hands (or feet) on deck, ahead of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, especially following the results of the World Cup Draw.

In a group where our opponents are Croatia, Iceland and Messi, sorry, Argentina, we will have a lot of work to do. 

While on paper one can conclude that Argentina and Nigeria will end up top two, no one is counting Iceland out, especially after the last Euros; and although the last friendly between Nigeria and Argentina ended with a surprise win for the Eagles, the stakes will be much higher in Russia.

Gernot Rohr is therefore looking to use all the help he can get. He recently disclosed that his scouts are working hard to ensure only the best make his provisional 30-man team. 

He is also hiring Bernard Gines, who worked with him at OGC Nice between 2002 and 2005, as a second fitness coach for the Super Eagles. This is in addition to the physical trainer, Goal-Keeper trainer and a Video Analyst already hired.

 It is not just ‘man’power he is leaning on though as the Eagles are set to train with ‘FieldWiz’.

FieldWiz is an application that accurately measures the physical contribution of a player in training or a match using parameters like miles covered, reaction and speed.

Who do you think will come up tops in this group? 


WCW: Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo (Rhonkefella)

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday, is it me or we are speeding towards the end of the year. I'm happy about that though. Hope we are all doing great? Great!
I'm not sure I remember well the first time I stumbled on Rhonkefella's page, but I know  that once I did, I became hooked. With lots of amazing fashion  wears to feed your eyes with, you can't but imagine the amount of hard work that goes into the work she does as a fashion designer, make-up artist, style blogger and influencer. I knew I had to have a chat with her to find out how she keeps her pages popping and with obviously so much on her plate, she still made out time for this interview! *how sweet* :)
Our Woman Crush is the loveable Ronke Enoabasi Adealujo popuarly known as Rhonkefella. Enjoy:)

Hi Aderonke!

1)      Many people see you as a style icon, do you ever feel under pressure to look stylish, especially when you don’t really feel like dressing too glam?

Ronke: I will rather say I'm blessed with a chameleon kind of beauty, when I'm not all glammed you probably wouldnt know that is Rhonkefella so outside the social media world, if I do not feel like being all dressed up , I don't force it, I just step out as ADERONKE not Rhonkefella!

2)      Your brand is quite popular and respectable on social media; what will be your top three tips for people who hope to grow their brand via social media?

Ronke: know your purpose
Stay original
Be consistent

3)      Please share with us one of your proudest moments in your career?
Ronke: being awarded and getting recognition for what I do makes me proud, when I started it was just all about my passion, never did I set out to be known or whatever, was just doing what I love, so having to be duly recognized and awarded is such an honor, and a thing of pride I must say!

4)      Have you ever had any embarrassing style moments? Please tell us about them?

Ronke::Not yet! Been keeping d CV clean🤣

5)      What’s your favourite fashion piece?

Ronke: glasses ( eye wear)

6)       A Style NO NO for you has to be what?

Ronke: whatever doesn't fit me, I won't wear it

7)       What’s that one thing you wish to do but haven’t yet done?

Ronke: singing and acting

8)      Tell us something about you/your work that many people don’t know about.

Ronke: my work is stressful, sometimes mentally and physically, sometimes depression sets in! Specially when you always wanna stay ahead of your game! I'm a creative so it first takes a lot of mind work before the putting pieces together

9)       If you were to choose one, what's something you’d like to change in the fashion industry ?
Ronke: Honestly nothing I can think of at this moment of this interview!

10)    What’s on your mind this Wednesday
Ronke: Money o! Never been this motivated to make more money, more great moves! Working on new collections at the moment it's about to be LIT

 Stay Inspired,
 For more of her glam photos:

Instagram: @therealrhonkefella
website: rhonkefella.com



Holla fam, Hope your Monday is going well? There's so much beauty to behold in this world, hence why I never get tired of interviewing  photographers. I get excited at the thought of picking their brains and knowing what goes on in their minds and in their eyes (or in the eyes of their mind lol)
Our Man Crush this monday is Damilare of Legendary Shot. Enjoy :)

Hi Damilare!

1) You take very creative shots, how do you choose stories to create?
Damilare: My social environment, things I see, movies , pictures etc mostly influence the kind of stories I get to create because those are my major source of inspiration. 

2) What do you love most about photography?
Damilare: The flexibility and also being able to create in my own way. I can't just imagine a better way of communicating and inspiring people than this.

3) What's been the most memorable photo shoot you've ever had?
Damilare: I would say this was a photoshoot I had back then in University (Landmark University) with a friend of mine , her name is Nashida and she's mixed. So I got this inspiration to just create a fictional portrait of her in terms making her look more like a Queen/goddess.
And with the help of some of my friends we got creative and was able to use a flowery bed-sheet to create a robe on our subject and also cotton poles as her staff and then we made use of flowers to create a very nice kind of halo on her head . My team pulled it through sincerely and I'm still very much grateful till date.

4) Tell us the top 3 people you'll love to take pictures of?
Damilare: Genevieve: I feel she's going to be a very interesting subject for me to make dreamy portraits with.
    Wizkid: We all know he's on top of his game right now but that's not a reason for me to want to create something with him.
I just really want to create portraits with him that would be able to interpret his story as an individual and not just a celebrity .
    Morgan Freeman: I just have that belief that this very talented man would be a great subject for me to make special portraits with. His movies are top notch and a must watch always.

5) How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?

Damilare: By constantly wanting more , I'm at this point where I feel like I need to do more , the hunger is always there to do more so I think that keeps the fire burning.

6) What's on your mind this Monday?
Damilare: Relaxation basically, hook up with friends , eat, talk and just have a good time .
Stay inspired!

You can follow Damilare on social media:
Instagram: @callmekoldre
Twitter: @callmekoldre

some of his works:

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